The Eleven Of Diamonds, Unlimited
:::::::::::::Tiny Pixels::::::::Monsters In Chic Overcoats::::::::::

The Orphan Lady I II & III     Milky Potpourri     FeatherQuill/FeatherQuest     Schoolboy's Sorrow  ***

The Orphan Lady III

Wee Willie Keelers:     Turgeon Cry     Trent Overcoat     Villian's Candyshop     Attic Grandma     Morgue Tunes
White Spice     Cut (Love) Jewel     Pierce Whisper     Primitive Sin     Milky Potpourri

Evils:     RIP Womb     Rue a la Mode     Miss Nomers     Shy Pandora     Corporate Bondage     Coffee Vendetta
  Slash Fasteye     Pomp Drama     Baby Pie     Pillow Foray
White Dogma     Crustacean Curmudgeon     Pillage Burn/Flame Shotfire     The Changemaker     Monk's Talisman
Schoolboy's Sorrow     Tork Mallarky     Truculent Whimsy     MarrowFlesh     PoundMondey    Delia Tie
  Fat Seedy/Corpulent Truth     Botswana Twine     Cuzzy     Clue.Cipher
Luke Pocket Lust     Singe Fervor     Black Clash     Rogue Rowdy     Crazy Dora
Hostess Zero     Clone Alone     Bones Forelock     Wholesale Crainium     Widow's Traveil
Death Breathy     Sable Ice     Bump Rotundo    Squirt Liturgical     Composing Rosaries     Silk Spoon     Mrx.
Reaping Profits     Desert Recipes     After Legacy     Prurient

The Aging Mati Hari Flowers:     Parisian Sands  
***  Tadpole Polliwog   ***  Comet Jupiter  ***   Emerald Fey
Shadow Beautymark     Saphire Bunting     Age Adieu     Secret Woo     Moonripples & Killdeer     Skate Pearl

Baby Wees:     Bon Dr.
     The Fictional Stump Crutchfield / Trent's 13 War Muse     Secret Mixes  ***  Smidgeon Mixin's
Captioned Thoroughfare     Stucco Roccoco 
***  Tesserae  ***  Close Posed Score     Bee Diamonds
Sew Buttons     Horrid Little Obligato     Nudge Homeward     Los Angeles Oceans     Butterscotch Circle     Killowatts Hurt
Amanita Pesquita     Similie Thimbles     Mascara Madagascar

Auxillary Wees:   Stoolie Vestibule     Heartbeat Rosin     Bunt Dumpling     Raisin Scores     Sift Meld     Cupid Childs
Pasteurized Wayfarer     Coffin Crops     Grit Stir     Snap Axel     Rust Grind     Twilight Nevers     Gizmo Dicey
Time Orion     Thirteenth Valentine     Retro Shop     Immortal Ribs     Auxillary Wees Willie Keelers

Ouiji Needs:     Cocomo Faux     Chocolate Marshmallow     Tail Penny    
Edison Clues     Teapot Lodge
         Cookie Sugars     Penny Coppers     'Til w. Vanilla Woods     Buster     Candy And     Scattered Molecues
Superheroes Spacegun     In Wants     Honey Kitchens
Hobby Horses:          One Polka Dot     SunShadows     Urgent Hurry     SunPatch  the lost rockinghorse
Apple Dawn     Ghost Potion     Elves Secret     Roiling Boil     Rocking Chair Rail    Dream Chaos
Whistling Solidity     Wild Factual     Fraction     Black Jujubee     Quicksilver's Breath     Part Fast
Morsels Chocolatedrops


Holywood Vines Press Corp:    
Once Everywhere     Married Miss Trite Overload     Patina Decease     Scutlebutt Rumour
Lattice Veneer     Beefcake Carved     Arbitrary Lancet     Natty Rumple     Trent Overcoat
Josef Mohawk     Eros Hiroshima     Another Half

One World Apocalypse Ball:     Buck Dairy     Polli Oleo     O'ella     Vale     Ariel & Sachem     Teresa Oracle
Tyronne Union Star Power     Chad     Nicolet Cottles     Grace     Hipflask Silver     Bobby & Azurite     Flyboy
dDitto Cruciform    
Norm & Norma Normal     Old Money w. Miniatures Of Broadway     Pasteurized Wayfarer
Castrog Delomain     Maldor & Rahme:  The Gemini Twins     Purpose     Tukus Urbane     PsychoField Welsh
...  The UnNamed Bat [Autumn Summers] | On Upon etcs...

Introducing The Spaceships:

Six-Fifty-Six     Nothing Past The Moon     She Nexus
     Drive Dimensions     Infinate Pace
Hurricane Scream     Ace Adventure     Sublime Suppose     Vesuvius Sit     The Final O'erve
*Dusk On The River     Molecule Of A Galaxy     Adamant     Twirl Within     End Pending    Current Guise
Change Parentage     Star Satyr     Action Rocket     Boys Hometown     Two Three     Fawn Boots     Eyelet Nimbus!
Miracle Blur     Way Past Maybe     Stolen Space     Perfect Noire`     Sky Diamond     Solar Nova
  Approaching     `Outlaws Gaze    
Mostly North     Midnight`s Inkling
The Tearwalker     Transparent Gravities     Eon Progenys/Eon's Progeny     Front Door Lawn     Common As Mortal


The Hard Thirteen:  The Alone Orphanage:  February 20.2008 A.C. Culminates:  Senior Trip to Las Vegas

Sew Buttons

<>2008:   Butterscotch Circle     Los Angeles Oceans    Killowatts Hurt     Horrid Little Obligato     Nudge Homeward
Death Breathy     Sable Ice     Composing Rosaries     Bump Rotundo     Squirt Liturgical     Sew Buttons
Lukewarm Storm     Shallows Fathomed     Bankstead Paint     Circumstance Foreclosed     No White On Black
Pause Ensues     Store Conformity     Patsy More     Bonafide Not     Due Boulevard     Fathom Wombs     `Only Vespers
Butter Compilation     Conceptual Nubis    Censor Nome     Any  Marquette     Guts Diploma
Binary Morphs     LaWounded Tomatoes     Pum`pkin Suit     Hardcore Normal    April Diadem     Taste Enemy
Fifteenth February     Danger Story     If BeFriends     Cost Of Dying Closed     Sound Is Knife
Wind Envelop     Wind EndVe     Focusing Potent     Garden Treasure     Modus Fast     Animate Enamour
Landslide Reality     Torn Alone     Theoretically Even     Pommegranate Mood     Partisan Sentiment     Second Went
Indignant Indeed     Else Be     Dismissing Isthmus     Spooked Nude     Newton Animals     Quick Premium     Six Remiss
Food Sticking Pans     Bellybuttons Run     Common Monsters     City Insurance     Safe Purview     Dialated Lie
All Night Trespass     Stumpy Parable     Transitory Ethics     Hardened Memories     Elapsed Grid     Whipsaw Sidewinder
Tumbleweed Dynasty     August Begins     Spoken Heart     *Slaves On Holiday     *Cub Scout Boast     *Quest As Totems
Coincidence Happenstance     Naked Parochial     Some At War    Shadows Feign

2009:  Master Key Space     Magnus Pages     Josef Mohawk     Kismet Mortal     Pulse Fuss     Goody Kind
  Curry Favor     Angel Knives     CandyCane Lattitude    Book
Velvet     Isis Romeo     Cleopatra's Soul
  Order Vespers     Other Rx     Fixt     Miss Communications     Gene Misconstrue     Fiction Mist     Taken Keeps
Pit Fruition     Dewpoint Stew     Danger Riled...Nightmare     Popcorn Former     Takes Opaque
  Beet Particles      Hue Drawn     Coat Coalition     Switching Ats     Seventeen Eighteen     Etc. Fools
Ergo Never     Ides Alive    Kute`     Time Was TX     Page For Plenty     LaMost Omens    Gingerbread Christ
Jailing Captor     Temple Close     Up In The Around     The Same Angels     White Horoscope     Fast As Aftermath
Southwest Dallas     Python Mary Magdeline     Video Double     Tame Negligee     Show Purpose     Personal Transmisssion
Smart Alarms     Same Says     Crashing Intends     Vintage Faux II     Fairy Tale Pretending     Notice My     OK Bland
Real Viewfinder     Tempest Tiers     Currents Draft     West Of Tuesday     Proof Moods     Nice Hots     Etherworld Hold
African Far     Adopted Pause     Allowed Pause     Smooth Patter     Two Proof     Schoolgirl Charades     Image Kittens
Eighth Inning Crimes     Dogged Vice      Eternal Cruel     Cost In Poster     Crush Of Purpose     Few Millionaires
Peso Boarding Schools     Imagination Almost True     *Boy Adventure     Second Page Yourself     Trio Commentary
Company Fruit     Haunting Become    Plural Rosary     My Justice Now     Flesh Sentent     Onto Fractions
Stunned Copies
2010:  Liason Velour     Wedge Ivory     Retooling Vegetables     Totally Fine Fesque IV
Amber Noon     Fontish Noh     Ponies Cowgirl     Sonora James     Star Ours     Zanadu Include
Pasta Angelcake     Nobilous Morrow     Tether Nightspoon     Nickname With     SugarFeverSpice
Opaque Notions     Helix Troubles     Wait Calibrates     Special Enthroes     Pleasure Brownsse`     Complicated At
Sunflowers Stardeck     Wholly As Art     Quotient Has     Solving Tablets     Spiral Where     Ten Past Evening
Transparent Fantasy     Anger Believes     Christmas X. XMas     Ten Minutes Of Nonstop Non     Upside Around
...Angels Wait     Ash Wasn't     Temptation's Pawn     Pseudo Concave     Silk Spoon     Copyright Past
Shot At Random     Slow Dissemble     Occupation Celebrity     Newly Hatched Clues     Statement Halo     Any EverUse
Comission Omission     House For Sale     Baby Royal Statesman     Like Haute`     Page Parameter     Fate Fine
Could Arrest     Crease Half     Pre-Potus     Stumble Parade     Inclusion Parable     Gizzard Preamble     Mirrored Aspen
Ten Calibre`     Adept Portray     Plan Abet     Lips Octagon     Short Maxim     Stoke Horizon     Definitions     Body Walked
One On None     Detouring Scourge     Hostage Face     Coconut Guise     My Opinion     Seduced By An Empty Face     Yawning Turmoil
Ever Sans    Only Woman Alive     Ten Ten     Michael Eve     Delicate Suave     Smoky Moans     Utilities Do!
Many Earths

2011:  Oh On     Qui Vous     Kaleidescope Harbinger     Half-Spring Pennymind (& More)     Pidgkin Assign
Ponies Cowgirl     Armagedon Blessing     Button Down     Dot Ease     Cue Cubicle     Fantasy Glass
  Merciless Evil     Sans Too     Leaf Folios     Trace Momentum     Reasons Tea     Chipshot Limber     Sinuous Shame
  Pale Bonding     Purpose Pose     Stood Hands     Swiftens     Whoever Does     Pictures Of Climax     Presage     Pinpoint City
SmokeDraft Pencil     Asp Not Boa     Very Prayer     Angeline Christ     Radio Barrister     Eating The Nude
Virtually Mint     Pending Moon     Soffit Moments     ShadowClowns     Shotgun Clue     Simple Now As Then     Phonemark
Explaining Name     Way Believing     Mary Aces     Summary Execution     `The Middle Point Of Time
     Behind The Guest     Past Allegory     Remake Pharoh     Fast Royale     Ghost Pie Facsimiles     Retro.Synerg.
Noun Now     Wet Inkprint     Covered Glass     Driving Taste Upon Highway     Day Turned     MISX.     *Twelve Eleven
Natural Alarm     Remind Us     Initially Think     Jinx Bewitched!     Bon Bon Tonights     Spellcheck Proofread
Faeook Accusation     Sparking Outrage     Biased Aside     Way Constructed     Cost Memory     Intended Consequences
God At War     Languid Wan     Oily Insouciance     Separate Phones     Miasma Insanities

2012Stands Gravity     Globe Thistle     Wind Ornament     Tightbound Burnoose     Moog Attribute      Time Orion
Teddy Fibre     West PorchEve     East Wing     Satiated Innocence     Shadows Facsimilie/Jpg. Montage     CopyRight Forever
On Upon     BeeHive Postures     MoonRise Ephemerides     Edgeless Windows     Lithesome
  ?Magic QuestionMark     Eggshell Please     Cole Ember     Burst Curio     I Captivity     Open Shores     Cream & Seeds
  Dinky Harbinger     Put Words     Beg Travesty     Sunset Eternal
Flat Metabolsism     HalfPence & MoneySigns     Just Businessman     Individual S
erialized     Overall Total
Calibrated Angel     Oval Capture     Circus Surface     Each Difference     Acquiring
Semaphore    Champions Of Michigan     Angel Venus     Current World     The Snake's Wasitcoat     Closest Mortal
Nude Anachronism     Night Darling     Open Shelf Campaign     Nineteen Nine     Incan Cunneiform     Verticle Cyclone
ConseQutive Moments     Owl Ahh Peshawl     Critical Vine     Justice Filly     Ellipsis Admission     Winds Come Christ
Somebody's Choir     Cortex Dispatch     Not Citizens!     Coming Snow     Traceries Pattern     Fire Cream Chance
Kiss Was You     Shoe Fits Into

<>2012 Babies:    Eon's Progeny     Penny Coppers     PH Atom II      Son Damage     Crescent Moon Slippers III
Such You     Pattern Nightfalls     Apros Pos     Past Smith     Nineteen Degrees Leo     Spoke The Man     Sunday Postmark
After The First Of Rain     *Way Too     Dark Lasting     Brings Turning    Brings Steady     A.D. Christ     Poised Boy
Gingerbread Eyes     P.S. Muse     Star Fire Blue     5the Sun     Same Wayfarer     AllNation
Sunset Noire     Chaos Tame     Secrets Allude     Orpheus Non     By The Moment     Leaving The Dreaming
WindSand Pebbles     Champions Of Michigan     Rancise Ends     God Number     Sky Crushes     OverForever
Lollipops & Demons     The Whole Marvel     Eye Of Vision     Circa.Since     Cowboy Invasion
Winter Crown     Titanic Curve     Angel Koala Bear     People Say Soliloquy     Poised Wanton     Archaic Gem
Sunshine Vowel     Mystery Cloaked In Heaven     Tweet Wait     God Esteemed     Point Incubus     Spiderweb Terazzo
All The Boys     United America     Danger Remiss     Persian Juicy     Taiwan Cobalt     Jamaican Ginger
Detroit Madison     Stowaway Wardrobe     Crowded Eyesights     Alien Cantilever     Vast Fantastico     Sharing Constellations
P.S. Notation     Marginal World     Avoiding Cars     Abandonments Clubhouse     Spiders Whey     Pretend To Movie

2022 Babies:  Five Octaves     Videau     *Ides Twilight     Transparent Gravities     Espaniel Stamp     Oh Forever
Straight Trademarks     Gallons Of Dust     Button Hole     Surface Churn     Storyteller World     Androgynous Boy
Circumstance Butterflies    Webs Bee     Details Matter     Eight Grade     Cost Gods     Keeping Eyes
Kismet Gossamer     Singlet Olive     The Light Of Stars     Urgent Pace     Turbulent Adore`     Poem Disguised
The Smoothest Of Mellows     Painting Mortals     Essence Be     Fourteenth Street Shoot     Noire Girl     ?Quest Line
Optics God     Envisioned Christmas     WindowDrop     Throwing Ropes     Martian & Venusian     Z.And     Post Past
Song Positron     The Pacing Of A Portal     Sin Expired     New Device    Fast Ritual     Puzzel Novle     Boy Bourne
Spinout Of Mortal     Alone Wheel     DoneMark     Hope Haunted     Everything'Sz At     Image ChaliceBeekeeper Angry
Guilty EveAngel     Patent Copyright     Painted Mortals

2013Infinity Pan     Lessons Dominoe     2011 PM A.D.     Each Midnight     Apples Duewise     Elixir Love
Noe Immortal     Cinnamon Lovely     Solace So     Edge Of Oval     Earth Annapolis/Are Star
  Capturing The Pillows     Town Road     Ligament Thin     lariat seraglio     Fatal Valence
Weather Metamorphosis     Owl About     Angeles Twelve     Push-Faced Dolls     Homemade Gnome
  Beveled Moments     Vast Avenues     Coating Rains     Recent Fabrics     Web Blueprints
Entertaining The Angels     Virtually Evening     The Summer Of Autumn     Compleate As Night     Portfolio Agenda
Sundae Aftelife    Strangers Emulate     Angels Enquire     Dawn Of Sunlight     Breathe Gravity     World Today
Haunting Wanders     Private Landmarks     Reality Factoids     Trivia Jams     Gardens Smoking Whispers
Eight Girls     Tyran`osaurus Text     Nigh` Timer     Spider As A Bookmark     Wheat Ganng     Gorgeous Ugly
Natural Rascals     Abducting Crumbs     Post Awry     Competition Nigh     Oblique Paradigms     Smudgy Urchins
Space Terrain     Rule Zeroes     Pristine Rules     Enclosed Regrets     Soft Purpose Arrest     Self Insured
Among The Possible     Nor And Or     Damage Done

2014:     Spider Blues     Sombrero Guy     Blue Cat Deville     Almond Bayou     Patois Piecemeal
Smoky Eros Quartz     Two Star Horror Movie     Limmerick Spaceship     Nubile Experience
Dandelion Egos     Hangshadow Curves     WillowThree     Chaste Layers     Yards Moblier     Staff War!     The Oldest Boy
Sleeping Liason    Bullet Weightroom    Dot Commons     Frenetic Naive`     Notation Coal
Pillow Chorus     Boots Pout     Boots Pont    Shall Not Might     Rose Ghost_Angel
Coasting Destiny     Wedding NightSky     Last MorningGlory     Criminal Prints     Dream WintersSound     Liquid Circumstance
Gearing To Transition     Temptation Angel     Trey Goes     7000 Ton Bus     Slo'Cook'd Podcast     Meadow Costs
Separate Facings     Twisting Windows     Bitter Need     Text Ready    Buzzword Common     Kaleidoscope Gun     Twenty Aftermath
Life Sized Time     Obvious Crust     Born Harry     Murder Punished By Sin     Active In Kiss     Foreign Inscription
Bitten Mists     Guilty Evangelist     Yet Digested      Online Scene     Bond Ruse     Calypso Best     Continually Stunned
Insider Reports     Prayer Truths     Subtle Pterodactyl     Mustache Words     Tiny Minds     Ceaseless As God
Symptom Of A Parable     Maudlin Hollows     The Phone Wants     Statused     Leaven Off     Gluten Bitch

2015:     Possible Ands     Sharp Punchly     On Upon     Intimate Child     Angel.Christ     GodAnon
  Twist Prescriptions     Teacup Worlds     Spread Portfolio     Asta.Vista     Purpose Moral     Bootlegs Domino
This Minutes Prism     Detective Someone     Junior Not     Catnip Age     Same Loquacious     CryStyle`
Hello Turmoil     Lollipop Cincture     Estrange Animale`     Strange Animals     Lithium Scores     Dish Soldier
Cream Mint     Tipping Christians Into Brimstone     Cashbox Kiss     Temptation Demitasse`     Tripoli Smooth
Past Refuse     Limitless Climate     Perfect Fate     And Yesteryear     Edgeless Universe     Reviews Long
Temptation Angel     Stars Friend     History Scored     Random New     Sequel Go     Innerest Update     Smokers Throne
Another Half     Pluto Sabian     The Ides Of MarchEve     Coax Annotation     Selia Nebulae     Hasten Pudding
Quiver Turn     GuestHouse   Mentioning The Formal     Gone Colloquial     Past Fallible     Solstice Stolen
Part Truth     Diary Start     Silhouettes Enclosed     Fuzz Wonderful     Mystery Gigolo     Last Night Of Childhood
Colour So Instant     Finishing Book     I Am Memory     Close Associate     Twitter Etiquette     Modified Device
White Housed News     Somewhere Somehow Sometime     Solely By Myself     From Serving     Cruel Blueprint
Divided Rules     Unknowns Diadem     Ethics Undone     Dark Attire

2016:     Candy And     Cocomo Faux     Tesserae     Mix Romance     Trademark Detective     Twenty-Five Eggs
Coat Moment     Wanton Anomalies     Shade Chance     *Dressed     StarLight Girder     AM     DC     Sifting Anomalies
  Girls Excited     Fully Customed Nothing     Tides Evening     Nylon Eats     Escape Across
Angels Tealeaf     Hidden Before     Snow On Spiderwebs     Memories w/out Reason     Dismissing The Morrow
Scandalous Argon     Quadrant Curls     Used To Laud     Song Insomnia     Serene Meadows     Latest Violence
Rayethon Dark     Cheating Laws     Handsome Cardinal     Sticks Rephase     Flirtatious Coy     Date Pinwheel
Hopi Yogi     Aroma Cooking     Indirectly Via     Sixto Quinto     Orange Ball     Kids On Crash     Comic Him     May We Enter
Somewhats Pure     Hashtag Clamour     Homeland Guns     Cleveland In Flames     Riots Threatened Violence     Coup Plotters
One Refugee     Group Hardware     Eight Court Supreme     Hashtagish     Tight As     Aftermath Gasp     Mezzanine Purchase
Must Slay     Intended Ways     Catnip Memo     Ancillary Size     Darling Complete     Best Naturally     Despots Autograph
Graphologist's Kiss     Do Or Don't     Patriotism Nothing     Own Solo     Milquetoast PSAs     Anatomy Of Alchemy
Subteranean Totem Pole     Signing Souvenirs     Spending Bills     Naked UK     Orange Hole     Headquarters Firm
ISIS I     Policy Foreign     Racist Saying
2017:     Quantum Dwarf   `Evermore Afterways     Space.ation 'Banana Moon'     Cotton Custards     Cook Until Done
Angels Christ     In Written     Eye Horizons     Free Calibre Why     Coasting Nova     Gallons Of Dust
Stemwinding Pure     Working For The Naturally     Evolving Moments     *Escape Across     Capricorn Sun     Original Easter
Situation Moves     Send Anomaly     TQO     Half Graciously     Ponder Cries     Classic Disclose     Bad Chesspiece
Who Said     Co. Round     Cover Over     Can't Make Cakes     Crush Put Upon     Quite Pain     Balistic Eyes
Scalawag Carpetbagger III     Pageboy Tresses     Triangle Why     Hu Man Bolt     Aire Is Triage`
Bedouin Cardinal     Kidnap Trepanned     Cluster Night Terrors     Sixteen Often     Sent Clue     Name Me
Edit Selfies     Bedtime Morrow     Involuntary Guarantee     Dream Clues     Nickel Qualm     Bookmark Games
Figments Policy     Ten Caliber     Tomahawk Night     Closed Accommodations     Crayola Woebegone    Dandelion Yellow
Two Times Posted     The Spiral Of Unravel     Above Remote     Aces Yemen     Articulate Late     Makeup News     Collected Memories
Mr. Underhill EPA     Jerusalem Eve     Ellipsis Seizure     Fraudcast     Measured Facile     Insanity Poised     Two Half Crackers
Incestuous Web     Diamond Zero

2018:     Three Womans     B. Too     Paris StarLight     Constant Stairs     Space Immortal     Get.A.Way Clues
*Fast Purpose     Butterfly Makings     Target Stardust     Hedge Pennys     Christ Alours     One Track Nine
Dish Nebulous     Reply Nebulae     Realize Stories     Off The Nether Books     Ides Align     Disdain & Patience
Debutante Day     Classic More     Love You Gone     Stormedy     Current Cursive     Front Door Cash
Animus Edged     Ity     No Sunlight     Local Poem     Old Precocious     Pente~Enemies     Cocoa Oak     August First
Cotton Plant Arkansas     Official Embassy Ball     Trademark Detective     Fitting Amidst     Active Criminal
Private Anonymous     Virgin Argyle    Lazer Hone     Fix.Max     Formality Dessert     Vagabond Lie     Apt Crazy
Cool Smooth (Removed)     Missing Post     Wayward Kennel     Burgeoning Controversies     Pennysylvania Ain't
Putty Alchemy     Issues Scream     Organized Tirade     Stories Differ     History World     Applied Paint
Uniom     Sturdy Protest     Modern Code     Increasing Scar     Mirror Allegations EnFolde     Every Virtual
Turncoat Glee     Stabbing Innuendo     Straight Maybe     Romantic Larder     Dusk Mollusk     Straight Jacket Tresses!
May Negotiations     Dictators Marriage     Taken Monogamy     Emulation Putin     Intelligence Counterpart     Mais Non
Modern Children     Semi-Spring     Mirage Market     Fat Golf Game     XXXing Culture     Saturdays Parade
Fixer Broken     Facebook Christian     Tariff His Tweets     Trllion Dollar Apple     Core Of The Story

2019:     Moonshade News     Arrow Venture     Printed Nimbus     Still Affix     Virus Infectus
Ensign Soul     Pencil Marks     Raisin Sun     Speed Velocity     Limited Frame     Emblem God.Com
Ragdoll Velour     Saint Edelweiss     Wreckage Paused     Gold Truck     Wishful Vista     Both Allude     Crosspiece Sin
Editing Fragment     The Sensation Goes On     Better Perform     Printed Soliloquy     Blonde Topping     Wanting Bunny
Forms Of Hyphenated     Consciously Use     What Pace     Middle East Precipice     Dark Automan     Moonlight Dues
Molten Glass     Gently Animal     Strange Coventry     Digital Postmark     Memory Remembers
From India     Cyborg Gunbelt     Twinkle Intimation     As Imagined     Prompted Cues     Per Normal     Cowboy Shoes
RxRetrograde II     Nether In Transition     Centipede Bone     Exactly Fast     Rich Mornings     $Previous Sin$$
Excrescence Exuberance     Intermingled Children     Half Painful     Dismissive Offhand     The Naked Clown
Ambling Upon Daily Parade     Flames With Parenthesis     Context Not     Beyond Affiliation     A Modern Ambassador
Moscow Ritz Rumor     Laughter Prescient     Foist Choosen     Plagaristic Originalist     My Statement     Echelon

2020:     Sunset Tiers  2B     Binary Twilights  C     Ingot Coal     Sante`.Angelus     Sending Mimes     Dange Dangerous
Three Trios     Best Liberty     Liquid Cream     Dynamo Mars     OnToward     On To Ward     Lumberyard Scene
Edifice Office     Owl Suggested     Too Knows     Mist Inked Tweey     En     Clone Tower     Well Done     Etc. Synergy
Tempting Ragdolls     Kid's Wont     Versia Of America     Mon Oblique     Coaxing Quietus     Venus Lookinglass
Beyond Hashtags     The Two Above     Molten With Child     *Main Past     Sound Maximum     Animus Flaw
*Dimensions Immortal     Past Anomaly     Chaos Tastes     Cost Strong     Already All     Sullen Embark     Dead Equal
Wonder Or Horror     Individually Tailored     Ides Isoceles     Lost In August     Tenth Oak     Innate Unknown
Condition Kismet     OK Bake     Common Gambit/Common Domain     Diepe` Portray     Predator Foal     God Compromised
Smokimg Foment     akaNicknamed     Chain Meme     Nefarious Hashtag     Light Signature     String Onomatopoeia
Regrets Card     Allegation Waiting     UnBeKnownst     State Of Investigation     Twitter Scream
Calling Others What You Are     Yesterdays Heart     One Size Fits None     Swept Up In Nothing     Silver Or Dirt
Left With Glories     Valence Set     On The Rim     Bookend Guilt     Sentenced Angels     Unicorn Tethered

2021:     Butter & Eggs     Therefore Ergo     So     Star FarBright     Skiz     Eggshell Coracle     Desire Won't Remain
Lemonstop Drop     Maelstrom     Child Astor     Tomes Day     Deja Vu Vous Tu     Anyone With A Skeleton Key
High Speed Christ     Vanilla Navy     Wanting Analogy     Sudden Restrictures     Cowboy Stories     Potient Cute
Galaxy Pane     Delicate Wing     Shades Faces     Reason Discussed     Justice Serious     Little Universal
Stainglass Angel     Random New     Extorting Traffic     Into Subsume     Pillion Nine     Staccato Transition Exposition
Deleting Wormholes     Desert Recipes     Serpentine Gloss     Evening Mortal     Curtain Knows     Getting Forgets
Wild Mind     DAnger Waystation     Border Shore     Am I Not     God Codified     Charr Incineration     Falacious Ad Hominem
Clue Signatory     Set As Waterloo     Ghanousch Canoodle     Darling Complete     Style Esteem     Naughty Things     Killed Innocence
Spatial Rapunzel     Firmly Thin     Preview Nude     Former Grand Juries     Now Middling     Pain In Common     @Fifteen

2022:     Animal EyeLights     Stardust Braids     Honey Cocoa     Penny LightYears     Transparent Gravities     Soft Anaheims
Midnight AM     Happen Cups     Naked Curls     Crash Halo     Broken Omens Of Pearl     Solar Soliloquy
GiftWish Certificate     More Sugar Please     Single Needle     Purchase Envelope     Angels Escaping Pearls
Dutiful Poor     Other Worlds     Panache Bombast     Spiderweb Cathedrals     Design Makes     Every Frame
VersionGlass     Sparring Trapeize     Time Child     Baby Clothes     Status Delicious     Tandem Running Code
Dream Premium     Ripped Foam     Egg Avatar     Boy Again     Circa Times     Stellar Onus     White Moment Poco
Over As Gold     Bookmark Parts     Posing Night     Mosque Kangaroo     Axis Otherworldly     Auditions Wanted     Don't Six!
Biblical Venom     Deceased Without Title     Alone Bespoken     Never Informed     Bodies Enclosed     Digging Pittance
Stiffy Weasels     Saving Sunshine     Joining Arizona     Momentum Spys     Owl Loved     Half A Hand     Two Fingers Of Time
Double Negative Mean     After Nine Eleven     Arabic New Year     Situation Fixed

2023:     Sins Worth Mentioning     Tainted Common     Niggling Momentum     Wonderful As Fuzz     Apologized Loss     Blond Maybe
Opposite Crescendos     Desperate Ambiguity     Reclusive Niche     Naked Thracians     Pennies Upon Potion     The Best Among Us
Captured Asp     Colour Lies     Resolved Aftermath     Chaos Denied     Trade Wars?     Tombstone Dumb     Venus Kissed Mars
Demands Dysfunction     Ten Fifteen     Pesto Best     Casual Gallop     Mimicry     Leap Years Afternath     Emancipation Fallow
Voila Massage     Built Foment     Real Eden     Disgruntled Envy     Crew Burbank     Pique Niche     Fatless Sponge
Rubber Mental     Jack Rabbit Tales     Instinct Wrapping     Wardrobe Potent     Elusive Factor     Most Distant Kin
Former Georgia Bulldog     VA Expose     Culinary Steel     Custom Hutch     Hideous Quip     Livable Space     Venus Kissed Mars
Tell Me Disguise     Pocket Continental     Invincible Missles     TriRepartee     Almost OK     Hardly Poignant     Non Macbeth
Hold Of The Cross     Incarceration Forrest     Around Friday     Built Inside Life     I Vow     Make Them Mine

2024:     Phone Hang Up     Enclosed Regrets     Wake You     Waken Warm     Televised Guns     *Pythagorous Lied     Talking To A Watch
It's Story     World Reporter     Smirk Stirring     Anatomy Of Alchemy     Enter Wonder Kids     Place In Bulb     Saint Patricks Eve
Piercing Anamaton     Rampant Animation     Viewers Used     Eyeballs Eaten     Petals Lost     Daisies Blind     Three Wisdoms
Column Boundry     Verity Bi-Gender     Sex Potient     *Tall Grass Sins     *Mint Boxed     Meanly Sultry     Noon Durango
Haggling Charity     Burly Fact     Sparkle Fast     Flawless Brilliance     Mildly Magnificent     Solid Motives     Month First
Ram Them Nautilus     PostNote HashTag     Junk Pirates     Avenge Our     Culture Stolen     Past Closure
Menace Porous     Deadly Enormous     Seminole Truth     Miasma Swamp     Vulture Portions     Guts Walking     Fascist Anthem
Uber Odious     Second Hand Men     Dark Letter Day     Sphinx Black Box     Empty Might

2025:     Curious Circe     Classic Asp     Figs & Walnuts     Puffin Borne     Favoring Contractors     Afraid To Say     Such As
Chilling Implictions     Talking To A Watch     Dilemma Feign     Stolen Data DNA     Facebook Owned     Profile Clones
Bad Hastenings     Unprotected Innocences     UnDeleted Data     Copy Cat Bombings     Empty As Pretend     Echoe Deja Vu
Hard Candy Horror     Crisp Erotic     Gum Pantomime     Summation Paint     Six ShipWrecks     Think Befriend     Violating Essence
Intense Treasure     Heard Perfume     Looking All Angly     Skin Of A Dream     I Memoried     Kissing Sinecure     Half A Lip
Classic Aladdin     Newly Foreign Policy     Ephemeral Insurance     Cover Nightmares     Tinder Tissues     It Coalesces
Nominal ButtStocks     Mostly Men     Meek Milquetoast     Quiet Paragon     Kin Militia     Calm Pacification     Spacial Truth
Noticed Quotient     Guilty Animal(s)

2026:     Blue Dragon Moon     Scribbled Summary     Flora Blend     Paper Copy     Enter Wonder Kids!     Good Moxie
If You Pretend To Movie     Stick Ball Nights     A Little Story     Better Off With Not     Big Anon     One Whorl On The Trigger
Aliens & Monsters     Heavens Redoubt     Anglo Saxon Prayers     Nova Corona / Corona Nova     Loops Cross     Heat Plasma
Wildcats Marquette     Copper Country Huskies      Wind Conditions     Chalkline Applies      Throaty Mixture    Bitch & Minx
Wry Sanctimony     Acquittal Over     Ain't You Just     Focal As Polar     Nurturing Dirt     Fertility Soiled     Extended Favors
Tippsy Asp     Mispronunciation Pointed Out     Taking Paint     Rural Investigator     Cookie Dough Cake     Random Glass Legs
Ide Of March     Lockstep Taken     Ersatz Ruse     Four Square Four     Sinclair Views     Country Staged     Christened Pixels
Midterm Rewards     Into Former     Midterms Muster     False Bank Accounts     Serious Gumption     Nimble Adorned
Our Uneven World     Terrifying Caravan     Regular Military     Better Or     En Natiional Guard     Where Is The Dew?
Are You Morning!

2027:     Wanting Requite     Speed Slow    Past Forsooth     Opaque Redress     Page Fast     Imperiling     Never Apologized
Once Upon Light     Easter Eve     Mars Clashes     In Capricorn     Mount Voluminous     Cozy Warmup     Breach Indignities
Cough Drop Innocuous     Monopolied     Pawning Children     Communist Rise     Red State Serfs     As It Stands     Texas School Books
Righteous PTAs     Public Servant Ingratitude     Second Hand News     Gods Breathe     Books Read     Childless Village     We Killed
Arms Implants     Cypher Lane     Bed Coverlet     Graduation Card     Feet Six     Post Prognosis     Mirror Washington
Secret Around & Concentric Circles     Coo Wheedling     Showing Phones     Walking Dogs     Talking Kitty Cats     Gleen Prescence
Mediocre Poor     Forecast Forever     Foist It In     Soul Less So     I Saw Him Grow     Faux Flag     Investigations Complete
Basic Nice     Solitude Restores     Core Officials     Ramroded     Scenariios Unfold     Beyond Former     Consummation Motif
Tomorrow Untrue     Boy Romances     Contextual Lectures

2028:     Karma Stew     Fond Policy     Karma True     Anatomy Of Alchemy     Leaving Syria     Stationed Border     Taken Fifth
Caravans Abound     Figments Faux     Whores Saddle     We Must Wall     Sun Shines Tomorrow     On Mars Day     Last Tuesday
Left Her Fruition     Secret Around     Concentric Circles     Half-Twins     No Pressure     Pure Pleasure     Geronimo Cafe
  Kind Of Innocent     Everyones First Date     Styles Of Font     Silver Atop     Golden Bottoms     Duplicate Groupie
Always You     Nearly Here     Exactly Insane     Dementia Unraveled     Family Anatomy     Stylized For News     Replete With Live
Follow Up     Action Videos     Six O'clock Bombing     Maybe Tomorrow     A Dayish Longer     Occured Awning     Litmus Bliss
Gold Angora     Stimulus Amore     Stupid As Victuals     Fates Evidence     Oblique Paraphrase     The Crush Of Purpose
Happenstance Stretched     Riverdale Pops     Mainland Jobs     Camray Transformer     Saving ZTE     Official Podium     Bulk Lies
Why Immobilized     Moments Drawn     Gun Muscle     Mortal Creation

2029:     Coiling Pythons    Mixed Parameters     Notion Probable     Six Existence     Cheap Closure     Semi Dire     Matches Booked
Mideast Wisdom     Blankets Syria     Sturdy Fun     Lost Prevention          Cast Stage     Warrior Diplomacy     A Base Of Alone
Sold Poultice     Major Immoral     Quoting Foment     Entire Project     Constant As Always     Second Worst     Canoodling Poodles
  Problems From     Pants Secrets     Thickish Chains     Doppelganger Familiar     HoodFlap Mafioso     Secret To Key
  Island Court     For Real     Twitter Garden     Issues Fact     Chorus Lyrics     Keep Meaning     Rifling Spiral
  Falling Pollyana     Licensee Faun     Correspondents Roast     Washington Michigan     Oink On The Hoof     Fat BackSwing
Vastly Bewildering     Niche Enamoured     Dinnerplate Dahlias     Corrupt Intent     Legal Mirror     Playing Sane     Blessing Anon
Busters Stash     Always Only     Met My Dream     Present Thickness     Blather Fulsome     Sample Please     Successive Layers

2030:     Nest Eggs & Climax     Christened Pixels     Two Hooves     Mean Insult     Boys Past Girl     A Scarecrow Dream
Colour Up     Peppercorn Coarsed Salt     Unlikely Abstract     Sybarite Action     First Litany     Vs Broken Up     You Upon
Great Diplomacy     Borrowed Shadows     Blueprint Pattern     Having Fun     Turncoat Cog     Pseudo Dream Team     Ego Machine
Commercial Veneer     Tempting Milwaukee Innocence     Overdog Wins     One Bucks Trophy     Three Warriors     Underdog True
Kill Adept     Dust Of Lullabye     Terra Cotta Last     Youth Wrinkle Death     Tea Cozy As Nursing     Skin Of The Sofa
Lost Dreams     Fates Evidence     Oblique Paraphrase     Angel's Reach     Come To Turn    Ocean Promontory     Iniitial Meeting
From The Diary     Hot Little Nothing     Birthday Missive     Speck Of Pod     Token Bespoken     Ambiguous Had     Candy Liquid
Foreign Interior     Mostly Men     Domestic Rural City     Dishonest Actors     So Pure     Cappo War Room     Capitol Offense
Stupid As Victuals     Paper Fight     Another Honey    Your Chrome     Pills VA    Extinguish

2031:     Foetal Heartbeat     Useless Nuisance     Stillborn Apostrophe     Body Language     Fingers & Fibs     Rooted In Posture
Only Pose    Crumbs & Atoms!     Bedroom Poser     Body Language     Each Vital     Sans Soul     Fertility Dibs
Holding Notions In Toto     Get Your Knuckles Up     Stand The Fist!     Journeyman Wordsmith    Ghost Written Effort
Linear Victor     Astute Pose     Complaint Purview    Speed Sound Light     Drink Party     Bomb Chateau     Torn Carafe
In Lieu Of Kindergarten     Debut Gourmet     Whose Wish?     Theirs Or Yours     Blessing Anon     Basket Attacked!
Golden Goose Treaty     Gander Egg     Really Excellent     *Angleworm Angry     *Two Weak Wrists     Wild Part Of Wish
Brooking Maybe     Bald Accusations     Weave Woven     Extraneous Crime     Recently Shattered Glass     Shallows Commute
Reclarifying Sanction     Same Vote     You USA     DeNuke Too     Bott Tweet     Pink Earrings     That Inquisical Look
Infers You Know    Bright As Him     Cherub Schmooze!     UnWashed Dreams     UnRedeemed     Midterm Flames     Soft As Might
Strange Vitals     Doctored Video     Akin Dictator 

2032:     Illicit Import     Of Foreign Birth     Openly Echoed    Fat Children     Inherited Cause     Bully Cyber     Tiny Akin
Mingled Fingers     Acquire A Conundrum     Facebook Twist     Clean As Confession     Immoral Techniques     Mogul Artists
Impetus Is Momentum     Sparkle Sawdust     Butterfly Or Moth Or Owl     Older In Privacies     Proof Anonymous     Karmic Forte
Puzzle Screw     May We Mood     Pharma Lobbyists     You Pay!     Done To The Last Max     Neo Tax Code      Almost Pittance
Ovids David     Broken In Figment     Blond Casual     Neat Old Sayings     Budding Notoriety     Thematic     Initials Not Name
Wasted Poses     Dawn's Wits     *Gemini June     Kids Walking Stick     Concise Autobiography     Patient Danger     Classic Nexus
Faux Spy Notions     Exact Hyperbole     Such Existence     Sort Of Admitted     Russian Syphilis     Kilauea Off     Bidden Hasp
*Cute As Sin     Exclusively Stuck     Stolen Boarders     Monitor The Brats     Health For None     Of Them     Those Southern Browns
I Did Not     Cohort Riding Shotgun     Try To Have Sex     Kicked Coke     That Woman     Curious Dogwort     Tepid Oceans
Similiar Crown     Immanence Is Permanent     Shadows Accrue

2033:     Rock Bottom Gnosis     Recently Shattered Glass     The Kingdom Of Confucius     Narratives Tale     Callow Madness
Bestial Signature     Lite Crack     Special As Pastime     Part Of Precise     His Diction Chipped     Half Caught
Englishman Guilty     Salmon Supple     Omen Of Obliquity     Grasping Aspen     Focused On Scope     Mole Hill Rushmore
Hair Dew     Early Moisture     Ram BillyGoat     PostNote P. S.     Little Rockets Soul     Pudgy Rocket     Census Math
Omen Of Obliquity     Singlet Resolution     South Northed     Sleep Hemlock Well     Fat Guys Round     Kept Deeds
Amiable Poverty     Toe Chemo     Kitty Coffer     Anything Outrage     Patience Brooking Moat     Individual Me     Nina Muchacho
Horucrux Torn Apart     Baby Vampire     Will He     Marry In Couple     Conquest Easy     Deep Root     Random Byline     You Decide
Always Front Lines     Never Deadlines     Last Octave Before Heaven     Rim Ballistic     Foreign To Sanity     Abandoned Policy

2034:     On Diatribe     Soft Crumb     Coffin True     Perhaps Crux     TaxFat     Stock Buyback     EveryDay PonyHorse
Departing Wisconsin     Literay Tweet     You Collusion     Making Himself     Collusion Conclusion     Swirl Of Morass     Troop Across   
  Civility Obtrusion      Lengthy Bogused     The Exact Statistics     First Mexican Speech     That Will Hold     As God Adored
She Will Be     Dearth Knell     The Youngest Forever    Bench Majority     Dearth Knell     All A Trade     Stonewall Five Four
Kid Loses     First Grade Presidencey     Current Administration     Destiny My Dead Friend     Saturday Visitors     Bedroom Done
Viable Game     Characterized Opinions     Montage Contextualized     Zero Halves     Partisan Corpuscles     Anniversary Second.s
Loaner Heart     Orgasmic Dreaminess     Practiced Bemusement     *Stoking Foment      Standing On Stood     Political Integrity
Tomorrow Pretends     Post Note Truth     Never Wanted You     Impeachment Due     Immolation Wings

2035:     Speaking For Russia    Denigrate @ Will     Horribly Evil     Foxed Or Not?!     Our Consuming Public     Lab Rats Awaiting
Next Random Stimulus     Trace Pair     Trace AuPair     Hal Melting Down     Halves Of Two Bots     Aside Smoothly Lying
Everyone Knows That     Firmly Assuring     Why Not?     Feeding Charm     Lay Beneath     Buttress Heads     @ Fast Ecosystem
Impress Fascination     Opposite Done     Qualitative True     The Phone Wants     *Attention Spanked     Small Poses     Lesser Litanies
Satans Summit    Every Nuance     Literary Critic     *Killing Cupids     *Wanted Gargoyles     Freeedom For     Only Your Religion
It Tastes Like Church     That Incense You Eat      *Psalm As Waters     Services Rendered     *GunMuscle     Sometimes Its     Fun To Be
Almost A Wild Boy     Epitaph Clone     Possible Frayed     Victims Of Wishes     Nothing Come True     Shades Of Cagney     Jimmy Smushing
LStrictly Wishes     The Situation     Shadow Thrills     Manufactured Formula     Transition Curdled     Chocoate Shape     Stray Praise
Quiet Hiatus     Crisp Beleives     Alternative Semantics     Flesh & Shadow     *Secret Testify

2036:     Blond Peelings    Repulse Fascination     Organic Dreaminess     Practiced Bemusement     Breasts Proffered     Barking On A Chain
Female Dog     Lingering Controversy     Groups Launched     Partial Fire     SimpleMime     My Purebreds     Off Off Spring
My Purebreds     Half Of Bastards     Only Our President     Mark As Prophecy    *Tears Of Design     A Very Short Time
*Showboat River     One Minded     Mine     I FOLLOW HER     *Alter Eden     *Black Snake     *Last Fort     *Pedigree Liberal
#Stress Patience     *Popcorn Former     *Belief In Innocence    *Many Lies     *Broke Factual    Gush     Such A Fan     Incessant Friendly
Please RSVP     Subtext     Associating With Clones     The Brutal Week     Dining On Absinthe     Almost Illegal     Treason Is Fine
In The Fat Of It     Somewhere Somehow Sometime     Mideast Truth     Bone Spur Pugnacious     Border Sanctity     *Soft As Might
*Soul Initials     Windfall Sugars     *Authoritarian Trends     *Oblique Candy     Official Emoji     Fabulous Portions

2037:     *Impending Celestial     *White House Moral     *Pity Poor     Beyond Common     *Everyone Toys     *Pocket Town     No Question
Their Ilk     Dreams Cashed     Lipstick Deep     Only Imprint     Ticket To It All     No Promises     *Virtual Mutual     Great Again
Real As Seems     Market Stocked     *Earth Halo     *Crash Happening     Half Impotent     Currente Politics     *Midnight Home
Martial Gerrymander     Walking Gum     *Dusty Estrange     *Happened Non     *Gently Tensions     *Private Skirts     Nom de Non
*Variations Framed     Taste Woven     Wrong Apartment     Guilty Of Cyber     Atrocious Misdemeanor     Reading Evidence
Tickets Solicited     Mildly Guilty     Porcelain Dawn     Firmament Dawn     Jacket Of Storm     Fuge Wilde     Watching Want
Pausing Robot     Puppet Covert     Razors Traces    Novels Prelude     Fast Worlds     Ephemeral Boys     Pixel Mix Family
Complete Crux     Pagan Christ     Too Thourough!     Thin Cadre     Taken  Oath     Atop Played     Paper Karma     Yankee Doodle Candy
Academy Of War     Gunfire Danger     Intricate Emotion     Seasons Estranged     Secular Heathen     Dossier Keen     Nothing Owned
Prognosis Non     Black Roam     Gumshoe Sleuth     Sin Included : Be My Two  

2038:     Virginia Fits     Gilded Tragedy     Pictograph Glyph     Rx Temporal     Myth Poker     Mascot Cave     Crisp Remiss
Crowded Guns     Dimensional Synergy     Patience Opened     Ice Cream Sunshine     Your Toujours     Mutual Wantings     Exist Mixes
Toy Device     Arrow True     Because It Was     Outdoor Traffic     Golden Age Clock     Figures Of Harmony     Closed Face
Fist Anchor     Mean Grudge     Besides Regrets     Quotient Potion     Besides Regrets     Southern Penmanship
Snapshot Guilty     As Of Tomorrow     Pantywaist Scabbard     Alone Diasphora   Tentative Senate     Congregate Pool
Cut By Horizon     Cloaked In Suppose     Fictions Atom     Into Further     Restored Status     More Than Avenue     Make Me Movie
Cream Marrow     Stolen Jokers     Round Forms     Rodent Cadent    Flat's At     Cake Arrogance     Intaglio     *Tidy Chaos
Torrid Abhorent     Adoring Fable     Not Gossip     Love Vagabond     Wry Admiration     Mime Refined     Query Questions
Mortal Prayers     Kingdom Miles     Finally Distressed     Civilized Dishes     Memory Ignition     Politics Aside     Half Of Spades
Solitude Restored     Wallet Solid     Subtleties     Cigarette Stilettos    One Day Alias     *Mortal Prayers

2039:  Meagre Brains     Living Statues     Bronze Emancipation     Polka Dot Truth     Patachwork Facts     Since Tonight
Feline Suit     Ingredients Need     Losing Futures     Circa Sometime     Unkempt Chaos     Vague Apostrophes     Prefix Imagery
Rudimentary Hemaphrodite     Upward Intimations     Sensual Questings     Further Clarity     Foreign Phone     Only Memoir
Answer S'il Vous Plait     Fates Desire     Armed Gamble     Veteran Incident     Seen Consequence     Pledge Immortal     Cozy Noes
Sumptuous Endured     Half The Facts     Modern Lyrics     Corporate Space Available     Mean Hardware     Pretend Alive
Second Hand Pawn     Peer Intimate     Waxed Apprehension     Dressed In Size     Measured Case     Induced Art     Gallows Rumor
Scrambled Parameters      Envelope Square     Skein Horizon     Monsters Deranged     Patient Unnamed     Taken Made     Morrows Morning
Imminent & Sinister!     Forver Furthers     War Year Minstrels     Laced With Parameter     Prelude War     Strategic As Plaid
Death Was Asleep     Edge Of Allure     Blood Totem     Vow Whispered     Orbiting Heavens     Freebase Holiday     Circa Sometime
Orbiting Heavens     Simple Facile     Rapscallion Surge     Jealous Asp     Know Gregorian     Animation Mortality     Kingdom Coo

2040:  Fasist Swastikas     Pastry Antipasta     Placed Glasses     Stangely Deigning     Alphabet Galore     Spiral Insert
Permissions Floor     Possible Friday     Small Despot     Grow Corrosion     Militia Vanguard     Spy Forerunner     Texan Poem
Promise Fforeshadowed     Played Pretend     Cued Tweet     Unique Content     Foolishly Duped     Especial Foe     God Scorned Clown
Boast Most     Fond Infatuation     Tempting Rebuttal     Rim Disclosure     Consorting With Humans     Bronze Emmancipation
Venerate     Paying Dividend     Discrete Grey     Carriage Cabriolet     Pandemic Proviso     Mute Allusions     Ashwood Ghanash
Too Knowing     Atop Destrier     Purpose Located     Detroit Texas     Story Beginning     8 PM Sojourn     Terminal Maximal
Quest Memory     Altered Psychosis     Dark Prosecution     Authors Guise     Novice Gamlings     Masqued Identities
Comprising Everything     None Principle     Serial Braggadocio     Pigment Sky     Humble Prescience     Metric Animal
Panic Fraction     Percentage With     Educated Cuticles     Lockstep Tides     Mortal Rules     Anonymous Kisses     Broken Tracing
Witholding Truths     Always Arizona     Next Edition     Prize Poultice     His Forelude     Mime Isometrics     Bed Of Font
Tomorrow Clad     Atoms Omnivore     Kept Sport

2041:   Candy Candor     Inside Chute     Crushed Awry     Needs Chance     Internal Kid     Cat Thats     Analog Old     Unsullied Eden
Late Appellate     Apathy Genuflects    Death Sigh     Gangser Chorus     Close Formal     Fiction Would     Lemonade Shade     Cases Sate
Surface Cures     Boy In Ordinary    Cowgirls On Ponies     Or Is She     Roughly Agree     Staid Repose     Lawsuuit Provided
Dark Matters     Archaic Shadows     His Story     Mainstream Insane     Budget Artiste     Pause Ministry     Ghost Baptismal
Her Elements     Lies Pretend     Factions Discarded     Collapsing Borrow     Only Poetry     Notorious Smoke     Manna Foodbank
  Windblown Dominoes     Mostly Oak     Yet Inferred     Kinetic Enclave     Distributed Boxes   Edge Prayer     Appropriated Motto
Blank Cartoon     Imminent Obituary     Counterfeit Subtitles     More Enstrade     Random Circles     Asked Askance     Duplicity Ousted
Juror Admixture     Patina Terrazzo     Hairdo Tourniquet     Puerly Moral     Poisoned Clues     Wandering Straight     Impartial Silence
Serpents Seigne     Nascent Babies     Stuffing Puppies     Film Shadowing     Birth Mandated!    Standing Patterns     Fortitude Balked
Totem Jongleur     Walking Nolstagic     In Secret     Stolen Justice     Lax Suppression     Transition Non     AnguishShame
Green Solicitudes     White Blackface     Novice Aardvark     Jackpot Naught     Neutral Deity    Bones Weight     Fast Anomaly
Precisely Moment     Heart Quiz     Net Ethical     Teaparty Needs     Comfort Phone     Tether Reality

2042:   Miniscule Demure     Paper Anime`     Wwealth Fated     Still The Heyday     Moment Shards     Cats To Cream     Adagio Meme
Wealth Fated     Benefits Include     Once Upon Honeymoon     Imminent Eclipse     Pretend Fiesta     Puppy Blunt
Pleased As Boots     Abdicating Choice     Doctor Octave     Cradles Grain      Crayon Cream     Purebred Skirt     Candle If
Safe Harbor Yesterday     Masque Gauche     Earth Birthdays     Social Anesthesia     Coiled Dainty     Soft Phosphorous     Stocking Allure
Close As Marrow     Proven Clue     Stiff Fishnet     En Par Human     Circa Thursday     Past Smokes     Nasty Whispers     MiddleMarch
Serpents Pause     Echo Ring     Lives Of Christ     Mysterious Fix(x)     Mood Betrothed     Addresses Are     World Where
Current Night     Cynical Lambskin     UnShorn Souls     Knife Tightrope     Become Conjunct     Stable Depends     Pet Banshee
Separate Fate     Clarion Clue     Extravagant Equipage     Given Clown     Cowboy Decoy     Outlaw Order     Fatalities Face
Anything Intend     Offshore Dating     Random Die Unison     Pretend Imaginations     Fast Tomorrow     Pet Conspiracies     Fashion Follows
Done As Due     Sown Expletive     Spectre` Fallow     Theoretical Mysticism     Serpent Moving     Hard Unfeeling     Urban Detective
Mild Ire     Spectrum Morrow

2043:   Fatalistic Confidance     Serpent Moving     Cry Disguise     Change Rearranged     Brat Tantrum     Ugly Proof     Aggresive Fact
     Tomorrows Reckoning     Wiles Wicked     Fatalistic Confidance`     Dawn Entrusted     Smash Amalgamation     Taste Of Stranger
Yesterdays Door     Nights Spell     Just Isn't     God Richochetting     Coutre Elite`     Luring Entice     Serpent Moving
Bandwagon Alibi     Tight Calliope     Extreme Sects     Tomorrows Reckoning     Signal Purse      Shadows Moulder    Everflight Ennui
Sharing Pleiades     Windowpane Insane     Horizon Looms     Cultivating Silence     Tryst Mirror     Delectable Dare
Coupon Fleur     Car Antimacassar     Forecast Afterglow     Sheen Of Patina     Ever Cadet     Each Unique     Academic Police
Linking Friction     Oral Tradition     Apparent Frame     Responsibility Shield     Cursive Name     Entropy Closes     Sleuth Prelude
Murder Volumes     Empty Round    Mild Sensuality     Whisper Folows     Tread On Him     Acutely Oblique     Ghosts Parable     Kept Sport
Tomorrow Clad     Size Pretends     Lessons Learned     Pistons Axiom     Chastice Whipped     Calibre Padrone     Non Gratis Ersatz
Singlet Term     Catacomb Goes     Brand Initials     Lawmakers Know     Swept Pursue     Modicum Pause     Multi Verses : Sins Parallel
Gaudy Purpose     Fixing Sixty     Chalice Wash     Duo Compadre    Echo e Conspire     Sycophant Addiction     True Blue
Passion Follows     Purloined Truth     Robot Media Hits : Mostly Hits     Undertakers Gait     Warning Gasoline     Still Attend

2044:   Moonlight : Statues     Soup Bisquits     Box Vellum     Circa Late Evening     Figment Semblance     Civilian Prelude     Chasing Pearls
Echo Mimic     *Tomorrow Clad     Rumour Proof     Vaccines Excalibar     Happenstance Truth
Happenstance Proof     Summer Lillacs     Kinetic Frenetic     Shadow Belief     Grand Indecision     Kisses Torrent     Added Book
Tacit Agreement     Quality Adept     Runty Valor     Cadet History     Solo Reasons     Prelude 2022     Feint Ephemeral     Escargot Gold
Rumpus Ruckus     Born Again Anon     Waiting Wildfire     Tissue Instead     Christeous!     Tipsy Awry     Cyclops Witnesses
Continued Pawn     Solstice Human     Accomplice News     Qualified Fund     Smash Might     Texaco Shard     Into Random     Myth Implored
Mint Shape     Crazed Overfame     Crosspiece Barnacle     Bookend Clues     History Verdicts     As Delicious     Consult Follows
Unnamed Tomorrows     Diamonds Obdure     Nigtingale Lazer     Versus Or     Quick Justice     Slept Adept     Subtle Immanence
Full Know     Code Deal     Mutual Device     Power Foment     Necessary Might     Profligates Gate     Getting Philadelphia
Fondue Rhythm     Unique Purpose     Dust Must     Primal Nature     Justice Obviated     Bundle Admission     UnSpoken     Stunning Asp
Wayward Ant     Guilty Cream     Mantilla Prey     Odious Burly     Others Need     Singled Not     Baby Asps...     Desires Attired
Vain Sanity     Situation Persue     Recently Modern     Cursive Stance     Exceptionally Ordinary     Situation Wishlist

2045 :   Brown Possiblities     Satisfaction Then     Shades Arranged     Shadows Befallen     Justice Arraigned     Reverse Written
Tan Vert     Figment Rebellion     Pandora Open s     Coupled Nuptuals     Model Radius     Previously Devised
Situation Status    Bedpan Novelty (Tended)     Services Rendered     Fresh As Memories     Income Brand     Solstice Might
Lesson Preludes    Liable Became    *Lipstick Turmoil     Apparent Normal     Picture Structured     Further Adventures     Spoiled Took
Picture Instructed     Mutations Arranged     Nasty Abomination     Able Portray     Advertisment Deal     Low Grade Commercial     Nee Soon
Kept Subside     Actual Capture     Want Includes     Mis Intention     Languid Attire     Gentle Apostrophe     Approximate Maybes
Common As Gossip     Locked In Cost    Smoking Dust     Broken Omens     Blood enclosed     Repeat Deeds (Serial Enclosed)
Blue Warmth     Reverse Purity     Madrigal Hearts     Promise Subsides     Tippsy Awry     Far Mourning     Structured Loaf
Show Cold     Daily Truths     Guns Proposition     Rigid Program     Bookmark Footnote     Iconic Toro     Ashbin Toadstool
Fate Abeyance     Purpose Unfound     Fate Abeyance     Possible Applications     Gilt Hone     Deed Replete     Planted Manatee
Mouthed Words     SpawnEnigma : One Word Spell     Decision Abetted     Vampire Kitchen

2046 :   Tide Highway     Mood Prussian     Love Footnote     Circa Thursday     Variable Dynamics     Hardly Integer     Cashmere Tears
Promise Accrued     Soft Purpose     General Direction    Paramount Formal     Impossible Imbroglios     Coded Fact     Soiled Protocol
Arcane Anon     Patented Opinion     National Regional     Cashmere Tears     Impossible Figments     Boiling Underground
*Asp Basilisk     Common UnKept     Many Kneadings     Courmant Arapahoe     *Incognito Amoral     Rebellion Matters     Fiction Spawned
  Despoiling Daughters     Figment Semlance     Story Moral     Quadrant Way     Zone Ozones     Pallisade Shade     Cool Forelude
  Raise Bouillabaisse     Modern Jeopardy     Prelude Misive     Prudent Melancholy     *Diagonal Ropes     Need Infatuation
End Spool     Frankly Anger     Branded Imperfect     Mix The Races     Initial Impression     Solstice Option     Piquant Ethos
Mulatto Fact     Sojourn Protocol     Fantasizing Antiphony     Endless Disguise     Purchased Emboss     Calm Apostrophe`
Stanza Across     Fastidiuos Baptismal     Pigment Absolved     Potioned Alchemy     Wild Parade     News Broadcast Ours
Part Oblige     Album Halves :     June Brides     Optic Fallow     Deciding Calendars     Kept Impressions     Literal Instilled
Implanted Literal     Francise Dissolved     Prim Dissolution     Voter Integrity     Improved Taste     Remote Enthuse     Eggplant Endive
Adopting Often     Cloud Nebulous     Postmark Footnote     Sixpence Crowns     Footnote Love     Fiction Fandom
The Nursery Homes     As Sex Cognito     Impossible Clause     Body Maudlin     Atomic Near     Fake Snazzy     Honor Combed

2047 :  Puppy Lush     Pony Mount     Slept Ecology     Coffers Hidden : Scheming Light     Half Of Footnotes : Part Of Parenthesis
Beset Deception     Surface Prayer    Weeps Mars     Rather Surreal     Pocket Tight     Abdficating Awning     Presume Looming
The Humdrum Mundane     Duplicate Sorts     Tall Disemble     Watercolour Score     Subatomic Gardens     Thesis Mind
Rose Aftermath     Organized Ideal     Calmly Solvent     Cyber Viral     Unadulterated Bud     Crazy Estranged
Footnote Hopes     Purpose Beriending     Recognizing The Moment     Edifice Content     Other Variables     Customers Cash
Skip The Stork     Impostor Quisling     Shabby Tardy     Token Sundays     Man Enough     Coffin Normal     Homegrown Tears
Purgative Coal     Extravagant Carrion     Forte Awaken     Pocket Tight     Cost Transgressions     Six Pistons     Pistons Enmeshe
Dark Fundraising     Stone Poem     TransHemaphrodite     Limited Remains     Quandry Became     One Day Post     Video Exposed
Todays Soda     Somewhat Famous     Common Gossip     Minerals Fostering     Regulated Friendly     Calculus Fractions
Shod Mystique     Pristine Chalice     Own Bookwards     Horrible Mobile    Wear Today     Penned Aside     Liquid Gamble
Stringent Denial     Quadrant Ago     Process Caught     PM Omen     Wholly Apros Pos     Perpetual Allegiance     Gossip Proof
Kept Of Heart     Puppy Eventuality     Too Know     Milling Cotillion     Sangroid Normale     Equal Artiacts     Signet Impulse

2048 :  Patently Fast     Prelude Deep     Seasonal Naivite`     Immutable Mime     Monster Soft     Bought Candy
First Person Testimony     Band Topography     Kinetic Viral     Todays Conundrum     Endgame Exclamation!     Manly Garrison
Sans Chase     Nouveau Intrigue`     Pony Mount     Band Topography     Chain Of Facts     Widow Wired     Figment Aftermath
Tumble Frontal     Lumpy Profits     Dawdling Awful     Often Bodice     Resolute Finish     Even Proceeding     Aces Rule
Decadent Portray     Wormholes Asp     Criminal Clues     Process Devolved     Evolutions Psalm     Further Innuendo     Raffish Suaro
Primordial Cake     Non Gone 'A Faint Immortal' Shadow Ghosts     Providing Stars     Fast Summation     Cogent Eyes     March Amalgam
Date Forward     Volatile Fulsome     Fix Anneal     Boys Disclose     Prismatic Follicle     Edge Landscape     Odds Picked
Kept Glisten     Willing Bride     Date Forward     Educated Shallow     Mix Chance     Deed Locattion     Liquid Parenthesis
Property Cast     Remark Fact / Angled Fact     Carmelized Score     Revenge Settled     Beneath Duress     Tame Beref     Plaid Velvet   
Admissable Sin      Explaining Surname     Beneath Duress     Trivial Visuals     Crisis Repast : UnderSecretary
Fact Obeyed : A Mime Puppet     Mother Stuffed!     Lamenting Cadenza     Solvent Lucrative     Trademark Love
Fiction Ponders     Null Testimony     Crosswalk Soon     Sparkle Appraised     Reef Aftermath     Golden Aged     Liege Innogen
InMomento     Vintage Fame     Dremole Cried     Kept In Guise

2049 :  Oedipal Magic     Protracted Regrets     Frimoire     Promised Cage     Dangerous Parade     Caramel Coal     Branding Happen
Interior Dimensions     Yesterdays Form     Grave Happenings     Reading Instance     Happenstance Pan     Spanish Disdain     Momentous
Expedient Aabstentia     Sans Chase     Mottled Weave     Officious Quizzical     Edifice Content (D.C.Bee)
Soft Opportunity     Vintage Idiot     Coquette Crouton     Lost Amidst     Yesterdays Morning     Christening Geronimo
Barlow Promotion     Dress Pattern     My Maypole     Adept Nuls     If Purpose     Put Off     Stateside Await
  Top Article     Starlight Might   Change Appraised     Stoic Frontage     Crevasse Crevase!     Nuisance River     Colloquial Foal
Soccer Spheroides     Recent Lies     Sugar Candy     Synopsis Grey     Braised Brown     Kidnapped Grain     Practice Apprentice
Signature Locks     My Mirror     Random Fortune Cookie     Impossible Plan     Oriental Demure     Sponsoring Tear     Orphan Holiday
Secular Nil     Nature Pathways     Dairy Insane     My Devestation     Tomorrow Enquires     Marigold School(s)     Proper Guage
Upper Crass     Curbing Intentions     Blush Demure     Liquid Linguistics     My Devestation     Backhoe Algorhythm
Mobilizing Resources     Set Momento     Another Picture Taken : Memory Enclosed     Snug As Prophecy     Faux Luck     Level Estuary
Extra Paragraph     Frequen Abduction     Common Captured     Time A Cargo     Tempt Adored     COVID Access     Sans Include
Subsequent Afterfact     UnSpoken Dreams/Stories Unspoken     Commuting Perfection     Distant Ethos     Wasn't Why

2050 :  Identity Played     Static Degeneration     Crashed Tab     Seed Mystery     Entry Lamb     Posted Opinions     Stand Facsimilie
Stopping Offspring     Open Enclosed     Flickereing Firelight Cast     Identity Played     Staid Facsimilie     Conspiracies Allure
Memory Foam     Indelible Sleep     Smoke Enclosed     Rumour Astray     Crept Abet     Oubliette Beldame     Spooray Pore
Cursed Demure     Patient As Estate     Capital Gains     Odd Kansas     Internal Qualm     Vagabonds Grail     Pocket Gatling
Cigar Bos Change     Pose Momento     Only Happen     Long As Breathe     Enhance Hours     Later In The Season     Passiion Budding     Out Of Bounds
Sluggish Flex     Steep Involved     Picture Wanting     Recant Redacted     Lost Truth     Half Complete     Six Wages     Enhance Hours
Later In The Season     Snug Allowed     Woman Vows     Crust Ruptured     Forging Night     Making Way Til Morrow     Equipped With Forces
Infinitesmal Quantum     Abutting Normal     Possible Parameters     Fancy Happenings     Stock Prophecy     Hellacios Broth     Loveless Holiday
Every Day Normal     Edges Shallow     Smooth Allusion     Kindergarten Turmoil     Xon't Crash     Enhanced Hours     Interiour Soul     Couples Nestle
Anything Said     Naked Opinions     Phot Collage Montages     Escapade Semblance     Optimum Null     Just Guns!     Possible Ascots
Still Font     Pseudo Blessed     Sole Truth     Cyclops Triage    Arabesque Fuge     Instant Kinship     Good Common-     Be Mind
Approaching Rend     Permission Permitted     Save Solution    Eves Diary     Stipulation And     Posting Foist     Simple Marvel
* Idolatries Doll     Smooth Rustic     Kept Constable     Bone Density     Extrapolated Thumbs     Analog Devices     Licensed Aftermath
Kept Gospel     Ruling Climax     Under Indeed     Exquisite Bond     Awful Gaunt     Counter Fuge     States Philosophy     Addiction Psalm
Abducted Quality     Sheer Costume     PostScript FootNote     Local Clocks     Kept Proove     Unassorted Hardware     Palindrome Tattoo
Alternitive Histories     Prism Fixture     Borrowed Chemistry     Apostles Charm     Soul UnOwn     Od Constable     Cross Sky     If Emblem
Broken Hoisery     Fantasies Asp     Coal Common     Textual Context     Whole Imbroglio     Had Asp     Folk Lairs     Alloted gODS
Within Recipe     Rapscallions Reprise     Palm enameled     Other Rx     Rhythms Vice     Stillform Cursive     Texted Calligraphy
Tidy Done     Brazen Fore      Inexorable Forth     Proximity Non     Tragedies Friend     Kept Globule     Dogwort Prognosis
Glamour Arranged     Upon Frail Skin     Kept Emblem     Narrator Introduction     New report     Formal Scorn/Scion     Noon Tomorrow
Tempest Chemitry     Riposte Agression     Fancy Stretching    Gargantuan Knob     Cossack Darkness     Features Planned     Eternal Spiral
Pocket Gatling     Shelf Life     Mind Faced     Awry Archetype     Ogre Endeavor     Beauty Edged     Tears Holiday     Stoic Apples
Oubiette     Belldame Spooran     Oblong Fallow     Topping Knobs     Bastion Price     Accomplished Shorthand     Life Includes
Stand Admission     Her Goddess    Terribly Tidy     Movie Still     Small Amalgam     Lost Intentions     Funeral Mixing
Plain As Ain't     Question Whippet     Two Dervish     Religion Begets     Pretend Friend     Some Dominion     Tomb Wounded
Dulcified Trial     Black Robin     Seek Opening     Common TV     Optimum Null     Amenable Preamble     Drop Anomaly   The Middle Noun
Claim Administration     Stand Eternal     Pulsebeat Harbinger     Winnow Fashion     Colloquial Foal     Possible Antecedents
Premium Fodder     Latent Alliance     Bulwark Bastion     Vagabond Needs     Roan Skies     Applesauce Core     Betting Cargo
Extra Apostles     Ardor Happens     Borrow Kept     Evidential     Commandualists     Clue Nebulous     Intentions Progeny
Dime Store Edition     Almost Animal     Fishook Assembly     Summer Former     Own Science     Sunday The Eighteenth     Tore Starlight
Adopted Premise     Skirmish Reality     On Cascade     Artifact Remarkable     Casual Evidence   EOT : End Of Topic     Capitol Man
Roots Descent     Soft Alas     Evidently Liquid/Liquid Atrophy     Finding Anything     Epicenter Borrowed     Calm (Un)Choice
Ready Abstinence     Kept Close     Beasts Cosmos     Dubious Touch     Geometric Terra Cotta     Bomb Ignoble     Scruples Endeared
Factions Rewarded     Mix Pry     July Allows     Grissly Admission     Quell Dissent     Wanton War     Dangerous As Worn     Kept Semblance
Caramel Score     Addressed ReMiss     Escaping Foment    Simpliciy Ides     Theif Marchant     Rumour Admits     Iconic Fact     London Gold
Pocket Soffit     Standing Savvy     Dipstick Quality/Palm Quality     Abandoning Tea     Black Cash     Equity Cash     Naked Mortality
Studebaker Chance     Major Funding     Prdicated Arcade     Cubit Fluid     Known Associates     Mortal Verification     Delicate Staircae
Stable Appraisal     Nomme de Assume     Might Admired     Adept Nuptuals     Claiming Postillion     Emblem Often     Altered Flags
Local Colloquial      Telecast Sight     Tempest Chemistry     Fixture Fit     Telephone Calls     Sunset Far     Copper Caramel
Vogue Alone     Scores Portray     Habit Alone     Boy Testosterone     Cat Vice     Government Sealed     Poisoned Clues
False Wantings     Sixpence On The Dot     Spurious Fate     Gun Rights     Waning Facts     Kept Gate     Might Admired     Posies Stolen
Devil Mayfair     Stage Deckhands      Pushing Fractions     Fantasy A.D.     Signet Indigo     Kept Castle    Circus Sway
Others Pending     British Ashes     Subtle Hints     Not Won't     Lost Confidential     Cards Repose     Retina Tattoo   
Standing Mannerly     Isolation Tempering     Maimed Fame     Letter Two     Emblem Occlude     Companies Intention     Somnolence Holiday
Pinion Velour     Skin Refraction  Mixedd Impressions     WXYZ     Race Car Promises     Laconic Wink     Bottled Lurid
Thimbles Space     Surprise Allowed     Austere Near     Sound Alarm     Edge Delta     Obstacle Neutral     Quote Reprise     Ode Company
Stygian Cave     Six Maxim    Obstacle Neutral     Strudel True     Rondure Questions     Cardinal Fate     Strictly Often     Kept Clock
Fascist Potion     Tough Scour     Your Bible?     Foxified     Former After     Tell Maximum     Nothing Pardoned     Adage Calm
Sane Momentum     Spoke Notions     View Aftermath     Posing Cards     Deputy Paid     Kept Dominoes     Pissed Agrieve
Fragmented Martyrs     Stolen Prayers     Staid Rote     Southern Governors     Filament Grill     Solvent Neutral     Malice Aftermath
Possible Allowance     Semi-Entwined     Once Posted     Twice Fact     Adagio Nubile     Sum Impossible     Pace Abate     Purpose Done
Mythos Myth     Reluctant Chaos     Laconic Half     Teaparty Sleeves     Mission Permissable    Come Accompany     Some Impossible
Limits Deluge     Willow Pasture     Pissant Needs     Cant Max     Loquacious Foible     Epic Crass     Chemical Endurance
Terminal Squirm     Seminole Creole     Mirage Happens     Trance Apparent     Begotten History     Lisp Sucked     Small Mixtures
Pregnant As And     Cloaked In Antiphony     Coordinating Emotions     Nothing Vital     Hat Factual     Homegrown Water
Common Grist     Said Destiny     Tending Opinions     Potent As Notion     Fact Facsimilie     Turncoat Aspen     Premonition Rhythm
Patient Overbite     Maine Senator     Commandulists     Gargoyle Gorgon     Kept Italics     Spinster Wood    Random Truth     Oats Felt
Lemniscate Eight     Liquid Amoral     Adept Story     Bachelors Imagination     Size For     Tres Primitive     Impossible Purse
Stygian Cave     Internet Violations     Edgy As Seminal     Six Maximum     Kept Portable     Epistle Mixtures     Same Later
Ganngster Cajan     Cudgel Sporran     Handsome Anomaly     New Debut     Day Arrived     Lime Paradigm     Ever Eve     Vixen Eden
Oreo Lord     Crumb Anomaly     Parabolas Promise     Thumbprint Enemy     Out Front INcognito      Aftermath Fat     Stickfigure Story
Beautiful Toy     Simper Demure     Ragged Bagatelle     Wanton Soot     Dark Prognosis     Voir Dues     Carnivale` Crosspiece
Orchestras Name     Cornucopias Goal     Prima Needs     Broad Serpentine     Patterns Created     Puddle Spigot     Parts Of Due
Some Contents     Kept Borrow     Andromeda Frame     Simple Prudence     Gromet Ogle     Duplicate Common     Bookend Hijinks
Dictate Whims     Hesitant Stays     Tepid Devil     Single Horned     Oblique Tattoo     Box Car Anon     Vixen Significant
Digital Trace     Baroque Repeat    Vagrant Ideals     Promises Found     Hindu Inn     Preparations Unbound     Heart Gravities
Vitamin Due     Etude Tu?     Stamen Tammarack    Standard Display     Paramount Font     Portrait Opinions     Antipathys     Severance Humble
Standard Perogatives     Body Spectrostophy     Paradise Shopped     Intuit New     Holy Halo     Soul Gloves     Sincere Footnote
Circumstance Prayer     Furious Armistace     Substantial Compensation     Parameters Include     Suppositions Supposing
Excalibar Calibre     Pennance Kept     Occupied By Volume     Slept Of Principle    Stillform Maintenance    Focus Hone     Focus Days
Daily Intent     You Do     Insta-Addiction     Special Adept     Morsel Close     Notion Dwells     Alien Antithesis
Signature America     Tailored Electric     Cash Arranged     Standard Derranged     Foreign Moment     Codicil Naught     Kept Transom
Eggshell Carton     Parenthesis Drop     Alas Gone     Mystery Thoughts     Wyoming Liberty     Made Include     Core Realize     cQulinary(s)
Stitching Pastimes     Mediocre Pour     Nectar Sont     September MOre     Polliwog Navels     Subtle Pace     Upright Pounce
Two Semblance     Scene Done     Due To Include     Try Abandoned     Coal Follicle     Skin Soul     Apache Need     Sexed Girl
Score Effect     Autumn Navy     Amused Boots     Seminole Hole     Flexible Plane     Beanbag Sentiment     Tame As OK     Possible Caution
Duskly Mode     Rogue Spokes     Obituary Box     Maps Fast     Modern Newspaper     Brazil July     Paige Elite     Tame Locomotion
Kitten Simmer     Prodigy AM     Coffin Parable     Cryptic Prime     Broken Fact     Lukewarm Novice     August Allude
Neoopolitan Plain     Autumn Tears     Open Ended Slim     Smoke Applied     Apple Posed     Committed Apostle     Dead Possibilities
Prevalent Night/Prelude Night     Partial Marshmallow     Patterns Created     Still Mired     Rapiers Foal     Amused Boots
Playdate Anomaly     Beanbag Sentiment     Rousing     The Only Calibre     Lukewarm Samples     Dais Requite     Woven Facsimilie
Slick Abet     Episcopes Misogyny     Eclipse Prooved     Vaxx Works     Data Said!     Faiths Ovaries     Alcove Windows     See Inwards
Stake Providence     Angels Perogative     Snow White Joy     Smear Tarot     Kept Options      Cutest Immortal     Telegram Listenings
        Second Hand Word     Solidified Forensics     Time Remainless     Posit Holiday     Senseless Situation     Radiant Anomaly
Sensual Maintenance     Significant Figures     Stigma Enclosed     Wanting Will     Destination Waystation     Upon Espying     Surface Motion
Prologue Book     Poems Unsung     Signet Weight     Scam Flannel     Heedless Direction     Too Fast     Angelic Galaxy
Fulcrums Of Probability     Guns Responsible     Paid Galaxies     Patient Possibilities     Never Addressed     Retrograde Decision
Stopping Gospels     Eager Remarks     Zoo Antiphony     Calico Mole     Still Maybes     Tangles Obliquity     Smoke Aplique`
Cupid Endures     Prescient Fallow     Human Animals     Clean Hirsute     Pages France     Prescient Fallow
Lifestyle Diseases     Unique Crimes     Must Purged     Semi-Broadway     Nursery Imagination     Stated Satiation     Was Carafe`
Dawn Inceptions     Silver Sterling     Staked Positions     Pernicious Avaricious     Feature Magnet     Widows Apprentice
Regular Everyday     Merchandise Harbor     Janivex Sixty     Phantom Resistance     Tangent Litany     Law Intimations     Second Chapter
Et Al Etc./Etc.s.EtAl     NeverYesterdays     Seven Headlines     Assumed Facts     Green Kindling     Trilogized Travesty
Liquid Fig     Surface News     Traveller Borrowed     Golden Pope     Preminent Dimensions     Duet Reparte`     Guillotine Close
Examining Fractions     Chalice Myth    Kept Economy     Teflon Facsimilie     Signature Ambience     Putative Climax     Genoa Stays
Truly Profligate     Common Armoury     Now Now     The Symetry Of Meld     Kept Uncaptioned     Adieu Good     Fallen Anomalies
Ides Idling     Shadow Decayed/Shadows Decay     Pretend Confetti     Blanket Spun     Digits Nix     I Censure     Bitched Prims
Why Bother     Cinnamon Virtue     Molten People     Crept Forth     The Symmetry Of Meld     Lost Avalons     Random Frieze
Liquid Peril     Yellow Cake     Cadmiu Exasperation     Sans Horizpn     Nebbish Quaver     Six Participles     Overpass Dues     Why Restraint
Frictious!     Yardbird Fictions     Flesh Confessions     Confetto Singlet     Lost Avalons     Autumn Fell     Septembers Crypt
Glass Matters     Hindsight Legacy     Rune Activated     Stone Patience     Glass Matters     Prophecy Unfolds     Spirochette Dimensions
Enfilade` Peace     Codice Score     Boy Nascent     Infinitely Infant     Plural Activity     Ephemeral Content     Tragic Fractions
Circa Never     Destineies Fate     Sundays Halloween     Fiction Assembled     Deluxe Reproove     Taken Confidance`     Turning Quirts
Ember After     Headless Dilettante     Road Poem     Selling Eggshells     Chiffon Tame     Almost Naively   The Alterniverse
Intent Distended     Program Available     Casbah Citadel     Open Realized     *Stamen Tammarack     Turned Gasp     Sports Exhortation
Boss Turf     Tres Darling     Danger Proposed     Shopping Cost     Simplex Duality     Plain Clarity     Substantial Mystery
Root Tourniquet     Premonition Precursor     Moderate Pursuits     Spiral Surround     Inside Might     Common Gossip     Bold Around
Amber Corinthian      Uses Feeling     Fire Might     Christ Christmas     Yesterday AM     Danger Proposed     Globe Earthe
Pastel Steps     Sunlights Coffin     Angry Plurality     Missing Buttons     Only Book     Angst Gri(s)t     Shrouded Body     ReCertainly
God Is Yesterday     Glass Matters     Sinuous Rhymes     Details Captioned     ExiXtence     Stew Annuity     I Can'tN't     Voiding Memories
Skeletal Necklace     Data Said     Doll Psychology     Dictate Whims     Rural Road    de courage`     Dormitory Guile     Details Captioned
Afterlife Epitaph     Early Septembers Crypt     Kingdom Cage     Stately O'erderve     Pester     Clue Witness     Wasn't Want
Yesterday AM     Pew Seat     Dangers Wages     Flesh Inlaid     But Some     Half Reach     Glossry Tight     Timid Eschew
'Widdish' Presupposing Widow     Shotgun Bible     Circumstance Damned     Ever Even     Endemic Reality     Sin Remains     Just Enough
Foreign Equations     Rue Denoument     Wry Tandem     Before Theyre     Petrie Dish Rags     True Dreamy     Possible As Venus     Ghost Trode
Solace Empathy     Fictional Fact     Fascist Menu     Fini Complete     Trauma Manifest     Regulation Rules     They Say     Vagabond Marionette
Eclipsed With Parameter     Comfortable Niche     Soot Halo     Boy Ingenue     Quality Despite     Satisfying Problems     Worn Goings
Delivery Cars      Idyllic Yurt     Password Halves     Holster Size     Milt Admitted     Riper Red     Mixing Parameters     Eligible Facts
Soot Halo     Fractions Crumbling     Comfortable Niche     Turning Quirts     Ephemeral Vanguard     Postmark Far     Rifle Chrysalises
Deeply Oblique     Proper Fiction     SituationPhase     Primal Truth    Emblems Optional     Upsite Round     Man After Planet     Lazy Nook
Ash Castles     Spookily Lair     Widows Fable     Helpless Patience    Masqued Princess     Faith Expired     Enamel Afterfact     Shadows Unkissed
Done Over     Tombow Japan     Schizophrenic Triage     Cuneiform Alphabet     Stately Prase     Floorline Smooth     Index Coincidence
Stopped Permission     Customers Only     Lazy Decopage     Scripted Plagurism     Backseat Cherish     Walk Wantons     Clause Escrow
Six Prisms     Tardy Yet     Rebel Kickstand     Junior Tiffanys     Dupe Stupid     Cadent Lullabye     Gypsy Seaweed     Whatever Home
Post Parable     Forgotten Lesson     Wry Pilot     Serving Moments     Kentucky Detroit     * ! Stiletto Code !     Danger Francised     Arrows Fare
Graduated From Life     Fingerprint Stills     Absolute As Price     Karma Never Hedges     Ultra Pernicious     Detectivesse Girl
Midterm Winter     Linear Sympathatico     Fact Casual     Signal Loud     Mill Grist      Miscere Genus     Some What Kilter     Only Parabolas
Cuticle Seams     Overtly Animalistic     Gun Quadrant     Allusions NOvel     Alien Her     Correct Verdict     Moon Pubis     Paid Mouthpiece
Half Of Teeth     Pour Perform     Internets True     Shadow Calm     Residue UnFound     Purpose Removed     Absolute As Price
Equably Dispatched     Mixed As Mutual     Rueing Chance     Rinse Repeat Extol     Pet Extensions     SocioBusiness Mode     Quick Appliqué
Singularly Plain     PTA Godmother     Whom Venerated     Chalice Lettering     Come Acrimony     *Tesserae Mosaic     Compressed Aggression
Jammed Imaginations     Pace Firmer     Multiple Good     Torsion     Statue Legacy     Vagaabond Marionette     Sixteen Clear
Perfect Formality     Grey Rougue     Moue Of Style     Liquid Nothings     Torsion     Instantaneous Quaint     Fact Fantastic!
Purpose Closed     Jackpot Hearts     Valkyrie Retribution     Sacriledge Fact     First Viewing     Mal Intent     First Viewing     Stark Chorus
Puberty Advances     Train Fractures     Half A Track     Stars Sans Stripes     Halved Americans     Stigma Brands     Viral Initials
Substance Dawn     Tantamount God     Once Deposed     Lost In Now     The Origin Of Repeat     Invisible Dust     The Presage
Eternal If's     Self Dissuaded     Sorry Kid     One Eyed Orb     Thrice Night     Simple As Kiss     Rigorous Devise     Circa 1939
Deluge Follows     Starlight Heart     MisPretend     Sundry Sordid     Quote Reprise     Laconic Wink     Mortal Conundrum     Torn Score
Friction Ritual     Cashieresse     Ticket Tight    Custom Cincture     Mood As Mute     Ember Kept     Sundry Venial     Empty Obstacles
Multple Mandibles     Ellipsis Proof     Documenting French     Rational Reasons    Six Benefactors     Sunlights Guise     Tinder Kissed
Apple Moon Glow     Verdict Today      Casual Bleak     Mess Kit     Purpose Quest     Sandy Maxims     Pie Breeding     Upon Yours
Eating Animals     Blowfly Gravid     Shadows Coax     Ample     Quelle Dishabille     Mea Pardon     Baby Memorioes     Sins Permission
       A Polite War     Signify The Season    Shenanigans Hole     Quick Justice     Nota Vota     Pickle Moot     Renting Brunt     Vital Agreement
Vertical Asp     Sage Advice     Spinster Maidenhood     Favoured Niece     Rigorous Devise     Neo Old     Dialogue Captured
Fractions Embossed     Peonage Sought     Always Was     Valentines Tandem     Mexico Smooth     Algorithms Edge     Predecessor Neighbor
Visible Niche     Airlock Gasp!     Simple Possibilites     Sorry Monopoly     Maxxed The Animal     Possible Bosa Novas
Promise Capsule     Was Yesterday     Same Old Verbs(s)     Alien Bellybutton     Gasp Quit!    Edifice Capsule     Midterm Reversals
Futures Paramount     Vertical Asp!     Dawdle     Content As Happy     Non Conclusive     Some Possibles     Capitalizing CHRIST
Budget Carapace     Crushing Factor     Sample Anomaly     Scant Alliance     SCoreboard Took     Infamous Pastime     Possi-Bill-It-Ies
Providing Talk     Cadent Goal     Tan Line Confessions     Venture Arms     Rumours Unveiled     Moss Nouveau     Karma Wore
Pensive Amusement     Obstacle Tiers     Semblance Remote     Ambidextrous Plain     Fresh Illlusions     Crone Old     Prism Of Door
Testimony Impresssed     Model Pretend     Cultre Affirmed     Diagnosis Seed     Cursive As Wish     Notarized Monopoly
Intentions Paramater     Negative Form     Lesser Shambles     Engine Damask     Resolve Borrowed     Circa September     Xoffin
Notorious Smoke     Fingerprint Variants     Removing Pursuit     Stantion Marble      Different Kisses     Fingerprint Variants
Brink Curious     Liquid Tantamount     Sin Confused     Aftermath Foment     Plain Sight     Crust Nebulae    Prelude Follow
Hauteur     Lake Septembre`     Twilight Dues     Standard Wings     Saint Worldly     Sideways Gaze     Peapod Gods     Pictured Opinions
Odd Topography     Then Was Now Is     Quilt Fabric     Honor Integrity     Shuffle Repourposes     Possible Alibis     Game Emblem
Dewdrop Wishing     Indentured Prayer     Prickly Enhance     Story Sold     Plaza Courtyard     Full Bore Normal     Cnsus Taken
Wassailed     Agent Mannequin     Gist Addressed     Tastily Horrid     Consonant Parade     Current Formalities     Instant Jack
Imps Eden Kindergarten     Stories Muir     Elite Material    Hate Legacy     Average Mortals     Halfway Crash     Embedded Fireze
Adipose Residue     Window Dawn     Spoken More     Quarter Fourth     Withered Icon     Often Broken     SJr.     Frantic Matters
Hidden By Fig Leafs          Prelude Follow     Possible Facts    Lesser Nobility    Stoop Parameters     Stillform Prodigys
Second Rate Cast     Sensible Caution    Gentleman Some     Synchronized Drinks     Lemming Atrophy     Burnt Caramel     Pollinating Crops
Many Virginities     Participle Pawn     Popsicle Corridor     Zeppelin God     Quality Common     Love Borrowed     Gow Wanted
Income Wants     BeRupt     Every Issue     Bordering Maybe     Tease Delight     Pastime Mark     Kept That Way     Odd Topography
Resilience Ability     Party Anomaly     Garden Slippers     Pure Implement     Pensive Snap     Dose Centimeter     Stained Cake
Catapult Soft     Oblong Pagoda     Further Inquiry     Relegated Past     Forever Matures     Standard Addled     Invitation Declined
Stand Abstentia     Saving Infancy     Eyelash Veil     Local Dynamics    Purchased Anomalies     Part Obstacle     Extra Buxon
Mirror Virginia     Baking Candies     Glass Matchups : Windows & Mirrors     No Soliloquy     Saying Ides     Future Mode     Dim Estuary
Pedestal Frieze     Linear Figments     Cursive Lies     Francise Parameters     Just Punishment     Nerves Gnawed     Next Dimension
Captive Garnish     Claiming Priz/ce     Cold Riposte     Spurning Maybes     Intimate Victories     Bitch Nastly     Park Diagonal
Childs Compensation     Imperious Tempestuous     Jounced Matron     Cant Abstentia     My Mission     Darkly Quit     Maximum Impact
Agent Driven     Detective Narrative     November Become     Fragmentation Distilled      Boys Plan       Prelude Warning     Edens Bible
Now Subdue     Alien World     Gambling Parameters     Analogys Chalice     Suffice Clarity     Equal Fractions     Turmoil Boiling
Blonde Ensconce     Chrysalises Transcend     Roots Enropy     Dusk Paused     Anticipating Dawn     Birthday Mornings     Opinions Nyet!
Moon Guise     Eyelash Veil     Cyber Center     Lemniscate Infinity     Vital Address     Edens Bible     Apple Pie Truths
Myraiad     Kept Carapace     Toy Remorse      Secrets Suppose     Imperative Score     Galvination     Retrograde Sable
Maximum Impact     Melancholy Folklore     Candlelight Cream     Rhetorical     Blind Imaginings     Parallel Failure     Optic Anomaly
Subsequent Night     Sit Pistol     Secrets Suppose     Preview Font     Fatal Glance     Medusa Brand     Empty Analysis
Compromised Paradigm     Fictioner     Homemade Rodeo    Backstreet Green     Lacking Animation     Ingenue Debut     Forever Never
Weekend Eve     Bombshell Clue     Tides Reside     Inadvertent Bulletpoints     Hopeful Trepidation     Espies Ingenue
Infant Beaver      Statesmans Legacy     Empty Sand     Hourglass Lost     Mute Capitulation     Mannequin Ventgriloquist     Select Dewdrops
MaybeClues     Angling Ungulate     FaceMeat     All About Only/SelfLove     PostHaste Diagnosis     Misbegotten Gods
Second Grade Mortalities     Lotions Option     Misbegotten Gods     Ducats Score     Evening Reprise     Anti Ad     Molten Fables
Adult Crayons    Consortium Compendium    Gnarly Gruel     Shadow Silhouette     Clear Smoke     Doorstep Arranged     Angels Require
Adept Ground     Shade Caress     Ruinous Shadows     ReHistories     Morte Than Mortality     Self Love     LoatheWorthy
Broken In Half     Wishbone Kisses   Ides Eve     Once Worn     Man But Mortal     We Pheromones     Warning Worn     Stethoscope Heartbeat  
  Capacious Rages     Format Elves     Indomitable Clay     Choices Card     Perceived Mind     Suitable For Ad
Yesterdays Twilight     One During     Medusa Eve     Floss Glossy     Surface Love     Mistletoe UnKissed     Spinsters Diary
Lassitude Ways     Akinn Limbo     Model Mannequin     Cordless Pose     Lax Therapy
Magdalenes Academy
Transmogrify     Heartbeat Cool     Heaven UnaPaid For Bought     Shallow Roads     22nd Ammendment     1967 Precedent
The Comfortable Dumpling     Bread Factory     My Grandsire     Vazquez Quest     Lingo For     Despoilers Prey     Carpetbagger Slave
Dust Conclusion     Pale Pretend     Sreet UnTrue     *NetherNights     Half Of Horizon     Decades & Centuries     Stre.ets UnTrue
AM Internets      Iron Archetypes     Fulcrrum Nexus     Once Genteel     Carpetbagger Ides     Evidence Allowed 'Exisence'     Coptic Shroud
Merely But     Written Wind     Times Capitulating     Baluster Mania     Easter Purple     Deja Tu     Faux Heartbeats     iDfferent
Kisses Solioquy     Hate Admission   Diploma Bona Fides     Elementary Prey     Baleful Stars     Gun Toddler     Toy Guns    
Anything Claqss     Righteous Motive    Prime Isoscoles     Golden Rust     Thirteen Flowers     Another Dawn     Neo New
Dimension Feels     Apple Influences     Needs Bespoken     Fruitless Alamo     O'erderves Core     Lady Valiant     Midnight Ides
Stone Gold     Appraise Retords     Dissembled Streets     Living Epitaph     Crystal Disturbed     Random Satisfaction
Consumer Instinct     Their Histories     Pristine Purchase     Bed Pennance     Caliope Fat     Knocking Dumplings     Self Diagnosis
Sentiment Monroe     Half Aphorism    Pale Pretend     Rain Pattern     A Curious Montage     Terse Arrange     Wayward Divine
Practical Factors     Assured Gaze     Post Memory     Puratory's Reprieve     Times Captulating     Gauntlet Signet     Wayward Divine
Cozy As Karma     Tight Fitting Soup     Dawn Morning Dream     Ethos Query     Pocket.s Cove     Bedlam Rules     Chance Kiss
Shoesring Terrace     Hearts Enclosed     Forgotten Forgiven     Compleat Requite     Savior Goal     Male Boy     As Chorus     One Residual
Business Motto     Hot Finality     Dualis     Inn Taste     Encore Portray     Sunset Portrays     Edges Of Yesterdays
Avenue Two     Pancake Made     Previous Tomorrows     Remove Photo Tray     Stone Motion     Inanimate Lives
Eve On     Suffer The Vow     Beyond Round     Dogma This!     Wayward Progeny     



2007:     Amanita Pesquita     Mascara Madagascar     Similie Thimbles     Jpg. Montage     Very Valentine
Look Islamabad     CoverOld     Charlotte Intention     Same Forelock     EndRooms     V. A. Francais     Cherries Mansion
Base Facement     Palmer Method     Candy Wenting     Act Beware     Tea O'erderves     Only Golden     Devil Dawn
Solemn FallingLeaf     Atom Plume     Novel Portray     You Suppose     Pinball Video     Shadow Directional
Junior Wordsmith     Candy Happening     Safe Out     Gush & Fawn . Com     Actual Wax     Themeless Pudding
Ignition Frieze     Shy Alibia     Simmer Porter     Casanova Home     Rigid Font     Tainted Enemy     Tainted Risk
Working For Tips     Sleek Aftermath     Sly Normal     Two Responsed     Barefoot Pictures     Pawn Includes
Onus None     Kids Addicted     Belief Told     Diary Cyst     Insidiuos Toast     Music Regulate     Sifting Theme
Whom Do     Mrx.     Bent When    Right Fate     Why Allies     Cage Dual     Send Stamped     Fifteen Sixteen
Clown Hyperbole     Wanted Anomalies     Fascist Intimidate     Fox'ed Imagination     Pretty As Engulf     Lost Movie Stars
Stealing Prettiness     Cheap Trapezoids     *Neuter Pollination     The The     Half Pun     Feminine Enough
Interior Skies     That Black Woman     Alter Eden     Rush Posits     Sanely Normal     Flip-Switched     Ever Godly
Too Story     Bewitched Enthrall

2006:     Superheroes Spacegun     Stolen Cowboys     PonyCube & SugarPane     Butterfly Still     Edges Of Mist
Neat Steamy     Anonymous Non     Sugar Hurry     Come HoneyMoon    CityGardens     What? Neatness     Eternal Angels
Situation Granted     SunGod Often     Porquoi Remarke`     All Toys     Upper Down     Limits Of Mist
William Is     Moon Seppuku     Memory Embers     American Rose    Enfante` Liberte`     Ruby Ends     Sans Always
Pink Deeply     Memo Announced     Whole Moment Suitcase     Cursor News      Trusting Justice     Decided Town
Made Why     Vesper Raine     Peanut Butter Feldspar     Sang Froie.hide     Taser Hot     This Mixes     Please Relieve
Cross Handed Alone     Insufficient Passion     Stoking Foment    Versus Usurpers     Gotta Million     Saw Log Pony Show
Same Amount Of Mexico     Common Gossip     Dual Diadem     Fundings     Take Stakes     Escape Deep     July Glyph
Reaping Profits     Precise Chaos     One By Want     Ex-treme     Court World     Given Scoptic     Hidden Immigrant
Resting Cincture     Almost Eleven     Sleek Adon     Kiss You Once     Transient Fun     Taste Imprints     Easy Allay
Quiet Gave     Thimble Wedding Finger     Vague News     Donut Shops     Dual Redundancy     Now Mobile
The Black House     Shadows In Ruins     DownSizedDresses     Drivers License Lies     UnShod     Wayward Daubing
Enigma On

2005:     Pretty Marvelous     Lukewarm Storm     First Earthward     Spaghetti Might     Nebulae SpiderWeb
Tepid Peppers     Poignant Ordinary     Etc.Intimations     Ashes Fantabulous     Dust Fascination     Noire Ennui
Ferris Gram     End Epiphany     Day TraveLight     Too Will     Scit.U.A.tion     Contumely     Sofa Drones
Downy Aficionado     Who Knows     Freelance Cryptic     Melt Feltingstone     Catfish Gist     Hair Soup     Equal To Quick
Sixteen Keeps    Post A.C.     Dimensions Immortal     Custom Pixel     Dramatico     Common Immortals
Support The Post     UnChecked Domain     Beanbag Morrow     Shaping Earth     Sunglasses Scar     Murderers Line
Old DotCom     Anlage Movement     Nothing Sound     Others Saw     Safe Parades     Windmill Nil     Forgetting Imminence
Sewn Node     Wasn't Happen     Hashtgag Pound     Limber Data Entry     Limber Data Entry     Semblence Enemy
Protocol Follow     Full Deployment     Faced With Shame     Timid Shelflife     Legible Cursive     Eon Cosmos      Fascinare`
MindState     Baker Flavour     Lovely Crust     Wet Dough     Extra Fat     Its Delish!     One Reverse     Chorus Lyrics
Cakewalk Sojourn     Wedding Card     Adoration Of Pets    Sometimes Labels     Close To God     Iscariot Judas
Phantom Voter Fraud     New UnEra     I Know Him     The Kind Of Guy     Name His Car     Some Lady Or Girl     Tepid Ice
Midnight Bald     Picturesque Momentum     Candy Gambling     Show Me To Maybe     Almost Thirteen    Lemon Tangents
Early Valentines     Bedlam Rules     VIZ Surprie     Imbroglios Knot!    

2004:  Comment Stantinople     Primal Moot    @ Address     Cookie Sugars     Suave Goth     Multiple JPG's
Madness Assumed     Kiss As Delicious!     Virtually Possible     Cause Becomes     Ringlets Overtime     Sit Glistening
Mate Derrange     SoonAble     Minus Dedication     Everything Antoine     Blank Fictions     Apps Happens     Small Fame
Mind Niceties     Bluster Artiface     Sanction Entwined     Landslide Fantasy     Dis'Placed     Smoke Bruised
Buzz Wayward     Two Pistols Four     Surfing The Kids     Didn't Own Yours     Stylish Oppose     Situation Will
  Anyone's Canary     If At Bat     'taigous Con     Virtual Viral     Spanish Angelus     Tangled Enemy
Delicious Kisses     Pixel Beats     Nineteen March     Spillover Pie     Warm Softly     Antonym     2% Fixed
Demanding Answers     SwivelCost     Possibly Me     Epicenter Naked     Plateau Volcano     Rhythmic Apostrophe
Encyclopedia Page     Pebbles Set     Notable Poses     Dragon Turmoil     Bunkle White
Equity Credit     Star Present     Gang EnFame     Into Pan     Whip Poem     Smooth Formal     Junior Pure
Nothing About Mortal     Stone Gorgeous     Extra Bake Maybe     Missing Card     Fixer Broken     Ninas & Muchachos
Story Ends     Perhaps Engagement     SimpleMime     Bullet Borne     Angels Taste Acquired     I Birther     Once Upon Cute

2003:     Town Road     Wink Marlinda     Chilly Winklemeir     C Destiny     Clone Alone     Toast As Done
Few Inklings     Nebulae Mine     Mutant Cosmos     Fiercely Ubiquitous     Darkly Ficiton     Sont Pose     Tetron Vous
Ravens Doe     Mondae`     System Missing     Boy OK     Eggshell Please     Saphestry     Ink Flock     Want Begins
StarFont     Signature Pieces     Signature Kisses    Ahead Of The Curve     Anyone More     Murder Escargot
Blush Performance     Half Quarter Moon Motel     Omnivorous Boy     Close Posed Score     Time Mixes Dissolve
Trick Digital     *Seventeen Kisses     Dreamy Hours     Too Direct To Be     Toast As Done     Tithe Almond
Stolen Perceptions     Passion Stranger     Anonymous Mine     Charms Happen-Night     Crucial Threats     Melt Equation
Burst Perfect     Uniform Mixdom     Seminal Nubile     Phone Exposed     Possessed Done     Special Invasion
Scan Face     Rivers Asleep     Key Ides     Incognito Allude    Schism War     Safe Passes    Disk Soul     Bottom Line Crime
Stealthy Stellar     Dry Abandon     Scolding Goblins     Donation Button     Thread Continued     Bone Orhard     Won Victory
Sorting Hat Askew     Everyone Admits     A Mae Westism     Wild Or Tame?     Choicily     *Ever Godly     Themes Dream

2002:    Amber Noon     Celsius Farenheit     Masticholi Noli     Stucco Roccoco  1B     Buckaroo Jody
Widow's Traveil     ElevenTwo     Bonne Doctor     Some None     Flawless Nodule     Hop On Common     Turn Worm
Teacup Mars     Vow     Abscent Pulse     Who Cloven     Peaceship Treason     Motorcycle Two     Evening Christs
Gingerbox Jumpseat     Nouveau Ingenue     Unique Ingenue     Webben Blueprint     ZM.Com     War Animals
Nebulous Intimation     Nebulove  Nebulous     Nebulae Love     Tangled Angels     Two Times Womb
Angels Lifetimes     Iconic Cunt     Assets Kiss     Ariz     Edge Invisible     Diadem Home     Noticed Poem
    Relenting Girlfriend     Spaghetti Memory     Chaos Dissuade     On Filme     There For Example
Bipolar Rubicon     Furthest Seed     Intense Purchase     Weaver Does     Tempting Pharoh     Twinge Druid     Two Dots Of Truth
Neither Oblique     Para Mortal     Blue Devil Wood     Snap Guise     Duo Polar     Receipts Required     Same Truths
Suit Plaintiff     Per Human     Currate Made     Past Call     Eyes Transpire     Number Preposterous     PuzzleMist
Strips Patina     Fast Astronaut     Every Books     Everyones Kids     Border Treatment     Leaping Coils     Snake Eight
Severed Lemniscate     Judy Two Eyes     From The     Facts Develop     Ressurecting Postures     Between Right
Hemmed In Ticket     What Is Easy     Doctored Video     Playing Shamed     Secretive Enveloping

2001:     Cameo Orbit     Egg Crash Coffin     Cantos Porqupine     Japanese Aircraft Carrier     Aura O'Clock
Mack Cambric     All Purports     Sans Anonymous      Non Anomaly     Cross Grain     Mahjong Volt     Oral Venom
Posed Emotions     OnToo Fresco     Average WY     PenWold     Flutter Paraguay     Remote Positron
The Thread Of Sands     Sorry Sometimes     Void After One Year     Terra Box Nouveaux     Asp Surmounts
Thirteen Cups     Calmly Begotten     Sins Remission     Evening Chapters     Celcius More  Two Spaghettis
August Wednesday     Angel LemonHome     Celcius More     Not A Whisper Of Now     Five Or Six Minutes
Grad Yearbook    Subject To Charms     Transom Notes     Suffering Pawns    Change Of Crime     Lover Honey
  Toll Any     Instead Intend     LadyGlass     Fixed Inset     Fusion Shores     Latent Scenario     Shame Portray
Blossom Nexus     Home Screenprinting 21     Identified Plaintiff     Cargo Lost     Congo Bastion     Pithy Light
Subject Today     Passion Fatuous     Anon Renounce     Nihilistic Idyllic     Exclusie Gods     Timorous Dew
Stuffing Poppingjay     Breakneck On     You Moniker     Wish Abused     Tenuous Fabrication     Woven EnSpell
Time Gets Around      Suggestive Tunes     American Shores Forever     Fallen Earth     A Minimum Of Cards     Nameday
Cupola Garage      Turfing Earth     Decent Woo

2000:     Just Decopage     Ode Frosting     Kiss As Frosting!     Schoolboy's Sorrow     Tragedy Ands 'Raggedy'
Boom Tusk     Double-Edged Yolk     Demi-Moon     PonyCube & Sugarpane  'Twins'     If Maybe w/ Probably Maybe
One Twilights     Hollow Entropy     Ransom Port     Johnny Tuesday/Johnny Twice     Just Aim     Neon Glossys
Don't Worry!     Minion Pawn     Two Questionmarks     Button Non     Dawn Babylon     Eight     Zoeth     Roping Rodeo
Disclosed Salvation     Homegrown Webs     Copyright All     On The Button     Languid Apple     Two Wishes Apiece
Two Potion Clues     Cut Rate Saint     Detective Pose     Maximum Prayer     Two Clues     High Brow Nothing
Assuming Pudding     Index Digital     Imminent Choose     Think Of Possibles
Angels Follow     *Saint Angel     The Death Of Voodoo     Clockwork Day     Possible Turncoat     Inside White
Sacred Intention     Frozen Mushrooms     *Rush Crossword Puzzle     Outlaw Following     Sin Luxuries
Rotating Cuttlefish     Anon Renounce     Edit Duplicates     Once Invasion     Ambi-Texterous     Bent Upon Mirror
Numbers Below     Novella House     PostNote Truth     Forgiven & Saved     You Zero     Ready To Be Indicted     Guilt Lies
Other Crimes     Dementia Enhanced     All Seven Arcangels     Kabuki Resurrection     Smooth The Waters     Sequel Intimations
Second Place     The Loss You Know     Passionate Faun     Vintage Starlets     *Crucible Crux     The Literary Gist
Open Pin     *Equinox Solstice     *Solstice Equinox     Mirror Clear     New Years Pure     Half An Exit
Real Fictional     Eyes Kept     Myself In Me     MidWinter Preview     Paper Assets     Nothing Shares

1999:     Eggshell Please     Burst Curio     Three Bees     Amber Noon     Turning Done 'Doin' One'     Do Done
Hurry Furlough     Puppet Flesh     Audit Caution     Fate Onto     Captains White     Parting Gift Prize
Santos Animus     Fixing Ashes     Tide Ides     Wrapped Around Trigger     Hot Ash Dreames     Satin Weather
Shimmy Nexus     Oval Ever     Carnival Voodoo     Bee Sides Memory     Lost Bonaventure     Enfante Liberte`
All Eyes     Incognito Undergrond     Handmaiden Gentlewoman     Pollen Clown     Hours Day     Escaped Telephone
Chalkboard Grafitti     sSsecrte` Nomme     Mad As A Moment    Angels Keep No Clues     Crossed Dreamings
Tickets To Twilight     Eternal Destiny     Animals Pretend     One Movies     Former Card     Beautiful As Danger
Symbol Meanings     Master  Piercest     Tame Famous     Spatial Mate     Frightened Creed     Issues Ruwanda
Coffins Benchwise     Close To Play     Karma Conundrum     Partly Anew     Elected Prescience     Deal Allegro
Ducal Frame     Spilling The Merlot     Peanut Crust     Due Clue     Archetypal Denial    Hades Destiny History
Alluding To Godd   Mortal Words     Mirage Camelot     Form Animus     Afore The Changemaker     Touch Greedy
End Overlude     Return Appendix     Ancients Believed     Cyber Diary     Trapping Parallel     Every Night
Killing Cupids     Wanted Gargoyls     *Gasps Of Envy     *CZ Rings     Supplies Are Limited     Available Stores
Office Wants     Final Testimony     Process Former     Prelude Foreshadowed     Only Vanished
Wisdom Vanquished     Parrots Calm     Sleepless Ghosts     Who Or Whom     Alleged Trajectory

1998:     Precious Emolliments     Conceptual Nubis     ChristianSins     Fluid Blue     Lost Lattimore
Spun Clues     Rose Fire     Ruby Pastel     'Anrietta Young'     Pinch Bandwagon     Pink Ruse     Topical Eyetooth
Bones Forelock     Wholesale Cranium     CameWay     Mgrs.     Walking Gardens     Over Makover     East Penny Blue
Munificent Fuse     Twist Sitcom     Two Penny Deuce     Woken Faux     Virtual Sheer     Cake After Pie
Burning Snowflake     Lithuanian Fingerprints     Universe Trade     Slam Mansion     Two Raffles     Ghost Befriend
Monsters Tray     Empty Terms     Epitome Nail     Eight Risk     Angeles Quake ParanNormal     Inviting Tides
Times Amsterdam     Stabbing Immortal     Circumspect Picnic     Ghost Honesty     Quote Divinity
Walking Possibles     Extending The Plan     Anyone Many     Lit Text     Prefurbished     Liberache's Progeny
Given Enhance     Smooth Collude     Disguised Surface     Small Mysteries     Capricorn's Hammer     Copies Took
Uplinks Solace     Cross-Referenced Pose     Escalate Ends     Virgin Apple     Ten Past Number
Solidify Lie     Tigresse Lyrics     Secrets Kept     Free Guns     Common Courtesy     More Preamble     Lips In Swigs
Ephemeral Toll     Essential Fact     Everything Proven     Plastic Warheads     Lip Request     Natural Abound
Pencil Calibre     Pretty Damn Exactly     Tigre Calendar     *Native Born Patriotism     Eyewitness Interviewed

1997:     Bobby & Azurite * *     One Eyed Mona Noon *     Chucksteak Drive *     Windows Marry *     Story Motions
Tender Acrimony Spirocheting     Hindsight's Parade     Shiny Feeble     Available Names     PepperCrept
  Jedi Jets     Ghosts In The Garden     Retrograde Faux     First SnowVest     DioMens
  Still At Is     Little Emblems    Offset Mint     Kid Simpleton     Perfect Motem     Puce Blue
Shadowrock Naked     Assemble The Syllables     Worthless Box     Skill Essential     Phantom Quietlight
  Possible Impossibles     Miscellaneous Wildcards     Broken In White     Heartbeat Nine
Sandoval Almond Trine     Cheap Shout     The Unspoken I     Options Caught     Pending Instances
Shape Is Everything     Synapse Anomaly     Special Category     Explaining Name     Feelings One     Private Indencies
Down Commotion     'Til Wildlight     Last Day     Deal Cares     Educated Meniscus     Litmus Quip     Abticated Romance
Query When?     Ghost Employed     Grownup Poem     Almost Exclusive     Complicit Absolve     Naked Cake
Lissome     Heavy Vehicles     Seethe Demure     Kitchen Dimensions     Submitted Report     Tentative Flavours...
Semblance Patter     Assured Arrest     Proof Security     P. S. Left     Sole Footprint     Need Ideas
Honest Aghast     Casual Problems      Igniting Flight     Baseball Night     Viable Game     Bedroom Done
Skulling Frontal     Our Inner Circle     Surprised Victor     Favorite Score     *CZ Rings    Subsume Mood
Qualms Crisis     Many Lies     Broke Factual     Punchy Awareness     None Dimensional     Zeros Knotted     Score Forever

1996:     Given Verbs     Star Applecart     Stand Landward     *Farm Watermark     Trance FreightTrain
Cookbooks Or Shortstorys     Tres Marie    Vertical Flocking    Coconut Marlin     Pubis Feats     Tender Slender
*Fiord Spoon     Baob Svelte     Per Book     Minding Passion     Anthem Ordinary     Pages Magazine     BoysWay
Sis Boom Bah     Equipped Nerve     Jumpstart Friday     Bang Why     Black Tarantula     Hurry Heartbeat
Angels Enacted     Remorseless Mortals     Sitting AfterCream     Key South     Curving Toward The Warning
Multiple Novembers     Constable No     Teem Girl     Every Door     Inquisitive Mention     Past The School
Networking Angleworms     Triptych Niche     Contained Bio.Note     Quick Redeem     Syntax Pro Forma     Spill Highlight
nox Mix     Anonymouse`     Second Place Minnow     Eves Droppers     Fact Bought     Candystore Pour
Traces Ashen     Call Annuity     Frustration Rated     Three(Part)Prefixes     Small Purposes     Common Garage     Shunned Years
Cycle Restrain     Cash Hearts     Candy Fondue     Somewhere Tuesday     Parallel Duties     World Dependable
Extreme Mission     Total Vindication     Quit Angel     Built Effigy     Capiche Bistro     Tangled Boss     Kiss Genesis
Spunk Abused     Satiation Prize     History Booked     Tall Palaver     Fatal Loins     Eternal Degrees     Plain Manifest
Love Nuptuals     In Between Clean     Mr. Fixture     The Right Side Of Wrong     Gods A Blond     One Percent Manifesto
Worms Underground     Surprised Victor     Thrift In Find     Moments Find     Signature Invitation     Grabbing Disguise
RivetSin     The CREAM     Your Cake     Hello Kitty Wants It     Close Your Ask     Extremely B. Grade     Dialysis Abeyance
Sleeping Empty     Hosting Exfoliate     Situation Remiss     Renegade Fertile     Miss Assignation     VP Glory

1995:     Hot Copies     Signature WorkPiece     Bug Nostrus     Caught Of Star     Spaced DeLure     Copies Kept
Wasn't Must     Sleepy Jihad     LovesMotion     Fuzzy Decibles     Bodice Knows     Santos Nightingale
Willows Travesty     Inked Vestry    Situation Made     Tuesday Weld     Half Twin     Simple Arrhythmia     Same Self
Web Immortals     Again Seems     Tame Happens     Plush Animals     Replica Set     Common Asp     Christian Fish
Emotions Without An Echo     Sometimes Nuis     Kids In Deeds     Kid In Deep     Emetion     As In     Water Streams
Station Pair     Augment Frequent     Having Then     Eyes Realize     Stars Instead     Exegis Night     Semblence Of Animal
Mortal Marvel     Save Goodnights     Lemon Prostate     Illusion Instead     Was Clause     Creepy Ferment     Noisy Purview
Decision Diminutive     Flat Cue     Ten Abstention     Mildly Invaluable     New Include     Conjured Will     Disguised Peruse
Someone Loved     Records Began     Emotive Cold     Scold Weld     Hidden Profligate     Quiescent Tumescence
Manufactured Crisis     Bill Loves Dollar     Lie Bark     Shadow Broken Echoe     Cracker Pack     Bush Actions     Girl Away
Bathtub Scale     Stellar Genes     Blunt Throes     Mostly Over     Windshield Prurient     Momba Spider     Twisted Diagonal
Lambent Cessation     Gazing Afterdream     Procedures Affordable     Souvenirs Of Alliance     Continuities     Nervosa Habitue`
Lesser Best     Augusts End     Him Her     Turncoat Coward     Worms Heart     Judicial Menu     Autumn Altered
Gidget Stripped     NAZI Troglodyte     Minding Puddles     Cut Pollen     Abducting Butter     First Draft     Justice Anon
The Eighth Day     Truth News     Congress Plods     Practicing Afterlives     Exclusive Club Secrets     Elusive As
Trademark Plaintiff     Whipped Hero     Tightrope Limbo     Forward Lioness     Comfortable Vices     Into It

1994:      Make Requests     Hawaiian Illinois     Bette Night     Brief Millimeters     T'Wasn'T     Chat
Skinny Frictions     Stilt Artifice     Beat Mixings     Dubbed Stop     Les Reality     Business Amore`
Armed Intention     Christians Crossed     WantFor     Colin Dusk     Said Provence     Who Upon
Happen Happens Too     Safe Gods     Didn't Do     Lazer Shapely     Unadulterated Fashion Shoots     Try Deafening
Thing Does     Tasting Church     Scholarship Dollar     Payne Response     Staying Osprey     Pasteboard Cuticles
Lower The Lesson     Captured Paranormal     Trust Maybe     Neat Glue     Exactly Please     Common Home
Cold Frozen Emotion     New Spoken     Rudimentary Say     Squander Parquette     Free Week     Wonder Two     Better Words
Touch Maybe     Quiver Turn     Models Normal     Twice Numbers/No Alphabet     Ogres Out Front     Tidy Chances
Break Favorite     Liquidating The Amoral     Argue Factor     Politics Makes     Pivot Early     News Storage     Ghost Pool
Leavening Brain     Fallacious School     Sullen Rainbow     Feisty Pesk     Comma Miscreant     Shelobs Defender     VentureLoose
Abiding Herd     That Kiss     In Signature     Tip Ink Marks     One Way Trip     Half The Effort     Beat Bump
Evil Personified     Fragments Shorn     Upcoming Election     Vote For Me     God Does     Extra Parade     Chronicled Fact
Harangue & Canard     Two Cup Device     Puzzle Box Unspoken     Ban Blindness     Potential Hypothetical     Archeologists Scar
Penalty Fact     Segments Disembarked     Shallow State     Hidden Scene     Thunder And Fame     Found Innocent
Until Prooven Guilty     Post Paris    Body Languid     Grand Try     Critical Got     Only Endowed     Custom Terrace
Vapid Tract     Somewhere Someone      Convenience Closed     Bare Fruits     Total Screwball     Flat Concessions
Habit Complying

1993:     Umbrella Sweat     Arrows 'Pent     Rigid Transcripts     Zip Proforma     First Seventy!
Then Or Now    
Imprint Niche     Enigma Clues     Darkness Pour     Skys Long     Epitome Observation    Outside Shores
Start Parthing     Hot Obstacles     Home Store     Morphine, Jr.     Pretty As Parenthesis     Scores & Awards
Add Not     Morning Warning     Christmas For Halloween     Music Chooses     Rigor Tic     Total Emblem
Group Of Pupils     Dominant Fun     Salient     Ahrythmic Process     Dirty Remains     Congenital Season     Lethal Themes
Theme Example     Raising Fund     Semi Observed     Amidst Ensemble     Happening Is Going To Become     Oblivious Meaning
Pain Masquer     Tight Operation     Married Lifetimes     And Pretend Was Made     Cue Ordinary     Surreal Lovely
Tidy Dalliances     Tax Inhibition     Very Suppressant     Sort Type     Tag Major     Music Cold     Ticket Pictures
Dust Polished     Kharma Dharma     Bee Adventure     Necessary Salary     Clearly Bad Blood     Residents Spent
Blind As Blind     Domicile Eyes     Drafting Lions     Plodding Bollocks     Two Word Testimony     Oddities Note
Very Propositiion     Price Six     Skim Litigious     The Plural Of Axis     Axes Patented     White Apple     Red Core
Captured Garb     Prodigal Naught     Custom Was     Privatizing Patriotism     Predatory Lender     Wolf Pack Loose
Lush Plus     Back Of The Moon     Baked Face     Torn Document     Lies Pretend     And They Say     Man Of Integrity
Still A Boy     Stint Backseat     Oui Blend     Invisible Sin     Pen Anemone     Duty UnDone     Papa @ Suppertime
American Abode     Preferenced Admission     Invisible Within

1992:     Figuring     Trash Champagne     Breaking Perceptions     Second Avenue Clues     Tense Intense
Lotient     Experts Say     Laden Sheer     Right Soon     Luscious Pallor     Shallow Shambles     Things Keep
Ramble Bunctions     Corded Drone     Drawer Crackers     Morning Warning     Five Foot Noon     Part Car
New Next     Summation Ides     Mortal Jones     Friendly Molecules     Soft Particles     Moonlit Ruin     Six Impress
Kitten Borrow     Eight Gourmand     Slipping Consequence     Missed Miscellany     Hidden Intervention
Tease Aftermath     Pieces Doubt     Too Fulfillment     Instigation Makes     Liquid Opinion     Smiling Millions
Each Anomaly     Incentive Alone     Luring Bed Sheets     Immoral Oral     Facelessly Signed     Singularly Homely
Block Guise     Coverage Stacks     Boiled Purchase     Coagulating Fate     Deductible Purpose     Struggling Pittance
Small Toilings     Standard Moderate     Killing Cinnamon     Vagabond Ragged     Shy As Hamlet     Dainty Apros Pos
Massive Quandry     Severe Premonition     Foreshadow Try     Fine Diadem     Distance Ribbons     Imitation Dictatorship
Roads To Keep     Santa Sleeps     As Soon As Infinity     Tax$Code     Support Our Troops     Corporate Flag
Common Seasons     Meadows Decemer     Devilish Barista     Torn From Parents     Romans Thirteen     The Years Go By
Some Things Sell     Wrench Ecstasy     Spoil You About!     That Crustacean     Midterm Confirmation
Silent Commercial Icon     Old Rumours     Tame Uncle Tom     Nike Children     Financial Headlines     Bee Me
Even As Fate     Number Something     Sting Freely     Somebodys Ides     Naked Fractions     Crucial Momentos
Handsom Payday

1991:  Rigorous Its     Mingling Denizens      Saving Danger     Tandem Duality     Sofit Matrix     Apple Northern
Defacto Asp     LeMars Iowa     Pink Cream      Soft Chastities     Budda Ninja     Neo Cameo     White Rubles III
Lost Angeles     Hit Mannequin     Dust Blossoms     Take Ink     Picture Billboard     Crazy Team     Upright Friction
Uppity Quit     Semblence Always     Evening Something     Dumpling Chunks     Could Alert     Constance Quibble
Echoe Pepper     Posing Inside     Fast Acting Liquid     Tempting Francise     Free Week     Spec Attitude
Spilling Promotory     Small Participles     Two Holidays     Purple Thistle Castle     Residue Dew     Ambrosia Dew
Investing Crass     *Absurdly Lurid     Play Pylon     Point Of Mime     Perceptions Name     Tractable Beauty     Parts Arcing
Equsion Happenstance     Wickedy Culinaire     *Precise Thunder     Slot Off     Prerequisite Musky     Implausible Notations
Quietly Able     Nicely Dynamic     Image Rendition     Jealous Fun     Butterfly Because     Dove Wan     Twist Swirl
Flame Hair     Bristling Matchstick     Hiding From Show     Dressed In Used     Novice Plump     Pretty Darn Styling
Blood Allotted     Grievous Fun     Federal Maybe     Web Traceries     Interior Purposes     Inaction Planned     Specialty Crux
Third Rate Stars     Was was     Tax Mandate     Single Words     Double Entries     Hard As Fact!     eExact Aspects
The Edge Of Card     Once Earned     Corporate Our     Barcelona Highway     Putrid Cubes     Eventual Ephemeral

1990:     Premium Brown     Excelsior Seems III     Candy Wawonowin     Global Dawn     Happen Arrives     Zoom Morals
Sensual Disguise     Adonis French     MusclePuzzle     Stone Formations     With Mood     Duo Headed Two
Stone Emotions     Single Pies     Clown Liquor     With Mood     When Only     Pastime Ice     Put To Bed     Liquid Six   
Mingling Enter     Skill Amore`     Sins Accomplished     Game Omens     Empty Parables     Dubious Score     Spoiled Mmortal
Purchase Price     Christian Diversity     Ticket Wasp     Moron Orders     Speech Triplique`     Semi Instance
Paging Fractions     Minute` Garbled     Thursday's Tide     Style Breathing     Cant Sun     Hone Focus    Split Into Francise
Predicated Composure     Thin Reasons     Crumpled Fact     Wicked Odd Estate     Boo Radley Apologists     Boxed Lost
Necessity Real     Set It At     Esquire Pill     Catolonia Poem     Potion Fulma     Positioned Fact     Tagging Gliss
Two Damn Bad     Ten Elves     Painted Angst     Circa Egg Bad     Tickets Road    Daring Adroit     Intimate Face
Combination Cold     Rates Parameter     Brooklyn Rumor     Fate Opponents     Instance One     Treachery Pigmentation
Pensive Worrier     Meadow Of Risk     Drizzle Poseur     Duly Deputized     Range Emotion     Tentative Scam     Fully Eighteen
Paramedic Find     Forever In Time     Looking Spiral     P. S. History     Flag Day Omens     Carried In Battle
Deferment Dodger     Junior Stilts     Autstrailian Timber Oil     Bully Brunt     Producer Impacted     Mark That Time
Turn A Page     Asia Minor     Sicilian Siren     *Danger Beware     Duty Done     Confirmation Method     Suffer Fitness
Nursing Pheromones     Limited Far

1989:     Fatal Knowldg.     Told Transpose     Duke Chooses     Ned Pending     Fascinations Price     On Rotary
Miscellaneous Particulars     Stolen Awakenings     DollarStore Asprins     Jams Cameo     Slivver Alas
Definate Moments     Etc. Edible    Fix Anneal     Link November     Punctual Frenzy     Talk Of Kiss
Deadbolts Pending     Fingerprints & Evidence     Eleven Claymation     Chu Moved     Sanely Calm     Everything Maybe
*Whisper Twilight    Earth Powder     Little Touchings     Morning Nude     Half Modicum     Infallible Half     Do Violently
Solvent Vesuvius     Fiscal Notice     Bitter Prisms     Thomas Possibility     Mall Morgue     Scars Follow
Safe Qualms     Liquid Indigent     Each Impending    Place Best     Seasonal Commonal     Hyphen-Mode     Edges Forecept
Gunsight Colorado     Stickfigure Prim     Sofisticated Want     Winsome Jealous     Alien 'vasion     Required Revision
Refuge Scourge     Song Quiet     Issue Permissions     Christ Marvelous     Serious Diminutive     Edge Climbs     Car Sex City
Style Dog     Strange Shame     Slate Cleaned     Candidate White     Senior Some     Distribute Mix     Gaudy Coffins
Star Sorties     Battle Twist     Inadvertent Caricature     Storys Pose     Changed Shingle     Burn Dough     Hardened Skin
Separate Children     Fire Scene     Stylus Screamng     Notions Sold     Press Scrum     Hidden Fixins     Missed Visitation
*Fiction Possible     Whitewashes Cost     Durable Pace     Taming Sound Bites     Door Supply     Minutes Include
Forward Financial     Absolute Scoot     Stranger Regrets     Devolving Meat     Legally Rampant    Polishing Nerve
Approaches Zero     Sleek Secrets     Secrets To Flesh     Suicide Rolodex

1988:     Future Bears     Cinder Embers     Humdrum Buzzy     Typical Excess     Bondsman Terragon     *Possible Ands
Facsimilie Missing     Sid Nicks     Cash Texas     July Life     Half Premium     Closet Of Lore     Special Entails
Hot Modern     ?0  QuestionHole    SezzyWill!     Rather Extravagant     MirrorDoll     Touch Believes
Coat Away     Kiss Manse     Speed Codine     Sustaining Deed III     Dollar Store Batteries     Eighty Gods Gone
Comma Dangerous     Hot With Wanting     Dirty Messings     Kiss Get Aways     Dolby Otis     Sunkissed Wish
Applying Snow     Free Celebrity     Damn Near     Tacit Inertia     HoneyBee VIP     Maintained Price     Rhythmic Anemia
Oblivious Dent     Epitome Of Avon     Little Rat Fabulous     Straining Dross     Oaklist Drue     Raine Attention
Special Mitigation     Average Nice     Boston Vx. Charleston     Semblence Guise     Khartoum Fast     Dozen Hard
Sins Permission     Christian Circus     Phone Vote     Avert     Once Invasion     Lumpy Paradigm     Medium Cream
ReExisting     Random Woman     Relevent Ever     Mean & Fruitless     Brad Forward     Extraordinary Coincidence Unparalleled
A Decade Or So Ago     Paganini Needed     Remotely Delicate Air     Half Wittily     Somewhere Near Pondering     Close Sunrise
Calibre Cruising     Different Spectrums     Close Sunrise     Authentic Life     Self Is Done     Spoken Fingers
Nuance Dwelling     Sunday Monkeys     Mostly Manly     Various Moments     Only Obscure     Fair Parade     Fortnight Prison
Easy Admission      God Tried     Not She     Half Dismisses     Persian Iran     World Damocles     Embedded Opinions
*Pistol Upon Holster

1987:     Yes Allows     Pocket WatchTower     Fst Assets     Things Simmering     Wanton OmNivores
Edible Tears     Sun Baptist     Stilleto Rose     Platinum Plum     Warning Owned     Trading Menus
Pawn Seems     WindSand Rubies     Treasure Pressed     Path Way     Plenty Soul     MineGoes     Forever Seemed
Divots Include     Petty Semblence     Purple Worth     Any Honey     Come Holy     Hu TreeCrumb
Tan Minivan     Keep PM     Dementia Pieces     Assassin Me     Dimensions Stand     Walk Bought     Given Is
Immune-Proof     Tight Fundraising     Pretty Interior     Total Case     Taste Retail     Remote Motivation
Expanded Bandwith     Beat Each     Previous Need     July God     Star Common     Shimm Import     Captioned Tease
Drone Abet     Dusting Accumulation     Parochial Can     Choose Best     Patterns Of Heart     Twinkle Intimation
These Funders     Swipe Throw     Bug Evening     Youth Informers     Postmark Five     Tight Fantasy
Optical Monsters     Headline Won't     Centipede Meek     Fourth Figment Of Father     Presidential Perogative
Staggered Cuffs     Pomp Circumsance     Annoying Disqualify     Anyone Anymore     Within     Broken In Figment
Granite Alabaster     Old & Often     Couched In Angel     Polar Normal     Usually Home     Shadows Of Secrets Exposed
Lives Cattle     Interested In Novelty      Constricting Freedom     Safe Part Of Sound     Anticipating Cribbage
Last Size Radio     Supper So     Blockade Font     One Night Temptress     Spider Was The Fly     Edible As Angels
My Total Faith     Taste Acquired     Hearts Confesson     *Vision Scent     Invasion Syllable     Smaller Miscellaneous
Wheat Older     Boy Cub     Mission Absconded     Evangelist Admission     Every Percent     Stubby Personality

1986:     Rib Dominals     Grunting Trillo     Placebo Drone      Stock Response     Budget Pie     TaxAt
Exactly Put!    Enhancing Naturallys     Spoiled By Mar     Make Naked     Part Of Hearts     Sunset Once
Pertinent Now     Watts Harlem     Cupcake Toothpaste     Apple Shambles     Plus Isador     DudeMan
Fst Assets     Do Consume     Nothing Explicable     Haze Angel     Sender Engenders     About Amounts
Tape Escrow     Bled Prime     Psalm Reason    Tumble Clear     Doing Synthetics     Programmed Numb
TapeMeasure Normal     Six Insides     Faced Fate     Stay Sleepy     Diagnosed Oasis     Charm Jar     Faction Fission   
Starting Boughten     Smooth Slowly     Very Made Two     Whole Stirrup     Custom Major     Sinus Chores
Pillar Pedestal     Once Again Cobblestone     Happening Apple     Party Stays     Seven Seconds Ago
Booger Pixel     Liquid Fill     Start Pigment     Scalpel Virgins     Killing Six     Sport Choice     Numb Patronage
Liquidating Gateway     Tenuous Payrolls     Frozen In Spectacular     Exodus Calm     Six Explain     Open Fallow
Moms Built     Oz Tornado     Winding Weeds     Made Exactitude      Irony Robert     Message Mon     Stubborn Frond
Transitory Glory     So Not Mistreated     No Need     Lengthy Bogused     Sun Blackened Wish     Round Trip Alibi
Famish Blintz     Grip Effluvium     Cueball Niche     Two Kibitz     Disney Pot Pie     Close As Form     Fitting-Genetics
Response Pattern     Sentence Line      Lurid Scenario     Consolation Thief

1985:  Bill Appendages     Evan Emotes     All Dude     Melting Vraiment     Narc Fairytale     L. A. Say
Eight Fifty Late     Ruby EMS     Crips Believes     Indigenous Surfaces     Instant Pressso     Shameless Figurines
  Punk Delinquent     Standardized Man     Formula SixPence     MoreDolls     The Habit Tricked
Boom Sought     Bang Bang     The Twisted Knobs     Boulder Pebble     Soft Core Hot     Bookmark Hot     Bang Wedding
Executor Paige     Rat Trap-Maize     Change Derranged     Reasons Befriend     Centered Paste     Rimshot Fantasy
Ghost Centropy     Shame Hollow     Booming Foment     Lumpy Grandeur     Smoke Forrest     Urban Ides     Annual Hand
Event Pretend     Instant Common     Blind Pharisee     If Its Wishes     Godspeed Week     Exclaimed Promise
Junior True     Yesterday Pure     The Left Front Of Mars     Consolation Appraise     Small Compunction
Nothing Ain't Wrong     18 Soyuz     Scoop News, Jr.     Piss Aunt Morrow     Kids Boat     Crazed Insanity
Presumed Pants     GOP EST     Straight To Pulp     Moon Without Horizon     Technical Mass     Made Exactitude
Sanity There     Chicklet Manuvers     Ephemeral Toll     Groupie Stage     Running Mood     FBI Codes     Question Clues
Huge Pharmaceuticals     Notice Patchouli     Derogatory Barb     Skirt Suit     Too Past News     Now Impossible
Tigre` Calendar     Excalibre Fallowing!     Free Gift     Corn Fed Leaves     Commission Stressed     Often Imploding
Basic Core Components     Precedents Kiss     Vital Purchase     Place Anteroom     Sniper Fires     Victim Payback
Nickel Timepiece     Cat As A Pearl

1984:     Allegro Plan     FeatherQuill/FeatherQuest     Pap Pablum     Fixed Mixation     Time Dawns
Tame Children     Dawn Fawning     Temper     Pap Pablum     Armageddon Pleases     Feline Dimensions
Blank Asterix     Chataqua Fox     Magnet Fours     Crypt Rhythm     Bad Casual     Heartbeat Coming     The Empty Clues
Begging Clocks     Cats In Motion     Salamon Capture    Secrets Interface     Wrestling Asbestos    Smart Nuptuals
  Take Legations     Understanding Grooves     In Limode     Ghosts Emote     World Coffee     Turmoil Noise
Sanity Makeups     Do Qualify     Total Delve     Human Afterall    Career Figures     Front Rad     Sterling Guesses
Sapient Low     Conditions Six     Lonely Winsome     Slew Alloy     Daylight Edelweiss     Piston Waiving
Antimony Persiflage     Dir Zoo     Convenient Gun     Very Frenchent     Mean Beastly    Body Fears     Trusting Double
Brook Distaste     Precision Marbles     Frozen In Spectacular     Tunnel Pardon     Lingo Six     Said Instead     Bumper Rates
Dish Purvey     Clue Portraies     Pose Lonely/Sans Shadow     Compelled Mellow     Follicle Lies     Warrant Coast
Disconnected Svelte     Tight Construe     TV Dimension     Novice Crumb     Legacy Call     Hone Sculptured
Symptom Of A Parable     Images Sustained     Dragon Pretend     Ellipsis Seizure     Breakfast Ressurected
Lain Waste     Pennies A Day     Sector Rotation     Python Valentine     Only Fifteen     Brief Freebie     Hotbed Rallies
Already Coals     Simmer Reality     Tempermental Havoc     Puppet Told     Similiar Calculus     Angling Too
Moral Fiber     Literature Tends     Shot Mentality     Carpet Tarp     Gun Course     Schoolgirl Background     Soft Entwine
Allocate Cases     Certain Liberties     Lady Dialogue

1983:     What After Plan     Cook Until Done     Kingdom Some     Pebble WayStream     Arrows 'Pent
Blase` Ennui     TooAdos     Mainly Name     Anything Running     Cosmic Cars     Haps Happen     Wonder Twilights
Fritzy Mix     Naked Allegations     Havesty     Dead Heirlooms     Evidence Of Animals     Sunday Provides
Left Regrets     Icy What     Sweet Notions     Heaven Montage     Pleased Subtext     Hook Punctuation
Common Mothers     Mad Sanity     Spandex Twist     Focus Only     Rubber Pursue     Rigid Niche     Skits Frenzy
Semblence Animation     Kill The Pencil     Guessing Verve     Stop Common     Tear Glass Tear     Route Publicized
Supposed Omens     Void Departure     Locally Sent     Spending Prixus     Fixture Movement     Government Lamb
Quick Wick     Entice Device     Ennui` What     Hone Focus     Mercy Qualm     Possible Choose     Turned
Gaming Threads     Getting Tiny     Cash Reserve     Quicksand Sky     Fatal Mortals     Purpose Enclosed
Taxing Masters     Friendly Alimony     Bigger Songs     Illusion's Crapshoot     Dine Oblong     Personified Nude
Girl Talk     Dysfunctional Tears     Posited     Ticket Sounds     Mean Abet     War Reality     February Last
Opportunities Cost     Trade Rent     Acknowledging Chew     Stiff Principle     Place Regrets     Windfall Popal
Sheltered Parade     Monanto Patents     Much Evermore     Make Me     All Grown Up     Heart Of Soul
Old Witch Hazel Rich     Official Tax Returns     Ten Digits     Bone Saw     Hive Warfare     Everyday Batlegrounds
Stance Pantomime     Americanized Style     Eyewash Around     Six Briefcase     Away Stem     Kindle Animations
Stay Me For Awhile     Teaching Freelance     Angels Wishing Well     Gastronomic Gas     In Progress    This Batter
Pretty Mortal

1982:     Stands Man  (Stands Gravity's Dad)     Piecemeal Placebo     ModelCaught    Set Apart & Set Upon
Le The     Chemistry Waits     Calling Tame     Butt Chunky     Habits Destination     Living Hue     Mild Modicom
Real Almondine     OohTwoSome     Sortie Impresario     Crosschain Sidewalk     QueryNest     Wish Urban
Traces Lifestyle     Ruin Runes     Fit Gizmo     Assembling Pariah     Intentional Formulations
Niggling Quibble     Steel 'n Stone     Gooey Pour     Missin Lies     Beside Crime     Wanted Frontage
Handsome Made     Frission Self Holodeck     Misses Spoon     Diminunition's Mind     Using Pearl     Run Trey
Home Bloom     Oh So Drama     Grew Ambivalence     Investigated Consequences     Skins Paul     Subterfuge Alone
Wayward Angleworm     Cross The Pavement     Postage Forma     Beautiful Remedy     Small Module
Undercover Scenes     Warm Drama     Anodyne     Imbed Legacied     Friendly Pursue     Pantomime Quickening
Pigmentation Skin     Traveling The Curl     Steep Purview     Easy Escalade     Dodge Parallel     Disembling Engines
Pavlov Boy Pinup     Inter Digit     Really Urges     Ipswich Kiss     Governments & Industry     Layer Cone
Edge Impressed     ASAP Yesterday     Pump Boom!     Custom Hutch     Random Fractions     Occasional Synopsis
SixMix     Provisional Patents     Billing Address     Bound Exclusively     Crush Of Flowers     Spanning Fantasy
Soonish     Boys Must Get Along     To Be Dominated     Red Scare Reversed     Tone Deaf Fettish
Comfortable Saturday     Fisher Fuse     Kids Don't Abide     Native Inuit     Privileged Boisterous     A Priori
Established Innocence     Trained Litigator     Hired Gunesse     Are They     New Truths     PowderDust
Coal Closures

1981:     Glimmer Trudescence     Previous Surface     Pessimism In     Looming     Quandry Hours     Telling Souls
Cheap Means     CryptFly     Sully Poy     Sunset Alibi     Body Moxie     Catwalk Turns     Sweet A.M.
Tumble Barnweed     Noire Criterion     Bent Toys     King Five Nine Three     Dessert Spoon     Station[s] Misplaced
Branded Warm     Vantage Trip     Punishing Tame     Set Wet     Fastly Clued     Sample Whys
Problem Quandries     Mint Smooth     Kibbitz Anticipation     Vein Aorta     Poking The Bonus     Typo Sleep
Sugar Padre II     Quick Occlusion     Thin Why     Ten Days A Week     Boss Bogus     Booty Spoils     Emblem Gun
Adept Quasi     Short-Circuit Nude     Sent Enamel     Danger Evolved     November Afterlife     Numb Vague
Shaped Please     Mediocre Maybe     Sky Around     Shyla Show     Remain Opportunity     Makeup Chardinay
  Edge Aquarium     Changed In Land     Cash Disbursed     Origin Unknown     Tame Grace     Constituents Niches
So Past Seattle     Swore Even     Lax Pace     Dead Moot     Discoverng Nothing     Stained Paint     Whiz Purpose
Deux Thefts Grande     Filigree Gift     Doppleganger Surname     Admissions Figment     Tel All Vangelist
Damaged Assets     Settling Abetted     Kept It From School     *Oblique Borrow     Black Moir     First Timer
Tough Guys Gazebo     Third Level Executive Assistant     Attend Tonight     Crooked Bookmark     Spoken Fingers
Reality Ever True     Alternate You     Circumstantial Trial     Collective Scapm     Fond Puppy     Obvious Atrocities
Ethics Simple     Smoothed Theatrics     In Power     Half Census

1980:     Uniform Nude     Experts Say     Stock Response     Many Ands     By Size     Gossamer Exist
Target Gunlaws     Wax Meistro     Outlaw Following     Bad Demerits     Feign Arduous     End Congeal     Sister's Cover
Fashion Gaze     Ergo Therefore     Glossen Prooved     Action Calibre     Embassy Sand     White Yogi
Seed Deeply    Crash Party Kitten     Inkling Empathy     Wanton Naught     Imminent Choose     Stones Violence
Lawn Waterfront     Circa Heyday     Still Felt     Garden Golden     Got Sought     Drinking Asprins     Coat Home
Enslave All Sensation     Feeling Maybe Might     Sacriledge Clorox     Tornado Change     Into Subsume     Animal Girl
Penny Candy World     Purpose Moral     Aninmal Ain't     Lies Palpitating     Unduly Diligent     Honey Sanford
Emptily Emotive     High Sorbee     Access Sequester     Crystals Overlude     Best Selling Poster     Guantanamo Context
Solutions Abyss     Wanting Possibilities     Baja Loco     Interval Evening     Racing Dream     Irons Stove
Still Hot     Chicago Three     Blond Promises     Copper Parsley     *Pace Abet     High Up In Disguise     Elaborate Fast
Focal Memoral     Track Crisis     Wax Encapsulated     Pooled Candle     Shoot Kosher     Whispers Mote     Processing Prize
Tomorrows Dares     Where The     Rhythm Happens     Excitement Mounts     *Goodbye Valentine     Initials Not Name
Wooden Surface     Carved Our Hearts     Bark Deep     Never HeartWood     Stellar Jealous     Wishes She Were     Gods Cargo
Closet Gothic     Hot As Bramble     Duty Destiny      Left Timepiece     Needing The Stem     Last Surnames
Sodden Aground     Hard Intelligence     Consorts Of Violence     On Sundays     Petal Thighs   

1979:     Script Parenthesis     Fair Very     Smooth Commute   Facsimilie Smith     Open To Was     Ticket Dan
Slain Derrange     Instantaneous Onus    Zanzibar Gains     Cotton Gone     Cake Known     Bride Daily
Sane Addressed
     Crust Smudged     Tricks Took     Mortl Norml     First Primarily     Deal Digital     Penny Dime
Wanted Construe     Cape Gabriele     Cool Ray Purpose     Find China     Limosine Tan     Dolling The Chain
Fine Imperial     Comma Dues     Dawn Out     Desert PunkStick     Looking For The Bulletin     Whot's Got
Escapist Alarm     Lost Clinch     Walk Haughty     Animal Friends     Sixteen Coffins     Bit W/ An Edge     Classic Stats
Solitary Opinions     Oak Wilt     Time Instigates     Crisp Purpose     Curious Propose     Broken Figments
Phenomenal Gold     *Dwarf Barcoad     OK Baraka Bashad     Past Actuality     Premium Name     Points Tape     Clear Game
Crazy Anomaly     Day Estuary     Tame Destiny     Ratchet Norma     Handy Lactose     Paid Ticket     Try Remit
Team Data Base     Niggling Epitome     Got Sneak     Nepture Guise     Many Annuities     Your Sire     Wishful Plant
Pristine Relic     Big Was     Purchase Impulsive     Fix Paint     Gun Score     Dog Tag Uniform     Groceries Moment
*Yet Digested     Dispatch Gas     Moral Playhouse     So Cigged     Movie Per Night     Stalking Coffins     Blood Allotted
Zimbabwe Moderate     Washing Dues     Darling Edible     Fallow Treat     Breed Nutrition     Piston Boston
Possibilities Kewpie     White Housed News     Mad Scramble     Patient Located     RV Parts     Seminal Fading
Warlocks Wish     No Collusion Truth     Incessant Friendly     Blindly Exposured     Worms Above Ground     False Wealth
Minnow Tears     Token Republican     My Heart Knows     Chanceless Confirmation     I Smoke Alone     Girls Rivalry
Lashes Tender     Mercy Oblique     Worthy Ingenue

1978:     Retractable Fax     Mr. SpokesManner     Stopping Promise     Scored Mark     Branding Fractions     Five Dominoe
Totally So     Apparently Way     Touch Arises     Test Stands     Temptation Gained     Clubhouse Logo
Little Girl Killed     *Imminent Choose     Comma Boneventure    Tall College     Brie Magnesium     Ridden Limousines
Can Doozy     Stone Gold     Tiny Min`ute     Idea Do     Sixteen Ways     Lies Alibia     Receive Meaning
Nothing Attitude     Jacked Often     Fumbling Periwinkle     Kiss Rigid     Hurt Included     Additional Friction
Insomniac None     Alived As A Recluse     Wry Exclusive    See Includes     Possible Fixtures     Computer Plug
Somnolence Problems     Resolve Impetus     Travel Dialogue     Moot Paranormal     Inveiglings     Virgin Acrylic
Toxic Caught     Boy Logs     Far West Snow Owl     Exclusive Admonition     Movement Smokes     Skewed Allusion
Pearls Splash     Industrial (Pause) Might     Munich Quit     Different Alives     Private Events     Inbred Mythos
Bond Yields     Exactly ZeroMore     Dazed Pane     Languid Trot     Scolding Omens     Past Fallible     All Ultimate
Missing Virtues     Dance Doctrine     Carpet Of Faded     Fascist Huts     Boogie Man Abodes     Legalize Me
Federally Taxed     Interloping Patents     Old Chances     Hopes Votive     Hope Unimagined     TrademarkSignoff
En Capitale`     Refuse The Wind     Pillow Adorns     Accelerated Growth     Armed With A Dream     Played Our Hearts
P, S. Globe     Suffer Fitness     *Future Climate     Bedrock Full     Safe Crash

1977:     Remunerative Ends     Light Breeze     Tortellini Apertif     98.Dream     Practiced Facts     Way Nativity
Want Resound     Voice Teddy Bear     Scattered Fax     Body Oceans     Ace Interstates     Cubic Humungus     The PM
Bang Goes     Hard Infatuation     Mo Modality    Pressing Motion     Sin Alone     Psycho Oasis     Amarillo Humpty
Naphalm Afghan     Fabric Hues     Clubs Malibu     Pills Refrain     Elf Names     Poultice Lump     Sizing Ads
  Avenue Inn     Slim Optics     White Jam     Want Curls     H Quitting     Bait Stranger     Six Quit     Constant Clues
Attention Listens     Ticket Digs     Trending Pending     By Play     Elderly Comma     Riposte Beat     Digital Groove
Devotion Motion     Just Assure     Struggle Asprin     Dizzy Visions     Exact Yours     Approach     Coupon Nudities
Agente`s Allowed     Box Score     Huffy Tussle     Senate File     Gold Cloak     Past Skies     Then Act     Cost Dust Bunny
Jack QuickSilver     Tame Exxon     Truculent Whimsy     Extorting Traffic     Tension Formal     Vast Reparations
None Of A Kind     Truncated Spud     Labor Caress     Drizzle Poser     Fault Purveyor     Epic Mode     Wish Abused
Spam Momentum     All Sides Assumed     Gods Last Opinion     Every Chinese Girl     How Many Took     Despotism Reminiscence
Thematic Repeat     Perrier Purity     Becoming Truth     Family Pets     Midterms Whimsical     Attempted History
*Name Asleep     *Talking Keep     Staged lOss     Sacred Borders     Candy Pops     Lolly Tricks     Crypt Of Form
Actual Rascals     Within Poem     Want Some     Caught Want     After Tonight     Proof Of Steam

1976:     Diamond Steel!     Tony Culpepper     Hodgepodge Nodding     Skippy Do     Wad Wattage     Icon Touch
Maybe Elemental     CamelChurch Virginia     Apple Candy     Flawed Cause     HadLove Goes     Smudged Much
Deal Digital     Concept Shadows     Tangle Lies     Official Monogram     Bud Nubbins     Pipes Dent     Sacraficing The Venture
ZIP Imprint     Multiple Several     Risk Faces     Longing Dish     End Of Surprise     Street Pieces
So Much Resemblence     Picture Nights     Punk Fore     Wayform Vanessa     Tipping Challenge     Two For Mood
Tumbrils/Budget Blade     Impressed Upon Paperwork     Quite Emboss     World Place     Rifle Stray     Giving Christmas
No One Home     Aluminum Drizzle     Ocean Curve     White Faced Doll     Strong Puzzle     Pony Formal
Moot Potient    Smash Cadillac     Bright Appeal     Quadrant This     Alone Along     Wasn't Feet     Linseed Anomaly
Way Common     Tryed Pavement     Imperfect Regrets     Budget Parts     Lake Island     Director's Impression     Preview Next
Stellar Millwright     Hold Bolt     Separated Registries     Vogue Exposure     Business Suggestion     Separated Registries
Immigrant Horizon!     True Patriotism     Vacant Focal     Divided Monuments      Fellow Jew     Another Faceless Gesture
Becoming Truth     Nothing Grand     All An OP     Boldly Posing     Tears Of Design     Apparent Stance     Press Truth
Into Milieu     Girls Lost Love     Stop Being My Dreams     Capitol Crimes     Homeboy Crimes     Fashion Crime     Our Kind
Under Protest     Mirror On My Breath     Need A Secret     Own Recipe     Inquire Within     Foreplay Over     Down To The Score
Sick Fiction     Soaring Rhetoric     Anothers Victory     That Is Me     Thooughts Ponder     Nebulous Vows     Lying Await
Pistol Gun

1975:     Tow Alimony     Tax Laws    Rustle Barcelona     Peach Triplekin     Tools Caper     Cain Kindly
Dark Angora     Bad Wantings     Way V.     Flesh Equator     Ochre Quite     Stray Whispers     Taffeta Follows
Mt. Became     Dish Positions     Kiss Because     Touch Above     Spread Curve     Tapestry Psalm     Toy Home
Cadmium Coal     Something Arbors     Holiday Island     Endorsed Brand     Aliens Tamed     Ginger Root
Bantam Eggs     Red-Ozure     Reaching Piston     Wandering Spice     Paste Floorboard     More Credit For Formality
Basking In The Rincon     Accordion Parenthesis     Limited Perplexity     Strong Puzzle     Duo Boyfriend
Given Motions     Ratchet Steel     Leaf Pistol     Shear Perp     Stud Seventeen     Piston Wonders     Wanton Need
Cushion Torque     Data Power     Came Apparentage     Tired Purge     Radial Media     Spending Friction     Dollar Scam
Slow Stamps     18 Soyuz     Passive Suppose     Singing Krill     Fourteen Gangs     Virtually Certain     Goblins Deciduous
Pithy Six     Evangeline Setpiece     Circa Seven PM     Frankfort Reminds     Grappling Somnolence     Save Day
Rolling Count     Milk Vanilla     Enemy Boss     Doorman Garroted     Post Interminal     Beer Caddy     Presidential Victory
Less Than Expectations     Novice Archive     Wound Pastel     Witch Lady Teardrops     Southern Dialogue
Politicians Corral     Fence Together     Lobbyist Brands     Kill Described     If You Are     Settling Upon Frission
Cub Scout Boast     Quest As Totems     Litany Cures     Pressing Poem     a la BubbleGum     Locate Survivors
Sparkle Caught     Pace Summertime     Risk Limb     Stainless Steel Seeds     Evil Patented     Common Minds
Snug Velour     Vigoish     Zero Angst     Motte`     Fade Away Nothing     Pupae Sandpaper     Safe Gratitude

1974:     Pasteurized Wayfarer     Broad Oblique     Ratatouille     SinisterDressed    Compilation    Gadabout Far
Inklings Inscribed     Crossed Pocketbooks    Monsoon Cherish     Blue Eyed Moons     Evens     US Above     Left Edge
Carmel Scores     Bumbling Numbers     Ps.S. Footnote     Dim Won     Twitch Logarithm     Black Dime
Tatter Raindrops     Bevel Taper    Ebony Air     Nothing Eternal     Fleming Tightrope     August Wanted God
Cop Operative     Cure Words     You Tendancy     Active Maybe     Beating The Clue      Gentle Cared     Tangled Winter
Implications Deep     Karma Ninja     Straighten Disguise     Heavy Equipment     Knowing Is Imperative
Upright Jam     Jumbo Western Guitar Outfit     Relax Begins     Noontime Nine     Breaking Down The Former
Crux Numb     Withdrawing From Active Combat     Book Report Monikers     Cleft Groove     Starting Skin
Intended Paranormal     Egg Platter Grill     Mind Lube     Crashing Fractions     Heartless Caught
Funny Denude     Retrograde Glasses     Wanton Anime`     Surprisingly Less     Unleavened Matzo     Core Schedule
Polyurethane Oil     Seigne Tapestry     Part Market     Circling Post     Plaid Aplique`     NeverLend     Tidy Dalliances
Negligent Militant     Mixed Stocks     Couple Construe    Julie Nude     In Severe     Tennis House     Plans Include
Bowling Package     Whipsaw Sidewinder     Accessories Score     Every Dibold     Wistful Loss     Buying Walleye
Reasons Grow     Studious Sky     Smack Some Aspirin     Kingdom Of Plastics     Chaos Grown     Common Minds     Split Screen
Twist Impossibilities     Tough Nuggers     Catching Caution     You Were Shadow     Did Not Show     Fitting Inhibition
Naughty Purposes     Streamlined Self      Change Renamed     Married & Pledged     Armed Doppel     Earth On World
Legitimate Jelly     Pegasus Abhors

1973:     Fixation Mingle     Affluent Nuisance     Skiff Marmalade     BlowNight     Onset Alibias     Dill Spears
Willy Won'ty     Tangel Meanings     Attitude Crys     Sex Libido     Such Addressed     Kitten Caught     Semaphore Dope
Warlord Cathedral     Male Eggs     Vestisure Sure     Daisy Raisinette     Run Distill     Dynamo Gnome
The LoveMarvels     Chance Occurences     Edge Of The Walk     July Forever     Rusty Jane     Bastard Ignoble
Volume Weight     Dare Cheerleader     Book Market    Chambered Senses     Trimming Canopies     Scar Ties     Tipping Lies
Push The Broccoli     Tapiola Pull     Mistakes Oblong     India Blue     *Crime Pastime     Nervous Purpose     Rusted Guns
Acetylene Need     Kindred Pulse     Cocktail News     UnLocking Coal III     Ambivalent Cursor     Pistol Likely
Banned Marquee     Similar Regal     Kismet Mood     Boil Ebullient     Apple Whiffle Tree     Safehouse Fantasy
Lesson Shop Shows     Factual Ask     Head Remains     Eternally Tardy     Buddy Fix     Captive Form     Unmarked Inventory
Tender Larynx     Take Calculator     Stupid Pat Answers     All Civility Broke     Dramatic Class     Styrofoam Litter
Breathe Form     Remanded     Table Microphone     Pedestrian Pool     Speak Animal     Absconce Tonight     Africa Ivory
Business Impression     Ladies Rugby     Nylon Tricot     Not Yet At     Pom-Pon Sash     Replaying Georgia     Psychic Nude
Seethe Demure     *Catalog Ornaments     Wisdom Proof     January Foal     Taming Gold     Soft November Crimes     Acuity IQ
Trough Of Commerce     Lips Ruby Relish     Rodeo Blown     Girls Admission     Felt Like A Bumstead     Hardly A Model
Why Do You Moment?     Mildew Posture     Lord Of The Senate     Invisible Face     Past Happening     Responded Calls
Confirmation Chance     Pieces Of Lies     No Truths Inside     Secret Stealth     Posits Odds     Cheap Vanity
Other Cruels     *Modern Pus     Heartless Profits     Fate The Doll

1972:     Von Fragrance     Chipping Habits     Alladin Latin     Nectarine Red     Happen Appliqué`     Coat Image
Adagio Far     Space Following     Deeming Semblence     Jackpot Naturally     Jack After     Orange Beanstalks     Sonora James
Karma Astrau     Squash Egotist     Despite Forget     Papa Coast    Soft Clown     Page Anything     Single Being
BarRoom Cars     Gun Naturally     Adagio Forming     True Factoid    Pita Even     Arizona Time     Lame Pond
Clean Premium     Quad Interlude     Animal Carnivore     Kept Caught     Two Often     Just Percussion     The Kiss Includes
Situation Parable     Investigative Speculation     Camping Heartlines     Cardamon     The Signal Quit
Grinding Imminent     Soft Momentum     Split Pearl     Off River     Summer Happens     Crystal Accupuncture
Paint The Baby     Pen Any     Car & Truck     Former Owner     Stargazing On The Radio     Scattered Tricks
Spiffy Fictions     Karma Normal     Blue Collar Money     Impermanent Non     Walk Pastime     Facts Extract
Sloppy Parts     Liquidate Prism     Simple Plenty     Custard Coast     Stick Figure Ivy     Neat Elite
Ether Stratosphere     Bright Avuncular     Soft Workabilly     Sly The Boardwalk     Robin Neuropothy
Naphthalene Blue     Inextricable Tangle     Linear Draft     Tardy Abdominals     Unsubstantiated Ransom
Double The Composition     Trade Tripoli     Existential Evangelist     Rumors & Jealousy     Classic Alladin
Game Is Game     Sensory Graffiti     Orchestral Vocal     Mainland Handsome     Starring Roles     Roughshod Grass
December Management     Bolt Androgynous     Park Waterfront     Next Time Untold     Left Empty Instance
Segments Disembarked     Montage Luke     Host Escrow     Precious Beast     Teams Animal     Chalie Divisions
Atheists Believe!     Black Aspect     Hard Cardigan     Surpasse Amuse     End Of The Moon     Knows The Way
DeAlready     Imminent Scene     Temporary Pentagon     Martial Power     Found Matches     Omniscient Point

1971:     Pausitory Skips     Too Dos     Nude Avenues     Frequents     1953     Waiting Urethane    Bronze Tier
Ubixquitous Instance     Mimeograph Description     'solutely Not     Act Climax     Escargot Noh     Ooh Sang
Almondine Dreams     Stood Turf     T Pizzaz     Yea-No!     Jets Next     Millet Keenwa     NonStop Non     Attitude Fruit
Blond Negroid     Prettyboy Noise     Strangling Angels     Kitten Caught     Pander Noble     Tandem Total     Pieces Art
Stumble Brief     Crashing Rations     Trystings     Borrowed Crucifix    Stain Ignited     Time In Love     Clue Suey
Damaged Pace     Notified Notices     Liquid Flits     Stating Dove     Button Earrings     Vision Effective     Local Bias
Ticky Dust     Birthday Year     Tuesday Redux     A Twist On Ruthless     Sticking Pistons     Depth Pieces     Get Edited
Captured Qualm     Common Guise     Steps Dinesse     Pattern Spill     Promising Syllable     Bill Filling
Today's Contest     Lazy Moon     Bookmark Hard     Adding Information     Safe Alacrity     Politics Flowers
Inadvertent Caricatures     Inside Epigram     Preset Composure     Catnip Tiff     Character Guy     No Facade`
Mystery Permiss     Twenty Albums     End Impending     Licensing Fruit     Premise Cues     Current Skip     Drones Abnormal
Apostle Scars     Chain Manipulation     Order Corduroy     Cordon Gasp     Sorrow Languishes     Decembers End
Continues Synonym     Fly Basilisk     Rumored Affairs     Nappy Avenue     Shaken Kind     Running Friendless     Mad Memories
Flat Duplex     Insider Reports     Nervous Mood     Magic Vast     Little Pills     Small Considerations     Shard Sitar
Quasi-Seed     Find Way     Glossy Glow     Childhood Toy     Vault Guardian     Circa Seventies     Her Next Play
Rumor Negative     Bougus Forelude     Trundling Segue     Type Hidden     Decent Boy     First Person Who     Smooth As Accrue
Outer Net     Coaxing Bad     Evers Afterlife     Walking Gum

1970:     Stage Waystation     Patty Fatless     Tidbit Whimper     Stolen Posies     Plastic Fairy Angel     Anxious Nevers
SeamTogether     How Come    Very Hula     Hu Moon     Boo Coup     Postage     Enigma Allude     Off Page
CX     Warp Steady     Ebony Air     Standard Mansions    Crumb Raisinette     Keep Reflex     Tout Sweet     Unrubbed Genie
Tense Acrobats     Quantum Thunder     Jester In The Poorhouse     Dish Upsets     Goddless Choices     Ten Enenies
Random Jottings     Diadem Skirt     Lame Pound     Awhile French     Episode Tuesday     Mutts Smutty
Bang Wagons     Message Bus     Bond While     Lesson Applies     Kerb Nuis     Spectrums Of Freedom      Slavery
Moments Refreshing     Flower Atlantis     Caloric Engine     Notaried     Doin' Why     Things Mood     Fixt Clues
Einstein Prophet     Haunting Holdings     First Much is Enough     Seventeen Perchance     Sylphan Lovely     Seventeen Pane
Boomtown Noun     Naked Asteroids     Tamarack Flakes     Complimentary Destiny     Silver Overgold
Cool Forelock     Remodled Autumn     Neck Angst     Ten Mirials     Seven Octagon     Doug Image     Plainly Shame
Cold Neat     Sugar Purpose     Punk Comfortable     Precept Price     Augur Close     Introducing Mood     Saturation Press!
Book Figment     Rockbed Steady     Sport Played     Chain Manipulation     Fictional Four     Full Shadow Blue
Saying Slang     Walmart Discounted     Mogul Artists     Random Data     Young Romance     Certified Sky     Limber As A Tombstone
Picked Off First     That Move     Left Him Stiff     Open To Name     Impeachment Soon     Lobbyist Goth     Drear Bloom
From Yesterday     Halloween Valentine     Quoting Cars     Seal Liquid     Fatal Craving     Gunmetal Pudding     Deferment Coffers
Safe Emblazoned     Habit Wary     Red Admission    Open Sundays

1969:     Sundown Washing     Pretty Flawed     Ooh Fondue     Blossom Bud     Gilded Fine     Fresco Roccoco
Ides Dice     Trace Story     Marquee Neon     Flash Stageline     Easy C     Merry Go     Ruby Schools     Direction Paste
Ruby Schools     Fall Fashions     Patent Last     Sin PictureWindows     Honey Dish     Ooh Fondue     Rastifar Stars
Before The Dewdrop     More Sugar     Incorporated Copyright     Where Are The Dragonflys?     Sixty Ninety
Fallen Caution     King Of Calligraphy     Stamp Warranted    Singers Prints     Fifty-FiftyThree     Joint Net
Curl Comes Around     Crickets Almond     Chasing Tribes     Jukebox Afghanistan     Peanut Butter Maple Leaf
Mean Force     Spill Pennies     Mustard Production     Frag Period     None All     Late Beaver     Fashion Parlor
Full Half Pint     Frozen Boat     Tumbler Bolts     Posing Criminal     Fractured Figments     Anniversary Present
Silver Limousine     Wanting Novice     Triptych Grill     Spinthrift Twist     Pills Mistake     Bake Hops     O.U.I.
Fast Parabola     Penny Wednesday     Spiral Road     On Do It     Distinct Pattern     Car Toad     Gingerbread Lox
Pending Actions     Mixture Maybe     Skin Pigment    Calm Quarrels     Pace Abet     Every Tread Instead     Mellow Parasite
Crisp'N Soft     Crisp Favor     Cult Sexpot     Essential Waste     Pythagorus Lied     Stage Align     Cash Goddess     Volume Often
Naked Pretend     Stingy Soap     Carcanet Adamant     Teppid Nutrients     Lost Muchachos     Stolen Ninas     A Planet Sword
Vacillating Wavelengths     EverReal     Explications     Curls & Pearls     A Minnows Death     Turn Into Someone
Ancient Tryst     Moment  Warm     Phantom Records     Border Children     Boy You     Mellow Distilled     Houston Sunlight
Seamless Misfit     Now A Girl     Clockwork Paid     Rituals Allude     Beyond The Flowers     Matching Taxonomy
Reluctant Buttress     Consequence Fruition     Equable Resignation     Very Afterwards     Bizarre Rodeo     Whitely Dental
Empty Attempt     Kill Motive     Happened Non     Encapsulate Orbit     Turbulence Planted     Other Summers     Child Hiding

1968:     Pat Response     State Peter     Synthesis Icon     Angels Wore      Enveloped Char     Squinting Wrinkles
Half Carafe     O.Z.     pacified ions     Symetry Trees     Leaf Folios     Outside Dreams     Situation Grows
Tail Penny     Stakes Punji     Say Description     Then Or Now     Banks Of Mind     Alien Pagans     False Alibis
PlaySchool Girl     Big Cherry Falls     Former MGM     My Cool     Hot Must     Alumni Nights     Stoned Boy Star
All Faces    Decent Truck     The Twelfth Of Morrow     Past The Mood     Quip Ranger     Tainted Action     Two Memos
Fly Erased     Small Repent     Black Or Won     Everywhere Remedy     Wanting Mellow     Heartbeat Pearls
Liquid Potency     Tied Stone     Wander Highlight     Safe Payphone     Bad Collide     Quizzing Billiards     Quit Kissed
Cool Mote     Phantom Together     Wanted Given     Sudden Prior     Paraffin Tests     Ahrythmic     Sent Gossip
Curb Quell     They Came     Summit Bomb     Asia Night     Make Forward     Pretty Diversion     Hairdo Modern
Dual Farm     Problem Solvable     Budding Mind     Meeting Polyp     Pivotal Twist     Parade Clues     Fragile Aspen
Immortal Faces     Mildly Cruel     Wheedling Antithesis     The Ethics Of Qualm     Who Or Whom     Sugar Prim
Cancel Anagram     Patella Ways     Swimwear Flip-Flops     Sixteen Grift     Tickets Same     Shimmy Lace     Sixteen Seventeen
Closing The Pose     Starlets & Stars     Trouble Tracks Down     Nihilistic Idyllic     Tousled Honey      Fix Prescription
Added Gradually     Stumped Dumb     Subtle Gradients     Moody Brusque     UnderCurrenting     *Bitch Tryst
Wishes To Opine     In Her Olden Days     Yummy Scrumptious     Most Nubile     Selling Chocolate Eclair     Two Point Two
Grilling Frictions     Crushed Provenance     Fearless Warrant     Gay As Fey     Ugly Descry     Emotions Nestling
Easy Commotion     Prohibit Me     Said Wet

1967:     Therefore Ergo (legal clerk)     Smoke Floats     Time As She Was     Parts Of Agenda     Personnel Used
Ratty Pratfall     Back Passage     Marred Card     Obviousity     Fantasy Smokes     Common Nonsense     Teacup Leaf
Styles Apparent     Time As She Wan     Trace Impresses     Tadpole Doe     Rare Existence     Arrow Venture
Motives Decide     Mingling With Persians     Pool Was     Rare Ovarian     White Pharohs     You In Harlem
The Poor Bills     Trio Tremolo     Past Faction     Diplomatic Asp     Sample Witness     Stuff No MOREe
Standard Issue Knife     Boots Smooth     Something Nine     Happy Asp     Crowded Push     Crazy Blues     Leave Appear
Stone Electric     Sense Album     Popsicle Tokes     Boyfriend Pose     Witness Kisses     Simple Morning
Sports Fores     Cliffside Available     Own QB     Safe Payphone     Quit Kissed     Arithmatic Fractions
Sugarpie Yesterday     Cocoa Lonely     Mildly Insane     Positive Fodder     Same Sex Protagonist     Mind Fraction
Saint Always     Nuance Include     Citrus Include     Extraneous Miscellaneous     Nuance Include
Jam Knight     Wrong As Possible     Fake Serious     Mermaid Sensi     Seafood Steam     Scripted Fees     Spin Winnow
Plastic Wait     Threadbare Cat Herd     Coup Plotters     Pony Cogitate     Always Mates     Bifocal Maze     Crash Voyage`
Jump Abeyance     Back To Gone     Zaras Orbs     Buxom Poozle     Six Twos     Ransom Fright     Angels Of Self
Escapade Affairs     Playmate Date     Seven Final     Winding Weeds     Her Dark Side Of Fun     Lovely Fiction
Pericles Style     Who Knows     As The Day Turns     True Body Count     Shadenfreude Ecstasy Angst
Charleston South     Red Letter Day     Repeating Partway     Tasting The Telephone

1966:     Popsickle Tranquility     Causing Pauses     Peaceship Treason     Bud Mosaic     Fast Afar     Just.
Silhouette Over     Melodious Buzz     Fuzzy AM     *Cue Wanna     Ticket Parts     Avenue Trace     Wait Nation
Concept Shadows     You News     Ring Around The Sea     Coalesced Omens     Covers Impossible     Baby Afford
If Too     Tue Nudes     Two Summers     Risking Ides     Whiplash Size    Dozen Minks     StyleCrime
Hard Copy Supernova     Swing Foment     Spin Wins     Cool Send     Sandwich Anthem     Let Grow
Dense Topography     Tempt November     Wanting Mellow     *Fast Purchase     Three Frissions     Living Afternoon
Penny Candybags     Sparks Groovy     Escalade Pole     Pen Name Fate     Baking Same     Rolling Polliwog     Choice Six
Qualm Happens     Tiff Famile`     Sentence Angels     New Records     Moonday Woodwork     Attentions Spy
Wednesdays Bonfires     Easter Graffiti     Skit Video     Scene Summertime     Date Night Moveis     Nehi Strikes
Ready 'Nuff     Si` Beaucoup     Lady Doctor     Singing Krill     Mostly Truism     '66 Dusk     Inspector Jet
Pencil Tan     Modus Focus     Point Calm     Stuffs Growing     Wash Your Peas     Nourish Needs     Marking The Program
Song We     Secrets Do     Blank Ennui     Six SevenPie     Blue As Copenhagen     Peekaboo Nude     Lyrical Perfume
Stance Florid     Dine Oblong     *Cool Absurd     Both Teams Dreamed     Subtleties Chore     Body Walked     Laity Note
Paint A Wish With Today     Rote Disclaimer     Fine Print     Only Pages     Just History     Upon Serving Thanksgiving
Paved In Molten     Magma Gravestones     A Final Toast     To Lighter Times     The Young Moll     A Full Pack
Stacked To The Deck     Edged Tinfoil     Dear Light     Mystica

1965:     Whip Galore     Bloke Closure     Go Rainbow     Paintbox Shoes     Part Of Contents     Ouiji Needs     Such You
Risking So     Budget Pie     Bagadore`     Special*Ize     Rock Bond     Pastime Trademark     Atomic Christ     Zante`
Hindu Mixtures     Jet Meadowland     Image Faun(a)     White DeCoupe     Many Heards     Eventuality Dawns
Noted     Munster Space     WhereUpon Been     Books Sidewalk     Ghost Neopolitan     Singles Air
Six Remiss     Prometheus Vice     At The Fall Of Rain     Donut Clone     (I) Don't     Involvements Clue
Pony Bogus     Heartlocket Vault     Stump Pare`     Character Adjective     Want Mood     Dram Camedies
Winter Pelage     Fawn Boots     Twenty Whetstone     Guns Made You Pay     Piston Pillow     Hand Naked
True Frame Movie     Part Chrome     June Day     Edge Of Chasm     Tiny Gospels     Angel Ever     Slowly Poseur
Places Wanna Go     Tapping Winnow     Baby Animal     Glaze Windows     Jr. Sensi Realization     Never TheLess Love
Bellybutton Sun     Drama Hope     Hidden Clown     Durable Sustained     Precipice Store     Honey Frankly
Coffin In Life     Scuff Bubble     Luxury Somme     Cupid's Price     Raise Borrowed     Mod Engroove
Spine Fill It In     Cant Of Now     Gaudy Talkings     Log Catalog     Animal Pose     Soft Demure     Truest There
Cool Absurd     Cry Lying     Heavens Redoubt     Gracious Happy Loss     Done As Does     Exciting As Sin
Subtle Petrodactyl     Picnic Gnosis     Tunnel Muscle     Limb Concern     Jack Millicent     Rib Proximity     Outed Activate
Couples Pastime     Eternally Kinetic     Corruption Favors     One Last Fast     Heyday Youth     Cartoon Truth
Live Fire Marksmen     Sanctity Of Borders     Tracks Of Prayers     New Agent     Man Up!     Whitewashed Face     Fingermost
Audrey In Legs     Lady Dialogue

1964:     Beeswax Heat     Inge Subliminal     BlindGloss     Was Wasn't     Parked Chasm     Then Intends
Fast Cocoon     *Mack Mars     Boys Existing     Story Adore`     Outside Dreams     Ringlet Sinuous
Fool NewsWorthy     Colours Ran     Time Sans     World Nativity     Cream Pitcher     Babe Maybe     Xerox Padre
Balustre MIG     Heartless Atom     Broken Tremeloes     Oriole Weld     Babu On     Velvet Dues
Officially Recommended     Vagabond Hat     Border Lotus     Cake Happening     Dead In Limbo     Temple Place
Boxscore Analysis     Raspberry Pavillion     Ides Of July     Two Times Kitten     Figments Immoral     Stamens Enclose
Plastic Classic     Spears Certificate     Kept In The Sahdows     Paste Elastic     Book Scarf     Twist Brisket     Gosh Comma
Common Gossip     Hear Fate     Hard Gnarl    Four Twos     Capable Purpose     Lost Vegas Penny     Local Guarantee
Sundry Angels     Easter Eve     Trust Go     Soft Animals     Prismatic Fraction     Armed Anomaly     Segue Career
Deoposed Probate     Big Double     Base Chalice     Heading Ready     Simple Temptation     Nexus Well     Serial Number None
Underground Flash Revealed     Burning Applicable     Open Mode     32 Pills     Gave Fun     Making Changes
Short Cut Boots     Menacing Heavy Load     Compost Grounds     Tough Dock     Rectilinear Clairvoyant     Odd Synchronicity
Type Three Dystopia     The Cast Of Paint     Piece Rod     Ballot Clues     Moments Remarkable     Watch Stance
Body Caught     Love Boy     Totally Clear     Double-Negative     Serendipity's Chance     Back On The Tame
ACommandment     Keep Doing     Picture True     Breathe Causes Seeds     Had Me     Midterm Now     Lost P.S.
Evening Prayer     Incendiary Denial     Chestnut Integrity     Pistol Friction     Struggle Nuptials     Continued Instigation
Knot Smart     All Theory

1963:     Paper Documents     Dekey Moves     Divots Include     Camaro Blond     Cuke Nuclear     *Ginger Princess
Almost Standard     Truth Goodnight     KCV     January Picture     Wism     Tan Lovings     Sentient Gnomes     TV Buzz
Atomic Venture     Shogun Julian     Expanding Mushroom     Opaque Heliopad     Sans Don't     *Oui Acquiesce
Christ Hiroshima     Hirohito Moves     Genuine Purpose     Toasted Smoke     Petal Better     Look SoFace
PH Atom     Vulcan, Michigan     *Boudoir Why     BlackManWhite     Manufacturing Freckles     Nuclear EverAfter
Fashion Outing     Fourteen Nations     Yoga Haiku     Coffin Kept The Tomb     Sipping Ebony     Suntan Dormer
Boots Pout     Incense Seize     Carpenter Persuasion     Customary Lands     Nervous Element     Spilling Way Ways
Fractured Brittle     Evanescence Between     Rigid Is     Casual Fine    Same Nice     Running Bug     Spindle Nightingale
Expanding Pardon     Stuff That Coincides     Came Gone     Tooth Count Movie     Astrolabe Mideast     Living Pretty
Carpark Heart     Nice Around     Piquant Nice     Almost January     Exactly Supposed Too     *Astrolabe Mideast
Nice Friendly     Scared Danger     Peripheral Axiom     Cheerleaders Rant     Sexpot Boxscores     This Mission
*Individually Tailored     Patio Accessory     Chances Aspen     On The Ocean     Lancaster Hasp     Buffeting Formality
Very Small venial     Deal Enhance     Maybe Former     Interesting Chance     Rogue Paint     Comet Angle     Put The Brazil
Deeds Identification     Escendance     Schoolyard Theology     Dressed In Reach     Forecast Forever     Flag Day Eve
Sign Madness     Fun With Kisses     Karma Gulch     Genre Retiring     Something Done     War Porous     Devious Needs
Tumbling Uneasy     Too Dimensional     Wounds Walk     Soldier Goodbye     Fundamentalist Review     Gypsy Gloves
Love Fingerprints     Ocean Teaspoon     Game Diagnosis     Girls Proposal     Deep Tomorrows

1962:     Penny Parkinglot     Soda Pop Soft Drink     Genuine Tijuana     Swiss Frost     Bumptious Fraction
Eating The Recipe     Part Ins     Perfect Epitome     Touch About     '63 Fury     Le The     Via Car     Clocks Sky
CityWide Now     Tear Atom 'Torn'     Eclipsing Profits     Nodding Picnic     Wade Respite     Secret Lost     Escalloped Cotillion
Mary Dearth     Rag Incognito     Buckwheat Need     Compete Leagues     NewsLate/NewSlates     Cute Beautific
Topsy Turmoil     Paintbox Shoes     Touch Doublet     Abdicator Peach     NothingTrace     Fast Caption     Limbo Quills
Garden Tiers     Jet Iowa     PoolSkys     Steep Confederate     Bare Apples     Main Response     Teeming Tides
Stylish Nude     Blue Mood Noon     White Angels     Mortals Expose`     Blink Lies     Nice Catch
Stopping Shadow     Ephemeral Moment     Ein Subdue     Rotate The Cascade     Weeks Day     Girl Disdain
True Journeyman     Clearly Lucid     Dichotomy Non     Refurbished History     Free Blue     Cornchip Pure     Heart Paint
Inside Science     Segue Career     Relax Mix     Bunny Lush     Mint Ten Inches     Ambience Mood     Sparkle Anomaly
Friction Fast     Miles Polling     Spawning Pawns     Smooth Purchase     Kisses Dimensia     Roomless Park
Muss Tousled     Happy Practical!     Lithe Genuflection    Clean Easily     Latent Salience     Nation Alley
Twin Reflection     Equerry     Tame Goose Feather     Tidy Dramas     Burn Motto     Cash Family     Tool Calendar Girl
Remodeled Autumn     Fastidious Extraneous     Ushered Buses     Butterflies Wild      Mans Motel     Exact Faculties
You Sphincter     No Romance     Almost Loved You     Thing Funded     Posted Yesterday     Quest Rising
Crumb Reality     Popcorn Former     Half A Twin     Finest Print Disclaimer     Economic Now     Early Loosen     Manly Avalon
Rhythm Mood

1961:     Bonus Always     Mastoid Pagemoment     Snitching Pickings     Trace Vegen     Kissing Cost     Vanilla Woods
One Ultima     CowPoke     Apples Oranges     Plump Budget     Mouse Heartland     Fierce Physics     Fawn Lollipop
Chance Happenstance     Tracing Streamlines     Style Lonely     Space Pie     Hay Wagon     Lost Wrong     Bobsled Social
Cute be Bon     Elocution Church     The Palms Of Sunday     Fever Mix     Orange Gemini     Why Ascar     Eclipse's Pause
Small Continent     Time LostStar     Cool Schools      What Upons     Silk Luxuriant     Vicinities Evicted
Chance Includes     Knute Paiute     Pathology Dares     Safe Fever     Isles Adorned     Single Imminent
Juice Water     Pretty Bad Keds     Cool As Car     Cry Ghost     Dead As Keds     Somber Indiana     Saint Insane
Pony Lonely     Baby Horse     Vintage Primitive      Chic Brown     Smoothie Mortal     Sullen Annoyed    Past Compressed
Curtain Gain     Street Arrange     Shimmy 'nuff     Toss The Baton     Seed High     Friends Dawn     Ten Factions
Soft At Play     Dance Remains     Paid Design     Tidy Analysis     Textbook Cook     Written Walls     Crisp Facts
Abducting Passion     New Single     Rubble Dump     Susan Hour     North Door     God's Constable     Peanut Butter Jam
Tickets Tan     Ants Cogitate    Stolen Ninas     Boy Adventure     Cub Scout Boast     Quest As Totems     Culture Coating
Favorite Brands     Incarnatins Tomorrow     Imminent Death Line     Facing Death     Diamonds All     Ghosts Of Promise
Turning Over Something     Only Portray     Vow Affirmation     News True     FBI About     Seven Mile House
Sweet Stakes     Bloodthirsty Borrowed     Need You Candlelight     Vampire Valentine     Clothing Woven     *Lyrics Lost
Pretend Makeup     Message Me     Product Splash     White Moral     Situation Games

1960:     Toothbud Instruments     Coalesce Momentum     Bee Nothing     Dusty Tabloids     Bills Amounts     Bee Diamonds
Average Max     Sugar Candy Or Coffee?     Ohm Moment     Blood Martyr     PennyFeather Stigma(ta)     Data Inscribed
Babies Aiming     Elements End     Voice Rosary     Satin Plain     Sat Satellite     Cake Awaits     Processed Figment
Tender Pretendings     Runt Parity     Car Mood     Dr. More     Stitch Includes     Think     Ponder     Grout Amount
  Risking So     *Molten Smoke     Seek Pleases    ShirtTail Skies     Elastic Honey     Ingredients On The Side     Boy Girls
WouldPut     Doll Love     Vegetable Factories     Guesssing Gnomes     March Fourth     Tame Event    Clouds Bomb
Dots & Swirls     Human Wanting     Caps Passion     Rivers Never     Mrs. Mine     Feel Needs     Meteorite Iron     Six Queen
Take Beats     Come Upon     Double Lyrics     Take Coated Down     Day Tealeaf     Movie Dream     Delve True     Party Worry
Sixteen Books     Stockcar Guise     Be Genuinely Cautious     Cold Suppose     Fashion Songs     Tame Announce
Tame Announce     Bob Stops In     So Populate     Instant Pill     Sound Brother     Bit Kismet     Smoking Formal
Range Daring     Holding Grip     Fast Trash     Giddy Titters     OK Way     Dense Corrugation     Banks Basement
Hades Handbasket     Wind Continues     Scuzz Fund     Simple Ripeness     Ambits     Tangent Tally     Britches Zipper
Intentional Clarification     Foxed Me     Sedulous Honor     Filthy Capitalists     Damn Those Providers
Prohibition Feeding     Our Appetites     All For     Ruler Whim     Won Spin News     Loose Jacket Messaging
Back Flip     Toupee Unhinged     Calm As Pasteurized     Writers Block     Damn Those Pages     Two Halves
Time Evolves Devolve     Clocking Both Ways     Post Twenty-Four     Dimensinal Spirals     Monkey Be     Monkey You

1959:  Humming Bumble     Honey Kitchens     But Moment     Angst Knot     Bit Manual     Snow Pink     Crazy Tangibles
  Gene Pools     Worn Orbit     Abstract Cat     Phil Voluminous     Saint Augustine's Navel
  Innings Dawn     Andrew Jackson Georgia     Letter Album     Candy Bar Instructions     Homogenized Globules
Itchy Matchsticks     Mastoid PageMoment     Two Decibels      Atomic Clown     Normal Halflives
Became Anatomy     Paints Can     Nil Awe     OceanToy     Yellow Margarine     Jaunty Saucy     Bonus Always
Innings Dawn     Duty Portrayed     Lighten Dreams     Given Quiver     Stalwart Hygiene     Sweet Needs
TV Link     Merchants Went     Red Steps     Seamus Does     Praise Raisin     Buzz Robusto     Rose Japan
Same Incidental     Sky Estrange     Serious Squares     Size Needy     Infiltration Felt     Bait Waiting
Saving Life     Pallid Alliterative     Turf Roots     Ravishingly Charming     Starting Local Fires     Cold Faction
Bang Holiday     Weighted Day     Fait Need     Couldn't Limit     Potential Melodies     Crucial Nude
Probe Information     Teenage Gunfire     Frankly Stationed     Possibility Clothed     Locked In The Crowds
Some Muffins     Walking Strode     Stuck In Possibles     Ain't Momentary     Watching Touch     Radiation Cream
Plate Six     My Detective     Doesn't Keep     Beggar Wheedling     Mean Insult     Spoon Of Moment     Baby Vampire
Bird Feeder Bath     Watching Stubborn     Occupy Her Bowl     Effective As Milk     Admission Admits
It Talks     Twisted Bible     Articulate Spokesman     Klan Evangelist     Boy You!     Soft Following
Novelistic Manner     More Less     Reality Card     Outskirts Of Cemetery     Roots Of Death     Small Rant
OK Enough

1958:     Might Just     Teapot Boiling     Leaf Flotille     Done Axiom     260* Cathedral     Anvil Sattelite
OursMars     Way Too     Taste Habile`     Dance Candy     Wink Marlinda     Crewcut Passion
Movie Face 'Moue'     As Was    Plastic Coated Playing Cards     Dusty Tabloid     Split Fission

Fashioned CoffeCake     Transom Nights     WeightLine     Riven Stones     Regular More     Portent Pastiche
Toppled Arbors     Sterling Flatware     Sonoma Forrest     Gym Situation     Donut Moments     Stolen Pranks
  If Avenue     Cocoa Aztec     Region Grown   Pour Surface     Each Cotillion     Same Moments
Full Fledged     Fulcrum Modify     Modified Pharohs     Edge Nation     Smudged Message     Stir Cure
Sneak Island     Correct Direction     Cute Decorations     Done Pastiche     Singing Even     Anonymous Allegations
Gum Wrapper     Skinny Tight     Looking Best     Filming Civilians     Popular Fun    Character Montage
Textbook Persian     Tres Dramatico`     Champion Lore     Know Chinover     Doesn't Gossip     Partner Former
Panasonic Blind     Thursday Noon     Vichy Armour     Revving In Vain     UpTown Down     Best Formal
Clockwise Night     Complete Occurence     Mix Sense     Book Portal     Steady Accident     Daze Upon     Common Admission
Quality Formosa     Questions Perception     Cash Past     Stumpy Padua     Befuddled Slumpling     Vastly Pale
Naked Parenthesis     Mean Texas Border     Purging Voters Records     Elevated Pulp Truths     Rent In Guilt
Making Coast     Confessional Wash     Seeking Innovation     Dead Norm     TV Gourmet     Your Raviolis
<>1957:     Peanutbutter Corners     Pumpkin Flowers    Pigtail Telephone     Amnesty Makes     Soft Lotions     I Style
Meant Acropolis     Tafetta Lonely     Dust Repercusssions     Buck NightWing III     Devily Stylish     Blood Martyr
Crimston Timothy     Teagarden Leaves     Ends Translated     Gospel Karma     Jam T. Transmission     Service Manual
Traiment     Ides & Evens     Tides Ephemera     Mating Nations     Blind Formica     Temptation Furs
Fit Pistons     Melody Caught     Neat Givenly     Magma Caramel      Chance Orb     Cul de Sac Twilight
Atomic Cachet     Smoky Emotions     Playground Whiles     Binding Nylon     Swept Wayback     Purebred Bastards
Bliz Charisma     Aspen Does     Tonight Might     Busy Masterpiece     Hush Bargain     Candle Whys     Hearts Relate
Get Caught     Custom Cascade     Standard Salute     Small Population     Sent In Box     Seminal Deep     Lame Espouse
Stare Dimensions     Someone Cove     Smoke Chameleon     Finite Venus     Anchor Weigh    Fifty-Eight Copper Pennies
Song As Sing     Suffer Tease     Striking Excellence     Sifting Algorithms     Don't Smoke     Big Maximal     An Obligation
Paint Station     Ben Friendly     Cab Had     Raindrops Caught     Nigger Parse     Turn Insane     Standard Please
Pieces Require     Considerate Tine     Matter Hard     TV Afternoon     Once Child's Pulse     Resident Aliens
Person Streets     Waiting Patent     Advent Style     Sort Of Intimate     Painted Animals     Ten Semblence
Subterfuge Forma     Doctor Could     Exclamation Parentage     Classic Stylus     Comes Back Soon     Talking Caution
Gospel Can     Malevolent Farm     Toil Servant     Macabre Perversion     Odd & Immediate     System Stays
Sky Medium     Offer Airlines     Whip Brilliant     Cherry Cigarette     Ransom Speed     Silken Grimace
Blossom Bloom     Typing Spy     Someone Dies     Byword Opening

1956:     Sinuous Winsome     LastPants     Pies Prize     'Tis Kitten     Evident Mix     Genuine Tijuana     PH Atom
  Bee-Devil     BoyCrimes     Spectrum Patio     Salud Rules     Solving Frankly     Didn't Ago      Valent Playthings
  Scriptus Concept     Staresse     Riddle Toxic     Kisses Wishing     Pamper Bred
Dewdrop Waters     River StyleLight     Pop Lawmen     Omen Mellow     Icicle Cakes     Opaque Chamois
Too Are     Iron Steel     Who Friction?     *SmokyTop Shade     Monstre`     *Satin Strays     Widget Wism     Candy Size
Fate Destiny     Moonlight Do     Dawn Gravity     Criminal Fix     Rolling Cashmere     Lovely Dinette
Velvet Oblique     Downtown Idaho     Orbital Notions     You Moi     Fall Tear     Singling Happening
Signed Clues     Love CaneBreak     Left Now     Sun Blue     Figured If     Diorama Fire     Downtrodden Soul
Past Due From     Pseudo Surrogate     PRESS Nouveau     Legs Tucked     Cuff Blind     Tame Remembers     Lollipop Secrets
A La Mountaine     Caramel Scores     Oasis Stance     Lady Resolve     Available Safe     Kiss Prisms     Various Parades
`River Varnish     School Paint     Temporary Over     Sitting Written     Typface Page+     A Certain Kind Of Sudden
Silent Ides     Exclusively Smooth     Royalties Lost     Taken AM 'Take'     Cent Integrity     Due Diligence
Tidal Loaming     Lady Breakfast     Bungalow TownHome     Fusion Pour     Mixed POse     Squander Heights
Happy Practical!     Circuit Molinare`     Uncle Dad     Cottonswab Candycane     Winnowing A Fusion     Compicated As Smile
Adventure Once Night     Sooty Positron     Redoubt Found     Milk Car     Asset Went     Dip Conniption     Quest Abet
TV Sky     Detective Critic     Adept Mote     Justice Due     Figment Formal     Told You Nice     *Too Soon To Be A Boy
Fun Pastiche`     Still Purpose     Discount Warned     Fields Alibi     Across The Play     Lipstick Deep     Only Imprint
Applesauce Common

1955:     Centerpiece NeverDream     The Frantic Nothings (A Housewives Band)     Bud Possible     Leaf Flotile
Attic Grandma     Minimum Castlerock     Ginger Princess     Pique Nickels     Retooling Vegetables, Sr.     Solving Tablets
Twilight Nevers     Pennies Toy     Boston Marble     Raindrop Brooks     Illuminations Calm     Sown How     Honest Warrantys
Hot Brambles     Tight Limbo     Problematical Sabatical     Amber Sun     Who Includes?!     Woman Envelope     Bean Eatable
Diamond Pixation     Local Motion     Just Addressed     Alfredo Alfresco     Sane Dandelions     Once Entwined     Party Bes
Quality Price     Boys Tennis    Girl Venus     Moving Car     White Skies     Teeming Angels     Teenage Hearts
Trimming Jets     September Time     Touching Nothing     Storm Opposes     Turn Portray     Punk Strolling
Memory Telephone     Parochial Nude     Catty Snarky     Red Neck Treasure Chest     Cream Of The Ensemble     Cats Woven
Monaco Knows     Opaque Shadow(s)     Two SuperNova     Suburban Jersey     *Group Of Pupils     Six Quibble
Booker Mortal     Saving Chance     Exodus Lonely     Denouement     Petroleum Coal     Open Turnstile
Nice Little Whispered     Trigger Purview     Cushion Chiffon     Peeling Cash     Someone Took Numbers     Rate Shampoo
Turn Ford     Fifty-Six Pistons     Succumb Proof     Pulse 26     Overaching Intent     Pulse 26     Cottonswab Candycane
Jams Behind     Temper Gorgeous     Pete Dimensions     Sideboard Corridor     Muscoviche Pardon     Copper Opportunities
Ked's Pest     Rough Muffins     Rascal Plays     Better Emotion     Tart Lyrics     Delicatessen Farm     Still Nude
Poison Change     Stray Rumble     Decor Your Bedroom     Drumming Up Dollars     Freedom Taps     Fatal Saga     Told You Nice
Bidden Hasp     Counterfeit Rainbows     As A Youth     Variety Contagious     Tame Bitch     Truths Premature
Childs Playbook     Unresolved Dot To Dots     Crown Villain     Puberty Exclusive

1954:     Car Escargot     Butter.Gold     Clay Marbles     Qualified Edify     Ending Hemisphere     Francise White
Wayside Please     Jumping Pebbles     Want Meaning     Said So     Scars Isobar     Hyperbola Parabola
Half Habitual     Tact Factual     Scattered Molecules     Sunrise 'Partments     Wad Wattage     involving dues
Fly PayDay     Tad Meanings     Discovery Makes     True Construe     Wish Me's     Pinking     Bad Passions/Passionate
Stock Rodeo      Wavy Parallel     Christian Pictures     Badness Matters     Rise Mercedes     Wending Same
Creamy Evenings     Pixie Bliss     Want Patrimony     Soap Atmosphere     Hatred Nature     Four Square     Tuff Wasn't
Street Niche     Mexicoe Noe     Half-Life Aftermath     Exactly Forever     Trimming Jets     Sundry Clues
Sixteen Cubits     Tadpole Dinosaur     Edge Kittens     Endless Inertia     *Sunkissed Wishes     Dust Possible
Taste DeSpoils     Baby Close     Creative Phoenix Ash     Sad Possibilities     Full Fledged     Angels Prison
Edited Movie     Honeycomb Positron     Rather Crass     Princess Blo     Smooth Mellow     Cocky Surety
Shaping Parameters     Glissade` Nue     Candy Given     Eternal Add     Fix Faction     Experts Pick     Bid Divot
Dewdrop Mountaintop     Locked Song     Squad Star     Concomitant Font     Male Cop     Edge Goes     Flight Cover
Sputter Barrage     Domesticated Use     Six Small Down     Danse Parable     Major Funding     Obvious Signs
Middle School Tutor     Bar Dialogue     Crickets Bestir     Cabinet Politics     Quest Thankful    Mouthpiece Complete
You Dreamed Me      Abeyances     Sturdy Truck     Creep Icky     Pod Top     Crosspiece Fascia     Blind As Dust
True Despair     High Diabolical     Stardust Yesterday     Six Ballistic     Bore Today     Liquor Shot     Boys Lessons
Bachelor Fond     Plausibile Find     Dead Propensity     Skeletons Heart     Fermenting Shades     Bingo Shout!
Pineapple Diamonds     Convenience Closed     Quailified Hightable     Body Portfolio     Aimless Habite`
Emphatic Static     Elegant Swarm     Capitol Quandry     Figures Of Harmony

1953:     Chalkline Hearts     Sufficient Fixation     Almost Almond     Tom Morrow     Fishnet Limbo     Voice Rosary
Tommy Incognito     Minimum Castlerock     Enter Anteroom     Navel Gentry     IdesEve     Sands Became
James Planetarium     Saint-I-Mental     Only AM     Transparent Gravities     Tears Oblate     Tear Error
Gun Milieu     Il Nombre     Dade Evans     Votive Moments     Sandwich Haven     Yesterday Matters     Picture Botiques
Silvery Possibles     Edge Impossible     Teardrop Nears     Baby Youngster     Witness Kills     Toy Wedding
Ned Edgewise     AKA Alias     Lemon Reversed     Chalice Wishingwell     Bomb Dominoes     Hazel Walnut
Doublet Does     Token Fulcrum     Nick Dix     Sculptured Innocence     Nine Sixteenths     Text Pattern
Headlights Car     Wrong As A Tear     Turning Cruciate     P.S. Dreams     Cosmic Common     Diamond Raymond
Tigere`s Leathre     Picture Farrow     Standard Issue II     Listening To Kiss     Exactly Always
Potency Rue     Tony Makes The Smoke    Tipping Boo     Equipped Old     Tad Fan     Incognito UnderCover     Tickets Can
Cool Push Tu`     Parmales Safe     Broke Prize     Termite Piper     Grey Chiffon     Equipped With Pose
Impending Questions     Cozy Posings     Giddy Turpitude     Met Spot     Skimming Surmise     Sigmund Parent
Further Delegations     Comfortable Poem     Life Eclectic     Kids Chamois     Baking Residents     Quick As Zing     Tax Day
Want It So     Modest Manifesto     Battered Smash     Boyhood Lovely     Alien Freight     What Fussed     Paranoiac Maniac
Newly Scram     Goddess Bodice     Twenty Limit     Surprised Victor     Nibble Scoreboard     Incognito Mixed
Alleged Affairs     Kept Dover     Roamed Lonely     Doorstep Negotiantions     One Little Bumper     Candyapple Sighs
Crepe Paper Souls     Cats Yard     Evil Woes     Essence Of Letters     Customized Nice     Secretary Plush
Tension Parabola     Struck By Become     Rasslin' Cookies     Forever Or Always     Sun Simple     Duplex Neuter
Diary Entry     Nobodys Enthrall    Simply Admissible     Lady Dialogue     Whip Fashion     Fleshless Clowns
Devils Benediction     Wax Candy     Pen Autumn     Kill Diagonal

1952:     Cash Passion     Hope Gregorian     Neo New     Odd Evens     Dirt Perpetrate     Kiss Volume     List Niggardly
Coffin Crops     Sift Meld     Twilight Nevers     Daisy Raisinette     Add Egg & Oil/Noodle Dip It In
Earned Taipei     Pageboy Kissed     Part Ashore     Radiant HomeOwners     Emerald Gem     Aim To Follow     Hobble Clue
Any Postage     Debate Parquette     Welt Tremble     Story Turned     Mellow Jackknife     Heartless Fact
Do Too     Oh Almost     Baby Made     Yesterday As Became     Empathy Magnifico     Rodeo Poems     Velvet Phone
Junior Blue     Stay Yesterday     Stop Tarantula     Melon Tea     Officially Recommended     RockKid
Obviously Though     Pony Expose     Tiger Wolf     Common Cat     Short Raincoat     Ready Steady     Car Park Fork
Clean Conniption     Tad Dream     Carpet Arrangement     Dim Winding     Oh For Two News     Ted Pause     Ice Soul
Fitting Girlfriend     Cute Elan     Dental Rangers     Boy Notion     Ducat Clue     Ask Paranormal     Tame Gossip
Jimmy Madness     Circuit OK     Eyes Admire     Hardened Tableua     Bees Honeycomb     Beet Blood     Purchased Checks
Neat Occasion     Mushroom Tortilla     Miscellaneous Anon     Books Apart     Bee Endive     Fierce Lightning
Everything Marvels     Predictable As Life     Stolen Scar     Chic Animale`     Capable Gun     Entering Palms
Betty Gala     Chicks Illicit     Juan Dilettante     Kindergarden Gods     Humans Size Today     Strept Japan
Cubbyhouse Stove     August Soon     Living Room Heater          Luke Cargo     Garden Enclaves     Funding Crust
Niblets Confirmation     Apparent As Grudge     Text Coffin     Project Wanted     Bent Waitress     Coffin Pulse
Upside Down Duplicates     Zero Memorials     Quandried X-Mas     Stubble Coal     Sugar Without Pie     Want Me?
Capitol Fall     Tentative Vow     Features Phrased     Post Dawn     Broken Lakeshores     Red Karma

1951:     Trademark Innuendo     Pretty Much Whomever     Niggles     Moves Enclose  'Enclosed'     Morose Crucifixion
Nightless     WeightLine     Maximus Apartheid     *Teddy Badlands     Noon Mornings     His Girl     Dress Betsy
Nutmeg Wood     Fan Tokyo     Sans Ensemble     Mein Self     Page Shows     Octavia Collect     PAZulkF     Naturally At
Dude Move     Private Dick     Pigtail Telephone     Jeannie Linguini     AngelTrue     World Teas     Lay Angles
Get Ramble     This Location     Meaning Allude     Ends Translated     Donuts Eclair     Nibs Monument/Nib Monuments
DimeStar Identity     Tepid Adept     OK Ready     Cake Pretends     Escargot Scarf     Dewey Nurture     Cannon Escapade
Sport Cavort     Odd Willows     Baby Mom     Ace Brands     Assuming Morrow     Arabic Avacado    Puddin' Score
Sonic Bombs     Stories Told Angelus     Eyeballs Scored     Palm Tree Needing     Foolish Moodly     Even Escrow
Less Than Angels     Two Modes     Tool Certificate     Branded Moral     Custom Fix     Pool Cucumber     Fate Limousine
Language Sandwich     News Wednesday     Deceiving Maximumn     Keds Garbo     Lake Fallon     BB Seed     Energy Wheat
Bright Novice     Mind Novice     Magic Equality     Sent Borrow     Spying Endive     Grace Design     Too Locomotion
Depth Begin     Top Bottom     Permanent Moral     Ruckus Pretend     Tingle Alive     Early Purpose     Top Grain American
First Night Alone     Secret Sounds     Broken Triplicate     Darling Adorable     Sturdy As Years     Moths & Pearls
Old Nes     Dredge Reprise     Life Missed     Retro Fashion     Bachelors Coffeepot     Rodeo Fashion     Chase Frieze!
Slaves On Holiday     Conniving Wild     Standing In Brunt     Ahead Wicked     Buying Sans     Signifying Cash
#Signature Invitation     Stop ZZ     Earlier Today     Celestial Score     Diamond Flexible     So Instead
Tether Grow     Aftermath Lost     Given Earned     Sirup Candy     *Locked In Semblance     *Button Motives
Statistics Tell     Twist City     Dead Momentum     Ours Sir     Creepy Fiascos     Onerous Sparows     Drug Wistful
Hairdo Crueled     Fashion Announcer     Fast Lives

1950:     ElevenTwo     OneTwilight     Sawed Off Cross     Interior Turns     Hazzard Dues     SugarCould
  Singapore More     Melody Grace     Kitty Grace     Envelope Notes     Escaping The Pony     Molecular Nuclear
Letting Edification     Escaped Telephones     Blond Robbins     Spider Optics     Red Sunny     Dawn Guitars
Staged Angels     Cute ReButtal     Dig Id     Guise Revelation     Spoke Apache      Cowboy Takes     Anger Angry
Cantos Fuge     Von Envelope     Stage Tommorows     Cross Windows     MoonRiviere`s-Night    Memories Blend
Zero Something     Trim Discoveries     Wicked Atometry     Raise Cared For     Nonstop Not    FlyBlood     EasyWise
Dr. Computer    Jam MakeUp     Stumpy Focus     Drue Motion     Destiny Fruitcake     Initial Summar
Cute Sweetie     Cuter Still     Better Shadow Composed     Rock Oblique     Laundry Quip     Besieged Niece
Apostle's End     Vulnerable Groove     Navaho More     Mare Soft     Jr. BB     Sweeping Snow     Bubbles Extra
Stonefed Poem     Tremble Bumbling     First Class Midwest     Taste Station     Lumpy Dud     Cadre Hour
Journeyman Troubadour     Stuffing Bodies     Doorway Portfolio     Dish Enough     Tub Walls     Bunny Hunchable
Twisted Bias     Crawl Space     *Method Congress     Dalm Deny     Shifting Marbles     Equipped Dove     Olive Sing
Scotch Shortbread     Box As Well     Naked Playing Itself     Mint Boxed     Desist     Fraught Perilous
Adams Apple Truth     Intimately Familiar     Zoomy Freeways     Wimple     Sugars Cost     Dialogue Clotting
Acting Show     Pop Shop Imbroglio     Really Deal     Tell Me Someone     Natural Fulfillment
Her Own Vixen     Blue Eyed Score     Better Than A Ten     Four Point Some     Eveangelists Warren Hutch
Screams Lost In Caught     White Farmers     Chasms Mist     A Place     Wont Vote     Mortal Fortitude
Kinmost Platitude     Poly Descriptive     IndictCitement     So Date     City Has Time     Shadow Similie
Son Of Romance     Rearrange Me     Babbling Tabloids     Sinuous Indigenous     Part Vinegar     Sports Captain
Floor Improvise     Still Preamble     Dumpy Tubbins     Bug Dumplings     Nonsense Parallel     Mixing Needs
Soda Cherubim     Consolation Thief     Crept Dynamite / Calm Rodeo     Cause Used

1949:     Homogenous Spokes     Spaceless Carries     Shapely Opaque     Teapot Boiling     Gizmo Dicey     Tawdry At
Elite Softness     P.O. Box     Pillbox Hat     The World At War     Interior Turns     TwoDues     Stickfigure Pinions
  Danger Do Not Rock Seat    Blond Robbins     Rayon Shine     Cassanova Atmoshpere     Wrong Gone     DayeMentions
Hardball Fall     Snug Bowtie     Drew Resting     Naescent Bloom     SandRapscallion     Cream Medium     Hours Incidence
Diction Synonym     Diamond Twilights     Hey PayWagon     Tomboy Spit     I Sigh     One Pencil     PhotoVoltaic
Crisis Skies    AppleCherry Velvet     God New     Choosen Wholes     Embossed Mark     Nuts Fractional     Carport Fork
Bachelors Spread     Huddled Wry     The Emminent Pie     Big Shift     Polarized Lights     Phone Tea     Cheating Woes
Priceless Curls     Boy Promise     Stealing Gospels     Given Feature     Giggling Innings     Mostly Done
Trademark Detective     Common Happenstance     Trademark Detective     Only Edible     Run Pinion     Paige Informa
Six Common     Realize Nights     Boss Reality     Hate Evening     Building Dawn     Rumors San Doubte     Todays Contest
Inevitable Proposition     Mean Preamble     Anonymous Tip     Contextualized     Lunar Event     Open Fallow     Moms Built
Speed Merchant     Termite Parasite     Tenuous Fabrications     Whole Motor     Mercurial Cupid Quotes
Tough Nugatory     Wanton Awning     Ransom Memory     Willing To Ways     Wedding Aftermath     Dance Hall Dice     Naked Rice
Bothe In Touch     Candle Into Nighttime     Inside Curve     Trestles & Handicaps     Taxes Spilled     Gun Moll     Closest Fade
Midterms Challenge     Texas Fatale     None & Zero     Chance Affix     Sport Captain     The Truth Of     Circal Spiral Mystique
Manhattan Satin     Curtain Velvet     Already Become     Something Happened     Simple Rudiments

<>1948:     Bit Habitual     Silhouette Wish     Nickname With     Tom Matoes     Mortadella     Risk Module     Pumpkin Cups
Penny Marshmallow     Ranning     Cigarette CashMark     Admissable Flaws     Short Wrinkles     Cocoa Chiffon     PaperEnds
Pinnacle Between     Took Round     Crossed Above     Include Mons     Blank Souds     Scoop Ture`     Pillar Simplicity
Oh Alone     Blue Suede Moon     Paper Crown     Dust Honeybun     Endless Ands     Edward Nesting   Hotpoint Mexico
Leaving The Cool     Every Chance Christ     Little Girl Thought     Happens Gathering     Natural Animals
Proven Stranger     Pithy Advice     Sans Invisible     Smoke Punk     Gunboat Nors     Aspic Pectin     Picture In Rags
Stubby Parameter     North Chicago     One Mark     Photographs Of Mood    Caring Wintry     Monster Whisk
Headlights Car     Stage Gals     Missing Alibias     Do It Or Boy     Frame Maybe     Dirty Curve     Sequence Pearl
Equipped Purpose     Immobile Fixity     Smith Martha     True Incognito     Victims Grabbed     Parts Of Pages
Incurred Urgent     Bunt Dumpling     April Thirty-Third     Didn't Reflective      Pieces Erase     Biblical Ruse
Partial Diary     Giddy Nixxed     Ride The Monster     Delicate Rhetoric     Tousled Languid     Nuance Surface
Camera Obscura     Baseball Night     Igniting Flight     See Us Soon     Vanity Business     Curly Emissions
Exactly What Happened     Smoke Across     Damaged Lips     Consistent Watery Tics     Jiggle Witch     Temper Hot
Semi-Always     Twisting Screw     Doppleganger Soul     Press Passed     Discount Legend     Street Corner     Cigarette Cherry

1947:     Wind Ornament     Ragdoll Echelon    Farm Watermark     Wander     Clarinet Licoricestick     Comet Jupiter
Dippy Cheerio     Twenty-Deuce     Negligent Angels     Alias Mabel     Darling Scars     Butter Velour     Cookie Marker
Dead CandleLight     Pepper Frosting     Sit Enhance     Remembers AM     Sensible More     Angel Moons     Neatly UnderGround
Silhouette Trace     Solemn Apostles     What Sans     Pop Hip Of The Times     Thin Maddening     Games Require Matter
Stolen Bet     Quickly Apostles     Switch Modicom     Teeming Angels     'twas Clues     Lined Drive
Heartbeat Archive     Stark Alarms     Sate Fresh     Factions Bastion     Nick Dice     Routine Hen     Signal AM
Primitive Toolbox     Eight Gromet     Faux Part     Quiescent Self     Board     Solitude Nude     Wreck Deystroyed
Dirty Car Ends     Rugs Budging     Pistol Fix     Pardon Moonlight     Escanaba Quiz     Archival Notations
Stuff Admissions     Frosted Glasses     Guest Persuasion     Didn't Happen     Providing Cotton     Tricks Given
Boundary Commission     Furious Recovery     Depth Clues     Bent Fromage`     Nick Launch     Stolen Daffodils     World Nodes
An Even Clue     Varmint Prescription     Holy Last Night     Baby Hummingbirds     Left Early     Imagine The Fireworks
Special As Pastime     Moonbeam's Price     Nervous End     Perfume Mutation     Chance Hapless     *So Insignia
Witch Lady Teardrops     With Intimacy    Often Poses     Veneer Guile     Archetypal Purposes     Or Portraits?
Poetical Musical Afterfacts     Movie End     Sequel Setup     Sign On A Door     Scarecrow Vagabond     News Imminent
Deep City     Jaded Passe`     Cashmere Naturally     Dust Inhabits     Languid Abstention     Time Habitue`     Copy Toast
Situation Kept

  1946:     Fiord Spoon     Interior Near     Egg Almond Joy     Tree Bulb     SingleWindowSill     Forge     Parisian Sands
Alleged Official     Circus Portrayal     Raisin Grapes     No Over     Telling Souls     Seventeen Past
Safe Primeval     Rickshaw World     Ochre Cherry     Silver Liquid     Hood Mansion     Danger Welcome     Almonds Are Old
Secret Mores     Pool Moon     Booking White     *Pond Bruise     Penny Boat     Intricate Document     Patented Upon
Fourteen Bedroom     Boisterous Guise     Vinyl Passion     Oubliette Czar     Murky Nebulous     Earnest Misspoke
Bookmarks Enclosed     Turn Part Thorn     Pasting Cove     Pretty Character     Thursday Fun     Scavenge Epiphany
Whittle Fatback     Comfort Guise     Seamless Lies     Exactly Noun     Bad Worth     Spill Pistol     Stern Pursuit
Cogent Found     Hostile Impress     Applecart Sport     Limits Eager     *Wash Your Peas     Evening Drown     Killed Filigree
Winter Ponds     Tiny Gremlins     Mist Permission     Waning Childhood     Mother Wife     Elan Intact     Bitch Tryst
Doctors Horse     Shadow Due     Guilty At Birth     Day One     The Seed Of Doom     Sew Truth     Yesterdays Eyes
Gun Moll     Closest Fade     Dust On Daylight     Two Entendre`     Kinmost Platitude     Fascist Anthem
Scourge Derelection     Talk Ingenue     Warlock Broth     Romance Yarns     Indigenous Watts     Snuff Calculation
Continued Instigation     Ideas Prophet     Patches Clairvoyant     Donut Destination    Children Trundled     Implacable Reply
Wanton Moments     Coiled Escargot

1945:     Stone Pavillion     Midnight AM     Bookends Closing     Hearbeat Rosin w/ Raisin Scores     AdXam     Cupid Childs
Shadow BeautyMark     Saphire Bunting     Lemon Olive     Isis Night     Sin Habitue`     Stare Machismo     A Sinuous Jar
Spiral Thirteen     Playgrounds Lost     Snowbound Coal     Spider Optics    Moon Ozone     Touch Bumpkin
Size Ion     Wince Invincible     Pistol Fired     Jimmy Angel     Gypsy Gravyboat     Take Cagnotte     Sins Impossible
Distance Winsome     Standing Near     Portent Wild     Single Weight     Delve Changing     Minnesota Baker     Wander Kids
Face Patent     Stolen Story     Anger Dampened     Dusting Awesome     Binocular Cover Girl     Asquith Grows     Asking Crisp
Pillowbooks Turnover     Phoenix Idaho     Chasing Uptop     Taken Number     Purchased Impudences     Clumsy Skullduggery
Third Of August     Golden Birch Chaga     Natural Zing     Dinnerplate Dahlias     Oasis Day     Water Borneo     Asking After Me
*Invitation Card     Fashion Passion     Crosswise Lamb     Confessions Innuendo     Places Dirt     Naked Peruse     Fire Calibers
Sedition Of Debs     Blossoming Into     Red Porphyry     Night Comes True    Gun Muscle     Reported Today     Southern Sojourn
Commit Infidelities     Implicitly Allows     Empty Instigation     Due Allegiance     Iran Ladxy Slippers     Ampersand Emotions
Paper Safe     Catalog Mannequins     Eyes All Around     Tame White     Mad Action     Lost In A Tree     Roots Snare
Lipstick Strapped     Might Maybe

1944:     Bunt Dumpling     Emerald Fey     Only Stonepeeping     'Senora' Liaison Velour     Spindly Elm, Sr.     Torn Atom
Age Adieu     Dusk Cameo     Hope Find     Diamond QuestionMark     Certain Ressurection     Pennance Amounts     Seem Mystery
Midst Danger     Midnight Afternoon     Bad Address     Bedlam Merchants     Dark Sage     Sedona Risque
Schoolgirl Sleepover     Misfortunate Law     The Type Of Night     She Told     Black Noire     Noun Verbed     Husk Nirvana
Ten Places     Stone Palamino     Striation Effect     Three History     Animal Wait     Wanton Bomb     Visitors Sixth
Cabin Enterprise     Mary Done     Despicable Mix     Bar Pagemarker     Boisterous Noise     Finely Sweet     Cozy Hiding
Evidence Bedroom     Raw Strawberries     Pensive Boy     Maginot Siegfried     Otherwise No RSVP     Lemonglass Turtlenest
Fix Prescription     Intimate Deal     Indicted Money     Pieces Thesis     Adze Fascination     Cryptic Spillage
Writing For Fractions     Circa Doctor     Death So Abrupt     How Modern     Rushmore Credentials     Torn Carafe`
Dead Gamble     Limb Concern     Wrote Calibre     Smoke Mirrors     Seek Leadership     Ink At The Front     Ice Cool News
Plain Sight     Wartime Byline     Censure Find     Randowm Sins     Infinate Skies     Disamonds Almost Almonds     Dimestore Fauna
Cracked Fracture     A Goodnight     Stoneface Corner

1943:     Oceans Alor     Oui Acquiesce     Sans Too     Fatal Valence     No Not     St'lhouette     Tadpole Polliwog
Sensor Empathy     Prophet Evolve     Spaniel France     Pen Envelopes     YellowWhite     Pin Statue     Hunan Moons
Indigo Sin     Interior Near     Love Alludes     Smooth Falling     ShadeWinter     OrderForm     Last Tonight     Sky Falling
It Finito     Light Embers    Private Times     Forestall     Silver Tear     Incidental Anglican     Waiting Dark     Common Garments
Nothing Morrows     Tripping Brookling     Nebulous Moniker     Coventry Scores     Possibly Extant     Those Rosaries
Flaems Song     Code Helix     Esquire Gelding     Cute Few     Cadmium Dye     Dark Darling     Dark Aloes     Grand Interiors
Carte` Wins     Transom Quits     Outer Hull     Hillbilly Fragments     Pond Understand     Paper Poses     Sealed Bid
Proximity Hone     Georgia Score     Button Blitz!     Eleven O'clock Is One     Put Windows     Abandonment Clubhouse
Wartime Valentine     Glissade Tear     Boxed In Knots     In Between Hop     Capturing Softness     The Unpainted Corner
Cherry Darling     Honeydew Nude     Strictly Brood     Fragments Of Wound     None Mortal     A Segment Of Sentence
Malignant Weevil     Even If Immigrant     Mystery Seam     Ramrod Intent     Diaphanous Sheathe

1942:    Angel Witched     Winsome Chuckle     Forked Scar  'Two Memories'     Pink Dynamics     ElevenTwo     Stock Insinuation
Secret Woo     OverVous     Boo Daisy     Charge`d Affair     Prarie Soul     Stopping Falters
Heartbeat Angels     Niche Foray     Bee Harlot     Italian Notre     Sans Nomme     Blitz Limbo     Risking So     Sane Emily
Fungo Pumpkins     Seed Kisses     Tattoo Stealing     Outskirts Hebrides    Calm Temptation     Beadless Rosary
Half Pint Liquid     Smoke Tendrils     Sant Nickel     Adjunct Asp     Drinking Tissan     Glossy Hollyhock     Adventure Floor
Hooligan Non     Taken Wentstone     Rigorous Lame     Presentmark Populace     Shady Gossamer     Package Window
Adventure Apt     Via Turnover     Dues Postern     Kick Given     Bar Postmarker     Candice May     Minding Kismet
Band Pirouette     Equasion Belle     Concrete Remorse     Wait Fort     'Til Midterms     Seasonally Inlaid     Still Deeper
Scoundrel Danger     Svengali Rasputin     In Order To Assure     Morte` Silence     Old Kentucky Rumour     Telling Stories
Popped Out Saint     Empty Wishbone     Unwary Sentry     Toy Banks     Pirate Romaine     Impromptu Prayer     Suppose You Lonely?
Never Tower     SacriDelicious     Racing Without

1941:     Fairy Tame     Creme Linger/Cream & Seeds     Habite`     Running Night     Five RedClouds     Noted     Caps Escallion
Touchs Are     OpenPoem     Worry Boston     Handles Sewn     Cookies Fallen     War Draft    No Au     Pink Form     Semantic Lie
Fire Night Sins     Midnight Fall     He Manner     Magic Style     Bomb Nominus     RubyTear     Nick Twixt
SnowFlake Flowers     Paradise Ques     Cadre Evening     The Summer Of Autumn     MeanWhile     Jump  Lake     Portion Quaint
Acme Door     Common Hide     Tableau Pallate     Radio Factor     Sant Memory     Tears Locket     True Allude     Inverse Fly
Kiss Paramour     Melancholy Etudes`     Smooth Purpose     Butter Velvet     Stunning Numbers     August Why
Playing Gravy     Test Card Palette     April Wait     Why Non?!     Wrote Code     Far From Valentines     Familial Seconds
Multiple Status     Too Often     Missing Parentage     Drumming Up Dollars     Mere Shows     Freedom Taps     Last To Speak
Turtleneck About     Stupid As A Caboose     Best Valentine     Dream For Keeps     Upon Management     Coat The Mold
Promised  Olives     Born In Brazil     Paint Frost     Almost Valentine     Only Endowed     Faithless Soliloquy     Escaping Eighth

1940:     Stoolie Vestibule     One Twilights     Secret Mixes     Stone Emblems     WaterColours Permission     Frontline NewsScoop
Pink Dynamics     Ginger Pistons     Baste` Vegetable     Echoe Calibre     Ingot Scroll     Trademarks     Gist Semaphore
Destiny Awaits     Almost Too     Christmas Tree Umbrellas     Heart Whens     Seven No     'Twas Wasn't     WonderStand
Antecedents     Dust Sweater Night     Big New Commotion     Texas Slip     Farm Implements     Store Utensils     Wait Light
Classic Rattan    Colledge Fatal     Leave Attack     Technicolour Watermark     Ice Hawks     Naked Eves     Affect`e Guise
Activity Anxiety     Alone Pour     Danger Obelisk     Shown Family     Sixth Summer Dream     Maginot Alsace     Frenetic Mania
Vaquero Footing     Edge Translation     Exemplars Cost     Common As Naught     Living Efforts     Billot Flue     Will Skies
Sin Cured     Forgiven Smitten     Hoping Something Red     Barbarian Emotions     Sunwashed Sand     Custom Momento     Tame Skirts
Ice Sublime     Crucifix Nailed     Santa Ash

1939:     Ashen Trinkets     Amber Needs    Vagabond Blond     Mauve Gone     What If...     Hittite Permission
Habit Plantain     Pecadillo Feather      Paragraph Momento     Ensues     Dusted Quotient     Coffin Crops     Radio Goes
Shoe Land     Sandstone Wills     Fungo Pumpkins      Skinless Franks     Yellow HoneyComb     Cry Rendition     Darling Garden
Mist Intrigue     Naismith Themes     Might Remiss     Chinese Japan     Fate Finds     Sent Candle     Volcanic Wish
Blossom Delicious     Virgin Madgeline     Rosary Hostess     Wonderstand     Go Caution     Permanent Compte`
Sparkle Poppin'     Trade Me Deadly     Storm Peace     The Same Invite     Saint Blanket     Kindly Done     Deep Calendar
Martial Lion     Bypassed Impostor     *Pop Mobster     Quality Most Captive     Seven Halfpence     Cobbled Exact
Bonus Crash     Pasty Rubble     Hobnail Glory     Suspicious Origins     Autumn Smash     Plain Together     Reality Cream
Why Bother With     Federal Paint     Moon Aquifer     Characters Cast     Sylph Keyworthy     Serious As Glimpse
Effete Attempt     Boys Understanding     Between The Curls     Stormy Infidelity     Your Stock Market     A Shadows Care
Now And Forever     Well With Water  

1938:     Honey River     Honey Autumn     Forge     Boss Non     HalfClues     Wholesome Fast     Different Significance
Taxi Axis     Host Roasary     Swell Niggling     Wanton Sensible      St. Even     Textures Of Woven    Boyd Ending
Literal Minds     Zola Peasant     Pin When     Thrilling Involvement     Fast As Clue     Dange Ranger     Paste Rose
AM Reality    While Rassles     Evil Happens     Skating Under The Tides     Dieppe Alludes     Cupid Doubts     Turgid Sortie
Vengence Perchance     DevilWare     Part Of Seams     Walking Silence     Bolivia`s Guns     Dutch Paradigm
Pretty Attire     Reason While     Solutions Conclude     Vundabar Vertigo     Trigonometry Pine     Figments Anomaly
Tuppence Holiday     Potions & Poems     Expanded Score     Moonlight Camera     Rivers Ransom     Ladies Cigarette     Fauz Moot
Limber Tombstone     Attache` Driver     Beggars Go     Leap Of Face     Take The Dark     My Beau     Insult Taken
Resultant Dialogue     Pristine Navy Beans     Broken Doll

1937:     Dusted Quotient     BookMarker Should     Smudged Mission     Trace Momentum     Flour Harvest     FourLane Straight
Branch Moon     Sylph Include     Spiral Indians     English Rain     Robitron Computer     Ever Twilight     Innuendo Stands
War Fictions     Clash Passions     Blitz Fervent     Senor Gringo     Darkness Car     Soldiers Make    Patches Boo
Lain Too Chase     Teardrops Pour     Index Bibles     Does Was     Girt Famished     Guise In Flames     Amalgamation Pour
Nibbling Kibbitz     Arranging Fractions     Chapter Non     Picture City     Bake The French     Big Double
Diner Stars     Rigorous Lisp     Goblins Caper     Under Disguise     Style Varnish     Rife Covert     *Muss Touseled
Attended Date     Linger Brink     London Code     Marijuana Cigarettes     Indicate Share     Bisque Elm     Bullet Song
Futile Robot     Bugaboo Scones     Ladies CW Lyrics     Join Me     My Club     Wyoming Travels     Brindle Ruins
Poise Steeple     Set Design     Behind The Word     Paris Discord

1936:     Grit Stir     Chicago Morrow     Owning Ponies     Microbe Nine     SpinThrift Dizzy     Thimble Buttress
Delicate Marvel     Tuitiion Matchstick     Disappear Nears     Kiss Missing     Sun Highlight    World Ties
Surround Ranch     Moth Gospel     Six Holidays     The Best Passion     Big Tune Dues     Lao-Tze Sophacles
Reaction Faction     Instigated Spy     Windward Horizontal     Pontil Cream     Editing Mosaics     Resemblence Blue
Still Purse     Segue` Animus     Milk Glass Top Hat     Dusting Accumulation     Copyright Broadcaster     Six Listen
Nein Sentences     Small Appliances     Submission Murmurs     Easter Card Alliances     *Quality Past     Broken Explosion
Remodeled Autumn     Linkage Plume     One Thousand Mimes     My Woman     Iron Marshmallow     Whole Configuration
Equine Physiognomies     Sleeve Bumpkin     Odd Degrees     Mildewed Condescension     Boys Engrave     Casual Limousine
Hunger Nevada     Been Welcome    Mare Eyes

1935:     Lisping Gospels     SixWindows     All AfterFact     Dream's Cat     The Latin Cabinet
Cordons Crossed     Michigan Sun     Bubble Gum Cream     Snowflake Quotient     Air Refined     Curiosity Oboe
Aphrodite Died     Baby Hood Honey Moon     Magadin Sleep     Topiary Haven     Six Cents Cash    Pepper Freight
Building Crystals     Fly Patient     Eastern Kittens     My Collide     Ruler Made     ButterflyWeed     Figures About
Switch Axis     One Wheel Fast     Reasons Appease     Splinking Fraternity     Penny Profit
Macaroni Steam     February Someday     Otherworld Powers     Apple Cherry Tree     Ignoble Nude     March Overpass
Dusting The Process     March Overpass     Cold Sedan     Revolver Construe     Makeup Tosses     Attache` Driver
Caught Debutante     Why Circumstance     Eyes Of Faux     Time Pretended     Ever Fore     Eve Of World Warring
So Lost     Children Child     Made Available     Swaddeled In Was     Rumours Of Played

1934:     Totally Fine Fesque      GoldDollars     Tin Fixtures      Shoe Landed     Pigweed Dreams     Just Currants
Looking Glass Hours     Almondine Byzantine     Marquee Lands     Signal Proof     Snippets Of Raisins     Nails Emblem
Freelance Clue     Pot Cover Knobs     Laconic Wry     Ink Blood & Moon     School ColourGram     Arrows Lost
Public Turner     Peat Black     Diamond Gown     Pivot Pontil     Endlessly Fascinating     Pajamas Why     Skiny Paint
Through Disguise     Carnivale` Smoke     Resigning Fabulous     Stone Promotion     Murder Inclined
Brand NewCrash     Tangle Alamo     Canadian Cotton     Wheat Cake Grown     Cuttlefish Preachers     Unison Alight
Ducat Beasts     Puppy Eventuality     Rugged Merchant     Janus Two Faced     Exact Examples     Diagnose Yourself
Bother You Most     Stout Hearted Oak     Quibble Broken     Somber Gold     Runaway Teme     Soon Came Back     Farrows Enfold
Used Crown

1933:     Perfect Appropriate     Terazzo Roccoco     Radio Vagabonds     Wade Escape     Decrepit Hills
Skeleton Umbrellas     Story Caress     Curly Pondweed     'Tis Day     Espirit Mortal     Fictions & Impossibles
Taste Paint     Might Fire     Stories Of Gasp     Brown Moonlight     Embalmed Nubbins     Myh Father     ZZ Kid Intent
RW Radio     Sunday Chicago     Catching Elf     Friends May Ask     Oriental Spider     Mortals Bibels     Pins Stirring
Attending Talks     Marking Lockets     Atheist Anon     Cold Instant     Atomic Bonding     Fragile Aspen     Assorted Elegies
Standing Mansions     Finding Tides     Throw Nubia     Fasten Floor     Ginger Facsimilie     Boy Liberation     Dusty Yesterdays
Cold Lost Night     Patent Decoration     Burnished Moonlight     Bruising The Moment     Playing Game     Minimal Cards
Duty List     July First     Inverted Carnivore     Cozy Poser     Conquering Steps     Not One Whit     Bruised Kisses
Situation Hastening     Kids Crayola
Macabre Short Story     Kiss Abide

1932:     Gun Affair     Fire Aqualung     Maiden Webben     Big Expends     Cat Acts     Dutch Flambeau     Pro Forma's Sake
River Sere     *Part Of Hearts     Engine's Keep     Pastel Smokies     Schemes Fragmental     Dish Venue     Moues Prooved
Snail O'erderve     Mr. Saint     Blessing Allowed     RiverSmooth     She Eclipses     Bee Ground     Premium Nothing
Pictures Stay     Time Shades     Make Derrange     Gasoline Scone   Thick Greed     Two Cent Carnival Mirror
Muse Rudiment     Carnival Smoke     Wheedle Dacor`     Quality Past     Jude Beatitude`     Persian Juicy
Incognito In Disguise     Delve Estranged     Noons Office     Double Washer     Tawny Tides     Weekend Shoes
Camping Novelty     Garden Variety Victories     Grits'n Oats     Handed Candy     Silence Pere`     Doctors Short Hand Script
Radiant Portray     Worlds From Above     Very Soul     Risk Of A Gazebo     Find Meant     Said Parentage     A Goodbye
Catch You     Casually Snapped     Bits Of Fragile     Brand Factory     Seduced Move     Catholic Choirboys

1931:     Peck Respect     Little Depositor     Wed Netting     Stark Indigo     Service Manual     Common Persimmon
Smoke Caution     Topal Hour     Accumulated Flat     Teaching Missoula     Professory     Word.Ship     Chrysalises White
Patent Newsprint     Truman Choosing    Topaz Mode     Day Tastes     Bang Outside     Past Score     Knight Beknown
Lois Amidst Decorations     Poetic Text     Full Screen Pictures     Ticking Oats     First DiamondSong     Rh Coefficient
Taken Adept     Numb Bunion     Pony Crash     Baffel     Tidy Au` Pair     Spurious Deceit     Marvelously Expedient
Wage Sent     Jigger Jot     Coax Annotation     Animal Stays     Factory Matches     Motion Poetrys     Victor Aplomb
Tensile Friends     Baroque Complicated      Scoundrel Danger     Path Mistaken     Indivisualities Noose     Closer Than Home
Horrible Groom     Stoic Nordic     Oat Cakes Drawer     Chillo Recante`     Reluctant Boss     Every Choice Portrayed
Hit Module     Fee Painting     Host Escrow     Loaned Desire     Lyrics Lost

1930:     P'raps     Gypsy Void w/ Spooky Waxings     Eggs Dress     Melting Psalms     Sunny Arid
Roadhouse Sending     Stage Dimension     Patent No     Pinkerton Needs     Experience Grafitti     Piano Organ
Capsized Elevation     Cutex Bakelite    Six Times Seventeen     Upper Case Morning     Sundry Bottles     Pearl Supposed
Mirror Realizes     Phone Tumely     Quaint Angels     I Chalet     Melting Kind     Platinum Book     Factor Asp
Primarily Gas     Sane Dispute     Natchez Made     Raise Gain     December Curls     Under The Bumps
Various Savants     Sage Anomaly     Homer Gets     Bomb Then     Toil Servant     Quota Moan     Cute Epiphany
The Stature Of Humanity     Equal Shallow     Fruit Upon Nude     Similie Pintle     ConfectionAire    Yesterday Miles
Brave Wisenheimer     They Alternate     Playola Payoffs     Alternative Rags     Tabloid Void     Midnight Home

1929:     Caught Apostrophes     Wolfgang Poem     Mink Sleepy     Pond Bruise     Tapestry Charade     *Pop Mobster
Limmerick Spaceship     Smokytop Shade    Foreign Queen     Street Canary     Bled Lipstick     Eve Was Divisible
  FairyBrand     Promised Been     Sugar Whipped     SugarStoppe     WarMark Hours     Bouillon Monse`t
Patents Trademark     Rapture Navy     Little Alcoves     Snowcone Smoke      Tonight Might     Riven Four
Instanace Noes     Needs Appease     Changing Home     Await Portent     Desperation Sways     Glorified Participles
Kush Nubia     Two Black Shoes     Grade School Maple     Miles Amalgamation     Danse Culmination
Distorting Omens     Immigration Is     Earthy Manure     Anchored Liberties     Most Humane     Regrets Debit
Our Truths     Sacrafice Rationed     Made Up Ephemera     Would Misbehave     Flanders Rain     Nationalistic Soul
Our Truths     White Washed Darkly     Exterior Black     Liquid Nice     Hidden White     Wary Of Shadows
Charming Montage

1928:     Looking Glass Hours     Money Comes     Ringlet Clues     Forty Fathoms     'Nipotent     Rulyy Truly
Be Mystery     Gilt Carrion     Roads Gone     EggMoon     Cry Alibia     Scene Vagabond     This Evening
Equipped Rich     In Lieu Of Hell     Paste Portray     Pending Membership     Cautious Simplicity     Gist Sits
Dive Alamo     Fiddle Occlude     Solemn Hermit     Darling Parlour     Home Puce     Conjure Heady     Dime Carafe
Grainy Regrets     Gypsy Cowboy     Tattered Passion     *Patent Formal     Stamp & Bonded     Born Fiction
Sleeping Cream     White Latinos     Via Death Sentence     Litany Curates    Litany Cures     Wildfires Tamed
Shortwave China     Possible Tealeaves     Limited Series     Lost Blue Wave     Is As Was     Greyest Stormclouds
Spending Taffeta     Museum Pieces    Mannequin Spies!     Bramble Lucky     Rove Pockets     Wound Optimal
Sipping Include     Grown Damned     Nodding Welcome

1927:     Zoot Dudes     Shoelace Pearls     Fairbanks Gallahad     Mink Sleepy     Round Nimbus     Web Momvement
Folks Crucify     Showfloat Stone     Vary Dimensions     Arrow Harps     Geocentric Motion     Same Problematics
Trifecta Foured     Tax Codes     Grumpy Junker     Ten Poems     PlayOn     No Wander     Mint Climb     Coal Blue
Path Actually     Grey Pastel     So Propose     One Pistol     Local Provender     Laughing Budworm     Liquid Yet
Autumn Dawn     Nuptuals Stray     Individual Result     Goat Please     Jam Common     Cream City Uniforms
Untouchable Thon     Explosions Divine     Elephant Aura     In The Act     A Bit Of View     Trumet Drake     Dying Steward
No Victory Eve     Post Ode     Norse War

1926:     Venus Cream     Myhrr Sense     Given Afar     Evenings Star     Teardrop Worlds     Cajun CrackerJack
Fascinations Abode     Fascination Adore`     Patch Apostrophe     Octobere` Forever     Fast Prey     September Cool
Footpath Twist     E. Ion     Chocolate Cocoa     Two Manyanas     C. D. Q.     Escaping The Poem     Circular Full
Hidden Intrigue     Pony Horse Shoe     Powder Bolo     Meadow Costs     Possible Changes     Soft Purpose
Boost Propriety     Clarity Fallon     Onionskin Revised     Stack Immortal     Not Disclosed Previously     Both Cakes
Signature Permission     Admirable Fact     As Much As Evermore     Hurting My Pillow?!     Extremely B. Grade
Apt Acid     Tranquil Frill

1925:     Spit Commission     Lane Alone     Token Verlaine     Nick 'stinguish     StillWheel     Dreams Mean
Ropes Total      River Runt     Go Was     Passion Fast    Summertime Matters     Waiting Estrange     Day Begun
Ein Subdue     Fast Actuality     Pajamas Why     Boy Skin Smooth     The Next Part Of Almost     Landing Softly
Due Enscript     Wishlist Hidden     Con Seasons     Pending Mortalities     Espised In Guise     Volume Foretold
Barely Got     Zion Kept     Big Aegis     Clumsy Skullduggery     Forelock Fetter Mars     Damnation Hellion
Little Dog Twice     Boy Danger     Wild Delight

1924:  Bud Nipping     Shall Always     NotNess     Veranda Passing     *Et Voila     Wainscoat Bond
Noon Trafold     Darling Footstep     Sample Business     Lost In Caught     Brown Calimare     Johnny WhiteCloud
Desert White Lies     Prelude Clue    San Perform     Foiled Mail     Deaf Affray     Fraudulent Meek
Stantions Man     Ten Stallion     Kids Given     Formality Dessert     Vigor In Rote     Marijuana Cigarettes
Imbroglio Frittered     So Akin     Most Finely Univormed     Rear Admiral     Freshman Scenario     Persuing Clue
Saddle Tramp Bygones     White Redsticks     Beyond Blood  

1923:     Willow Oaks     Classic Scenario     *Churlish Urgency     Extended Genesis     Thistle-Waiste     Chant Canticle
Piquant Instrumento     Cherry In The Maple     Optical Opaque     Core Firehouse     Hearthlocket Vault
Cross Purposes     Stones Remain     Pencil Font     Lifting Wavelengths     Still As Chance     Event Imbroglio
Lady Buggy     Swing Gambit     Starpointe` Ermine     Fulsome Cad     Inchoate Gaillard     Nascent Foyer     Missing Mud
Ordinary Passe`     Abscence Perfume     Makeshift Contraband     Ragamuffin Scruff     Written Testimony     Angleworm Angry
Candle Soup     Comporting Grace

1922:  Mon Clarity     Basie Azure     Southern Court     Tease Coven     Mayberry Fair     St Cloud Foal     Old Rolex
Flock Capistan     Scored Adamant     Somnulent Told     Rivers Grown     1/2 Half     Situation Mile     Wry Pumpkin
Green Pearl     Eleven Page     Basement Soot     Nut Moss     Peg Woven     Beggars Offering
Fuselage Fight     Crafty Factual     Evidently Not     Three Scenery     Poet Form    Jungle Aspen     *Milk Glass Top Hat
Valour Pages     Lasting Request     Velocipede Junion     Standing Valiant     War Play

1921:     Rigolette Cotille     *Hangshadow Curves     Spyglass Flowers     Starlet Marlin     Trace Imprint     Tea Alone
Attitudes Negro    Parcheesi Braise     Velvet Fires     Quaint Ways     Ghosts Foyer     All Purpose You     Abyss
Sant Noe     Revenge Ends     Singing Graveyards     Nomile`    Court Kings     Submerged Clue     Shame Ends
Error Remarke`     Doorway Portfolio     Cathedral Code     Mushroom Culmination     Brief Resin     Future Conducts
Secret Afraid     Signing Declarations     Novel Or Poem     Arizona Sky     The Middle Pages     Maybe Innately
One Point Story     Government Jane     Signature Coif     Fetid As Bred     Debutante Can't     Blending Brand

1920:     Plateglass Tears     Bee Minuet     Marionette Me     Lumpless Roux     Hidden No     Dear Ides     Toure DeFoure
Accumulated Flat     1/2 Shell Boquet     Quaint White     Cash Aster     Rains Mood     Banks Angel Money
Stuffed With Purpose     Steeple Fore     Game Seven     Prepared To Guage     Quick Dividends     Snowflake Snowfall
Cup Of Flour     Indexed Alphabetic     Rare Au`Pair     Selfish Issue     Burl Wagon     Alchemy All     Cocoa Chalkware
Dame Tames Cardinals     Investigated Limited     Which Movie     Relentless Underlines     Overheard As Aftermath
Girls Confiding     Writhing Lance

1919:     Ease Nativity     Ironclad Watercolours     Purpose World     Starch Tearbox     Metropolis Clues     Lola Only
Tungsten Alvarez     Propos Apros     Relay Station     Simple Nicole     Even Intentionals     Glamour Four
Heartbeat Wine     General Yesterday     Swirling Crescendos     Wishe Places     Beg Kisses     Sure As Pour
Match Portfolio     Bees Of Hiberanation     Cash Tag     Tinder Shallows     Arms Redoubt     Signature Ceremonial
Metaphorical Allegories     Intimate Barter

1918:     Very Souls     Drum Shorts/Stacatto Pants     Churlish Urgency     Pale Bonding     Foreign Pages     Here To Past
Fathom MoonLight     WinterTime Night     Century Spear     Twilight Commas     Signed Passion     Trying Markette
Ides Of March Eve     Wait Inherit     Sommes Nous     Clue Glyph     Til' Morning     Meshing Well     Catacomb Why
Test Speed     Abet Fiasco     Harvest Bubonic     Aghast Augur     Barkelite Rain     Cupboard Shelf     City Requite
Hidden Lists     Noiseless Voice     Remains Inside     Nationalist Indigenous     Business Incorporated
Shark Momentum     Submitted Guise     Chief Of Storm     Six-Two     Small Muster

1917:    MasterSmoke     Token Verlaine     Reasons Tea     Grown CherryTree     Noon CandleLight     Moon CandleLight
Env IronMitts     Edge Canoble     Mortar Icebox     Connieuser Rouge     Memory Remembers     Trapped Parade
Angels In Chapter     Lettuce Knows     Buys Disguise     `Elan     Candy Pins     Philoped Spellbinding     Deep Swell
Common Garden     Closed Feast     Folks Combing     Running To Crawl     Intimate Skills     Former Otherwise
Pepper Treewind     River Blue     Crescendo Climax     Inferior Morphing     Patchwork Kiss     Those Lovings
Tomorrows & Tonight

1916:     Crescent Moon Slippers     Pillow Doughboy     Casket Rougue     Smoke Fire     St. Even
Summer Oftens    Dispelling Domestication    Mars Day     Worship Flanders     Lay Angles     Day Wheel Garnish
Habitual Noun     Doctor Visit     Nothing Sound     Borderline Getaways     Yanking Perfection     Guesses Please
Memory Burled     Dirty Sonata     Acme Gentleman     Mine Fuse Box     Mid April     Fender Sofa     Two Brothers In July
Specialty War     Conditions Code     Text     Naming Doorstep     Pittance Pawn     Kiss Certain     Beautiful Rapacious
Boy Adventurer     Dog In Portrayal    One Night Temptress     Boy Adventuresse     Tiny Quixote Horse     High As A Trojan

1915:     Pigweed Dreams     Invisible Means     Dusty Binder     Lady Meant     Wishbox Innuendo
Grace Shortening     French Black     Insanitys Sin     All Propose     Icebox     Six Pistols     Buckwheat Low
Hopeful Fine     Phone Tumely     Mullein Tag     Didn't Quirt     Bakelite Fringe     Sight Appraise     Massive Waumpum
Exactly Brave     Thanks Noun     Secret Heard     Arcane Odin     Wintry Cabaret     Illinois Senator    Pour Que
Fate Patient     Stated Agreement     Process Procedure     Clubhouse Niggers     Purely Business     Undercover Gods
Boyhood Weaned     Hardly Virgin     Odd Stipulations     Shes Positioned     Daughters Revenge     SuddenMoth
Peaches & Pearls

1914:     Edges Of Mist   Edges Of Limits     Black Child Jacks     Page Argonaut     Verbose Gnosis     HereToFore
Fragment Why     Given Blessed     Sun Mountains     Sassafras Past     Must Has You     Molten Rope     Telling Ides
Feel Seem     God Boston     Boohoo Candid     Established Craft     Separate Talks     Sart Mon     Allegory Len
Trouble Frances     Patently Excellent     Mortal Tempest     Savory Gasp     Muskrat Mink     Tickets Stub Hotel
Gaudy Small     Drifting Stars     Spice Magnate     Only Allowing Clues     Spider Was Fly     Out Shadows     Justice Strikes
Midnight Noises     Moth In Candlelight     Captioned Fancy     Feet Anchored Sky     Crumble Twist     Understood Nativity

1913:     WheatPenny Pleased     *Angel Echoes     Mohair Tailor     Tomorrow Cumulus     Haiku Pages     Ways Give
Blessings Allowed     Secret Keepings     Mantoome     Pissoir, Sr.     Living Flatlands     Ordinary Ides     Equal Pilgrims
Empty Hollow     Smoke Mood     Smoke Mirrors     Pose Posture     Ability Captain     Waumpum Nothing
Bon Voyage Fire     Rocket Overhande`     Bowling Dice     Mountain Crowd     Signal Dose     Seven Past Hell
Candy Quadrant     Woken Morning     Pristine Sheets     Promising More    Late Fireworks     Conscious Opposition
Homestead Presentiment     Reverse Vortex     Justice Climax     Taught Classics     Ordinary Fun     Wastrel Child
Initials Clue

1912:     Languid Quit     Mind Sommes    Plateglass Tears     BeeDrop O'erderve     Quit Hardings     Bum Rumping     Et Voila
Sugarbean June     Bonnet Tapestry     Shade Shadowtree     Rumour Maron     Mine Alibi     Remembers Parley
Saunter Hinge     Kiss Adore`     Fencing Master Dangerous     Equally Cozy     Selfless True     Good Delours
Decent Pittance     Stand Wait     Kisses Wish Delicious     Tidy Cataclysmic     Boom Was The Town     Carry Proper
Big Astronomical     Smoked Apostles     Mild Winterdeer     Forelock Fetter Mars     Refurbished War     Faux Spy Notions
Atache` Driver     Mother & Pica ninny     Such Existence     Mud Hut Africa     Solid Civility     Mixing Nativity

1911:     Twice Forgets     Mint Vintage     Intimus     Corvette French     Nomme de Came     Vanilla Coco     Face Estuary
Plaid WinterSong     Fashion Byzantine     Progress Gnosis     Swan Goodbye     Estuary Nativity
Patent Pending     Puzzles Sonnets     Bluster Bunting     Plight     Ten Sands     Paper Wellsprings     Bookmarks Able
Lecture Prim     Eskimo Gospel     Every Stickfigure     Treating Animals     Late Evening Omaha     Carnival Free
Grant Wainscoating     Danse Trafalgar     Name Brass     Stepping Cross     Skimming Surmise     Punctilio
Beekeeper Angry     Lucid As Fruit     Sole Interpreters     Morte` Silence     Nickel Doll Ring     Designated Struts
Constant Strangers     Broken Curl     Taste Estate     Hurried Mirror

1910:     Inked Vestry     Edge Forever     Leaves Rustling     Raised English     Coffee Ribbon     Pillbox Superlative
Omly     Gentleman Comprende     Romance Aquiline     Dash Devotee     Bellybutton Pieces
Table For Tea     Rose Asp     Smoke Tassel     Tisn't Helping     Warranties Mint     Escrow Public     Tentative Overtures
Icicles & Matchsticks     Bookright Cole     Wild Bird Purpose     Tartan Lemon     Mink Coat Yo-Yo
Six Grain Exchange     Inviolate White     Moonlight Tries     Happy Cargo     Mars So Red     Upon Evening Horizon
Bastards Paradise     Spatial Truth     Half Heaven     Cudgel Of     Writhe Lightning     Babies In Limbo

1909:     Sleeping Island     Linament Scent     Ocean Alors     Pearl Luminescence     Turkistan Potion     Dirt Motions
Lost Rodeo     Wanders Sunrise     Captious Glass     Cat Pirouette     Shortlace     Empty Saffron     Wanton Parole
Plan Said     Temple Hilltop     Broadway Critic     Upon Inlaid     James Equity     Range Emotion     Do Before
Simple Plenty     Season Dos     Clover Prefers     Asp's Disguise     Oreo Cracker     Loyal Parochial     Poseur
Nautical Man     Dead Sure     Main Topgallant     All The Mizzens     Spanker Keester     Alaska Michigan
Panhandle Michael     Comporting Grace

1908:     Snowcone Constable     Victor Centurian    Angel Shadows     Second O'Clocks     Trust Fairly     Sterling Tousel
Sont Chez     Dusty Grapes     Lorna Prime    Choosen Known     Paste Way     Tears In The Way    Tally Following
Affirmed Yours     Hooveless Baby Rattles     Garden Spire     Eyes Embroidered     Zeppelin Star Finder
Old Brocade     Wry Pudding     Scattered Pensive     Barbershop Scar     Treble Debit     Ghostly Patron     Hidden Ides
Scandal Rhymes     Carpetbagger Klan     Second Civil War     Due Direct     Memories CatWhite     Teardrop Lucky     How Wry
Carmelite Devotion     Pearl Calm

1907:  JayDaisy     HoneyButters     Somme Pinions     Tender Mist Mews     Tricky Pummel     Adept York     Soaring Cordon
Butter Pais     Decked In Crest     Doormouse Mortar      Call Action    Pristine Mure`     Cabinet Paper
Sneaking Farm     Virgin School     Living Pretty     Hobbled Eiderdown     Nurturing Formality     Conspiracy Aloof
Cogent Knife     Plan Reaches     DeNoux/Of The Nous     Federal Colt     Pretty As A Sum     Shame Limbo     Calmly Event
Strident Harridan     Sham Hoax     Tour Twilight     Early Robins Egg     Stolen Lyrics     My Mannequins     Mythos Start
Mad Circus Clown

1906:  God Wends     Corrupt Sires     Caput Finito     Blue Salmon Gold     Sundown Nights     Aced Deuce     Faun Anthony
Brass Captain     Crystal Village     Tricky Pummel     *Round Nimbus     Signal Mixings     Asking Above     Bomb Lifetime
Scrubby Vegetation     Juggling Coats     Vagabond Place     Empty Notches     Time Septembre`     Hallowed Venue
Mugwump Bump     International Volume     Twilight Caramel     Bookish Preen     Sugar Pastiche`     Original Gift
Statue Fractions     Go As Darkies     Hawkeye Fields     Olden Day Boots     Aurora Norway     Dawn Guinevere     Autumn Eve
Philosophy Truth

1905:     Cry Mojave     Fascinare`     Paper Weather     Naughty Oftens     Slip Tuesday     Ado Furniture
Campfire Bean     Swan Mallow     Look Took     *Just Currants     Wind Rust     Saving Anomaly     Pony Horse
Diamond Almond Moon     Lost Anniversary     Thought Not Vote     Dozen Spartans     Baby Clothes     Staffing Moon
Salsa Wash     Crooked Sock     April Provisions     Second Sunset     Carte Wishe`     Pistols Six     English Skirmishes
Bolt Dais     Supremacy Turned     Rudiments Situation     Diction Chipped     Part Of Precise    Dumb Stupide`
Hidden In     Sequin Clues     Safely Correct     Gypsy Roma     Dying Sands    Slightly Monstrous

1904:     Paint Forebearers     Disturbed Ruins     Broken Yolks     Runnilng Night     Garden Walls     Moonlight Chasm
Dust Caught     So Wise     Angelus All     Booming Antiphony     Two Hundred Emblems     Watching Novice
Timber Provender     Concrete Bond     Violet Honesty     Initial Purpose     Existing Morrow     Entwined Window
Day Of Sale     Signal Moment     Fifth Amiss     Willow Constant     Skeleton Galleons     Demigods Gun     People Resume
Citrus Colloquial     Crouton Proforma     On The Boss     Fire Upon Point     Black In Command     On The Boss
Worlds To Go     Go Closure     How Much Was     ExclusionaryTimes To Keep

1903:     Roots Antecedent     So Vous     Ceasar Roy     Act Of Tomorrow     Flat Masterly
The Bone Jokers     Teacups Settle     Button Square     Gingham FairyTales     Shadows Pass The Days
Secret Enemies     Emblems Quality     Possible Chaos/Possible Common     Stick Rib     Snow Maryland     Shadow Etude`
Sunbeam Maritime     Guise Dwell     Wandering Main     Satensue     Tour Standing     Story Poses     Closing Renovations
Decorations Ramification     Omen Rangegrow     Building Adobe     Mad Scramble     Wistful Odd     Nautical Man     Sere` Nativity
*Bet Destiny     Societal Commentary     Do Unto Others     Too Be All White     Little Selfsames     Circus Curious

1902:     Miscellaneous Particulars  as 'A Trio Of Sleuths'     Midnight Past     DewDrop Spider Web     Tortuga May
Penny Earmuffs     Esoteric Spies     Bad Valentines     Song We     Honey True     Kiss Bruise     Plain Anthem
Common Clues     Six Bosses     Simple Cast     Versue Nigh'     Wild Bean     Riposte Century     Worn Shanty
Glossy Hollyhock     Guidance Moot     Tame Genuflection     Heart Pending     Fantasy Rue     Twenty Aftermath
Awkward Bumpkin     Cocoa Oak     Safe Around     World Escapade     Baby Was Shows     Official Telometry     Halo Replete
The Sum Of Elixir     Further Clarity     Counterfeit Tickets     Whippoorwill Sane     Justice Fast     Bag Tea
Mortified Spark     Open Commons     Very Stellar     Pocket Town

1901:     Seldom     SureLove Nous     Niggling Artifacts     Candle After     Why You     Never Nor     Coughdrop Earrings
Adam Stands     Dearth Niggardly     Lord Orleans     Emblem Dawn    Singlet Cloud     Book Law     Snow Bee     One Points
Sacrafice Almond     Sample Ensues     Deer In Sun     Kiss Dismay     Lineage Clear     The First Hit Of Tuesday
Eighteen Clouds     Deep Sea Noun     Chapter Title     Spin Font     Fighting Caught     Colonial Chalk
Stolen Philosophy     Lead Glass BatHouse     Years Of Tears     Imbard     Deco Elf     Imperfect Contact     Cream Race
Deep Sea Noun     Solutions Abyss     Times Whet     Soon Announced     Murder Occuring     Key Far     Vault Authenticity
General November     Trip Equipped     Excaliar Fallowing!     Words Are Curved     Dead Chaps     Cards Hand     Soot Cotton
Claw Goshen     Fingertip Depths

1900:     Powerless Farthing     Renegade Stockings     Onto     Spyglass Total     Thesis     West End Around    Pour Own
Camber Edinburgh     Penny Cents     Number None     Stock Broth     Stones Unbroken     Rockinghorse Ides     Circle Safe
Initiating Gift     Seconds Purpose     Apache Fine     Quasi Atlantic     Tipping Solemn     Augur Colloquialism
Half Past Tomorrow     Surround Mead     Charming Purloin     Duality Clockfaces     Draconian Homily
Press Centipede     Closing Ides     Innocent As Clue     Tension Formal     Fresh Sheets Coven     Congo Bastion
Twenty Halves     Ranch Texas     Hummingbird Dinosaur     God Stolen By Always     Under The Bumps     Wild Part Of Wanton
Local Express     Imagine Autumn     Today Is Friday     Alive Enough     Uniform Scorn     Old As Deposition
Stump Responsibility     So Impeachable     Ripe Dust In Sunlight

<>1899:     Gypsy Cream Starlight     Gingerbox Jumpseat     Presage     O'Clock Naught     Wist Bastion     Past Ago
Misty Appletree     Ice Cream Valentines     Indian Berlin     Honesty Cross     Time Chimneys
Special Nations     Black Daisies     Monique AppleStar     EggChaise     Sun Sobriquet     Ce Soir     Baby Took
Chug Puff     Royale Mons     Which Stranger     Fate Available     Sea Arrow     Eternal Tea Party     Sea Face
Sixteen Vermillions     Jackpot Gold     Key Windings     Kitten Caught Down     Bookend Maudlin     Spiral Spherical
Picadilly Way     European Pyramids     What Tone     Previous Deeds     Stripped To Become     Frightening Tea
Dog In Portrayal     Refuse The Wind     Awash In Was     Words Are Curved     Lain Pretend     Calm Tuppence
Causing Lion     Bullyrag Eyebrow

1898:     Teaweeds     Adagio Night     Lumiere*     BlondSean     Ever Penmanship     MoonValleys     Bond Sullivan
Turkish Moon     Last Majesty    Dairy Airs     Egg Accord     Violen Naescent     Travesty Why     Seashell Dawns
Reading Fates     Secrete Agente Lyrics    Smudging The Memory     Counting Evenings     Cadmium Coal     Brass Top Tom
Mint Vintage     Canticle Saints     Want Skoal     Parentaage Apple     Taste Portrait     Becoming Attraction
Cooking Boots     Done Towne     Fulsome Cull    Augur Well     Opossum's Bet     Pour Moment     Trouble Rough     Ochre Paint
Blades Plains     Marquis DeTemporal     Movie Pieces     Circa Doctor     Subsidiary Notes     Votive Close
Prentice Farthing

1897:     Bisquely     Bullyrag Eyebrow     Teetotum     Running Memory     Sao Choo     Silhouette Composes
Morning Streetlight     Entering The Pintle     Porqoui Moi     Retrograde Foal     Effigy Stratagem
So Flows     Dawn Poised     Touch Musn't     Feeling Renault     Novel Worlds     Banks Angel Money
  God Quadrill     Vast Afar     Tremble Night     Voyage Days     Acknowled~d` Hit List     Often Stew     Naked Formation
Matching Grants     Short Stirrups      Mysteries Called     Grade School Maple     Anabaric Attention     Yarrow Skullcap
Diligence Child     Waumpum Ticker Tape     Boston Prize     The Animal An Owl     Calculating Happens     Carny Barker
Candy Coated Gone

1896:     Each Cotillion     I Tooth     Veil Crystals     Taken Poem     China Inside     Thirty Frontspieces
Baby Vanilla Queen     Paisley Mentions     Occasional Foretell     Stub Monolith     Casual Manumission     **Call Escrow
Black Pistols     Quoting Often     Gone Focal     Nestle Gloaming     Igloo Franz     Given On The Common
Conundrum Docket     *Keen Parameters     Tempest Bay     Address Formal     The Next Part Of Armour
Call Escrow     Tisn't Sane     True Incognito     Black Subdued     Pygmy Debut     Coxcomb Away     Potion Rhyme
Vicious Puissant     Copeing Baker     Staged Tart     Signature Ceremonial     Past Legend     Feathers Foretold
Stepping Faux

1895:  Legends Believing     Monde Love     Postage Nothing     Dawn Bastion     Navel Gentry     Olden Formers     Wisdom Pericles
Inch Purchase     Raining Leaves     Of The Name     Silhouette Reprise     Black Purse     The Wind Runs Faster
Sassafras Sprouts     Wildlife Blue     Tasting Formality     Small Pith    Baby Ravens     Quaint Abide     Greek Aloe
Dew Powder     Theif Dark     Bookmarks Awl     Dime Broom     Ready Forevers     Elijah Outcome     Circumstance Grows
Sawed Cloudy Wood     Bond Letterheads     Swagger Muster     XXX Connecticut     Daybreak Autumn     Song Preamble
Spit Narwal     State Of Investigation     Bumpkin Common     Paper Form

1894:     Rainbows Suncarriage 'Pawnee'     Looking Toward The Moon     Repartee Storm     Stickfigure Knots
Operating Fare     Given Hither     Clouds Persuaded     Sane Frere     Woe Goes     Bloke Owns     Cabriole     Egg Chaise
Living In The Common     Queue Tuesday     Steeling Former     Stone Dove     Query Parvenue     Angel Partridge Recipes
Secret Password Nickname     Boycott Night     Derry Succor     Godspeed Week     Dizzy Capstain     Kindergarten Excelsior
Clarity Clear     Pity Discern     Parthenon Node     Arms Sheathe     Vast Cap'stan     Calm Mercury     English Urchin
Trivial Forsooth     *Scoundrel Danger     SizeWard     One Black Medley     Meantime White     Coursers Of Salem
Tithe Wilderness     Wild Extinct

1893:     Fidget Minions     CrossPence     Always Whys     Ponchant Friendly     Yonder     Storm Capsworn     Cosmic Be
Cut Daisy    Grist Jackson     Windmill Cookie     Certainement     Rifle Means     Tombstone Holiday     Cloudy Alone
Common Gaul     Took Me For A Poorhouse     Dynamite Knife     What It Dreams     Ravens Angel     Small Armada
Quality Closure     Wise Wry     Nautical Spider     Fleeting Deer Twins     Felt Woven     Comstock Tommysticker
Call Escrow     Andelas     Wanted Pogram     *Almost Too     *Sepia Matte     *Pungent Noe     *Calm Deny     Clad In Plaid
Standard Roam     Thickets Cloak     Foolish Vainglory     Crown Foiled     Larder     Gently Tensions     Sublime Dissolute

1892:  Earth Acropolis     When Nation s     Key Afire     Ides Eve     Prudence Wrong     Round The Mode
Prime Nutmeg     Raspigi Vesuvius     Judas Legacies     Siege GunNights     Enter Vermouth     Sample Witness
Stolen Corner     Harvest Purloin     Diamond Aims     *Mineral Spirits     Rusted Boyhood     Bad Pretend     Bison Dairy
Short Domain     South Philadelphia     Ponder Pauses     Venture Drawing     Languid Isinglass     Brocade Foal
Midway Pince     Foment Baste     Spool Cannon     Mean Tranquility     Never England     Embassy London     Recipes Makepeace
Sheltered Chaste     Raze The Border     Sheltered Chaste     God Made It So     Rubble Landslide     Wyoming Travels

1891:     Tip Canoe     Awn Ending     Ash Awning     Fall Shores     Tufted Garland     Marble Dulcimer     Leavened Beasts
Haff Apple     Argyle Distances     Haven Milk     Droplet Clue     Male Inuit     Went Tea     Myth History
Big As Maine     Rain Parade     Set Anemone     Croquet Cricket     Whisk Siphon     Meant Treatise     General Parchment
Elegant Shells     Cold Grey Pawn     Diamond Adze     Cindercoal     Cloak Applewhite     Ignorant Formalities
*Kidnap Trepanned     River Bed Rock     Cargo Vary     Calumny Nigh     Command Masterly     Ten Chasms     Blue Eyed Toys
One Willow     Seven Syllables

1890:     Spoken Sky     Deeds Gun     Pattern Mirrors     Standard Emblem     Frosting Morning     Baltimore Shores
Core Philosophy     Creo Orion     Anchors Begin     Beauty Moves     Powder Crust     Pendancy     Summer Buffalo
Black Cotton     Stolen Seraphim     LaGarde Fong     Scalliwag Scamp     Desperate Trigger     Pagan Heathens
Escaping From Poems     Broken Poke     Sober Bruit     Sly Pantomime     Cold Archaic     Quadrant Mint
Bought Canyon     Head Toward Church     Guilty Eyelashes     Tucson Ahead     Singlet Turned     Winter Water
Tombs Own     Smokin' Oakum     Soft Crumb     Board Ship     Cordial Social

1889:     Longform Holiday     Epitaph Dictates     Stone Homes     Woody Smoke     Paper Boston     Odds Godling
Broken Spearpoint    Laden Florentine     Deer Tapestry     Remedy Simple
Chipping Habits     Ringo Ends     Faded Exposition     Living Exposition     Tomboy Corner     Smudging Dirty
Gently Own     Pearl Enclosures     Mix Pitgton     Following Rain     Tiddly Ponds     Circa 1889     Crushing Wean
Feature Blighting     Apple Chopping Block     Edwardian Baby     Barbed Wire Cuss     Primary Chores     Asp Wanting

1888:     Hitching Phantoms (A Demonesse)     Liberal Freedoms     Travelers Rivers     Watercolours Permission
Stature Mansions     Dr. Poem     Bad Foremost     Teddy Badlands     Infant Times     Law Resembled     Hills Tally
Rose En Beast     Totem Ashes     House Of Furs     GunShadows     Bookends Closing     Gambling Address     Dusk Emotions
Overture Noux     Following Halloween     Andros Dears     Kingdom Remains    Tempest Morrows     Two Hidden Faces
OK Opaque     Be Asp     Voice Night     Banished Civilizations     Wiccan Bruit

<>1887:     Worship Flanders     Tragedy Ands     Infant Times     Isles Willow     Meticulous Ticks     Adjacent Stanza
Image Trembling     Figereau Sont     DueToo     Lucky PorFavor     Trap Plaid     Mountain Dulcimer
  Ferrous Ironclad    Singlet Doubloons     *Bonnet Fits     Petals RainSand     Image Leaps     Other Duncan     Many Isosceles
Diamond Thumb Needs     Hanging Crux     Jack Virginia     Homestead Presentiment     Bakers Pastries     Mention Preamble
Ways Word

1886:    Pawn Witching Sign     Dictionary Picturebook     Danger Picturebooks     Ragged Coaster w/ Rogue Corvair     Pond
Lake     Quantum NutShell     Patents HobNobbing     Long Rainbow     Loome Ends     Pages Of Books     Many Appliqué
The Last Open Face     Or Aren't     Pantry Sent     Purse Pocket     Payments Decade

1885:     Falling Captive Tonight     CastleStand     SafestKeep     Full Coat     James Quarter     Willing Song
Tumble Pun     Cauldron Gallons     Pushing The Channel     Worship Quiet     Gambril Quail     Breakthrough Trafalgar
Each Icing     Sunrose Eyes     Jelly Roll Coal     Crawling Moat     Reproach Florentine     Weaher Sachem

1884:     Streets Afternoon     Sundry Days     Fait Oui     Toi-Le-Men     Hobble Ending     Shoes Ferric     Acorn Proverb
Admiral Venus     Cardinal Venus     Painted Frame     One Spinnet     Coventry Far     Storied Mores     Skill Composed
Open Notice     Scrappy Fight     Scout Montaigne     Mute Spooked     Conquistador Kiss     Winter Bearfoot     Black Massachusetts
Warlock Broth

1883:     Lukewarm Handbill     Calico Catskin     Cripple Derringer     Dumpling Hunchback     Boy Antigua
Affiliate Negro     Stillflower Buttercup     Bean Hominy     Palace Of Shores     Dust Rolls     Rustic Wayside     Shut Nook
Thoughts Phosphorus     Smoky Amber     Tame Delight     Latent Maze     Nappy Pepperweed     Entice Or Beware
Window Sin     Dais Floor     Range Daring     Greek Pagan     Savvy Plain  
Named Upon Doorstep

1882:     Christen Impart      PartChapter     Que     Borrowed Appleseed     Steady Bastings     Range Flower     BeWrit
Kitten Cat     Soon Assume     Curiousity Often     Least Willow     Ortega Made     Castel Estate     Pocket Nightgown
Suffer 'Nother     Inscribed Engraving     Mother Carafe     Michigan Home     Federal Shores     Grumhole     Pour Goes
Embodied With Will     Range Along     Good Wood     Supreme Timber

1881:     Knife Peninsula     ShilohEyes     Solemn Nodding     Pawn Witching Sign     Brown Blue Grey     Adagio Vestige
Mountainside Night     Waltz Cow     Grave Indentures     King Stills     Common Gossips     Snow Ember
Maplewood Niche     Monstrously Fond     Pushing The Channels

1880:     Plate Thracian     Angel Justice     TeaFrame Houses     Too Doos     Spanish Angelus     Ce Soire
Lamps Wiring     Staving Maroon     Poppyseed Vermillion     Led Semblence     Giving Coffins     Distant Winsome
Eighty Mornings     Doth'

1879:  SeigneHeart     Font Boudoire     Wyatt Choose     Apply Nightingale     Ode Animus    Fast Choir
Mois Self     Falling Amble     Tinkers Tin     Morning Pony     Casting Hearts

1878:  Harpsichord Tricycle     Velvet Waters     Cue Stewarts     English Anglican     Braile StarLight
Ce Soir Cataclysm     Ode Gallion     Long Dancing

1877:  Corsair Stairs     Comitus     Empire Bye     Shadows Of Traces     Way Antigone`     Counting Evenings
Phiz The Top     Bee Bird Cage

1876:   Homely Arabesque     Corner Chips     Ode As Hue     Steppingstone Derby

1875:  Crab Snappy     Assuage Savoire     Freckles O'erderve     Ransome Chalice     Distaff Destiny     Too Story

1874:  Whisper Wishes     China Inside     Half Bought     Genial Copper     Wheelbarrow Graveyard     Sooth Coal
Surround Mead     Plump Flowers

1873:  Lightning Chalice     Francinsense Buffalo     Mood Rubicon     Sault Pretend     Setting Petticoats
Reach Sunday     Dusting Inch

1872:     Ain't Said     Atlas Pyrite     Tides Mist     Often Isn't Autumn     Iron River Fish

1871:     *Casket Rouge     Powder Crust     Push Nebulous     Elaborate Tea

1870:    Parasol Ending     Swallowed Teardrop     Ageless Sea     Windswept Maypole     Innate Scores
Taptoo Drum Tattoo

1869:     Pincushion Hats     Patois Travois     Anaestheisa Breeze    Virgin Trader

1868:     Billy Rae     Pat Footpad

1866:     Whiplash Crackers     Constant Stairs     Day Bet

__________   Jims & Janes  Butler & Butleresse @ Orphanage__________

Horses:     Firewove     Black Chalice & Blue Moon  ('An Opposite Set Of Foals')     Lucifer's Star     Lemniscate Paint     WindFar
Black Amber     Mesquite Honey  'The Ultimate Mare'     SkyMoon  'a charger'     SkyMorrow     Silk Verve     Ghost Onus
Strawberry Pearls     SilverHearts     Aster Why     Gallow's Whisper  'an Outlaws Horse     Edge Forever     Sky Immortal
Hob Nob Nanny     Pipsqueak Ernie     Thunderbolt Lightning     Molten Nights     Autumn August     Red Oak Acorn foal     Lather 'a mare'
Moonlight Night     Pimlico Noe     SkyHorse     OneWind     Gravity's Star    Bay Angel  a dun     BookMarket Snow  a filly
AngelSnows  a pegasus     StreamNight     Reticent Grey     CloudPlay     SinFires     Mortal Gold     Shadows Mounting
Alladin's Cat  Crab Snappy's mare     GoldenMore     Desperate Treasure     Six Star     Coated GGold     SearchWind     MoonStairs
Summer Kissing Moon     SummerGrass     BroomHue     Pennies On The Dollar     FireRiche     SkyMoral     WindowSteps     Sky Canticle
Charcoal Last     Satin Stray     Daddy's Heartbeat     Ghost Onus     SiverHearts     Eight Paces     Timid Thunder  gelding
ArcAngel Snow     Rode Poems     WindTryst  eagle?     Sunday's Blood  brood mare     Black Wind     Winner Mount     SpitFork  a bronco
Silver & Moon     Nine Tealeafs     WindChristenings     PonyNight  Rue's 1st pet     NightRuin     Sable Entrys     AppleWine apoloosa
HeartBeatWind     Golden Molten     Open Georgia     LightFast     Three Sinners     Gold Patio     SunShadows     ScoreFlame
Charcoal Last     WindowSteps     Sky Canticle     Painted Flame     DunFire     Rhythm Quiver     Buff Dun     Running Chance
OftenGold  a foal     BetterGold     Silhouette Blue     Rose Red Grey     Spaceship Move    Caution's Cat
Good Look Moon  Chinese horse     Aster Fire     Almost Gold     Boy The Moments     Ground Hogs Day Sunlight
Son O' Bitch     Right Of Day     CandleLight Nigh     Tomorrow's Night     Molten Smoke     Black Clothes     History
Slumlord's Symphony     A Plate Of Dishes     Westwind Gusty     War Ricochet     Threading Clover

 Indian Ponies:     Pony Nations Francinsense's Horse     Two Feet Running     Painted Shapes     Ghosts Talisman     Milkdrop Solitaire
Snowcone Foal     Reveration     Canyon Hollows     MoonVelvet     First QuarterHalf     SunWindSkyNight     Sunset Rain
Winter Moons     Quiet Eyes     Crooked Snow     Autumn November     Whole Moon Sky     Twist Wishing  2013 hobbyhorse
The Moonlit Foal     Two Silvers     A Reap Of Flames     Post Familiar     River Sent     Rivet Sets     Crazy Ambles
Random Apples     Nickel Gold     Paint Memories     Old Hat     Flesh Sentient     Lightning Thunder     Pathos Immune
Kiss Of Winnowing     Star Clouds

Dogs:     Good Dog     Karm Owned  puppy     Bark 'the silent pup'     Do Wound (Pack Of Sunder)     Bumptious  Bitsie Tukus'
Precious Ember     Boot Tongue  daschund     BootMark     BabyFat (pudge)     Almost Endearing     Minatures Of Broadways  Old $'s
Black Tan     DogPuppy     Choir Night     Taking Will
Bottom Roof     PebbleDust  a cur      WoundTooth   a cur     Star Pointer   Patou's Baby, Her Son     Faux-Faux
One Something  Triplet Whippets     StewPot     Thirteen Buttons     OneName     Blinder Moon 'Australian HoundDog'
Reports  an Evil bulldog     Silver Pill  a greyhound     Brunt     Purchase     Presumption     Sixth Of Heaven
Offficial Crime     Embarking Caution     Dog Rover     Points Berlin
Yard Heart     Ochre Rust     Russet Brown     Mor Dor     DogMarl     WhirlPearl  poodle     Snuffy Carbuncle     SnowPuppy
Pekinese Terrier     PebbleDust cur     Quick Nippet     Fish Tomatoes a haphazzard dog     Lie Receiver
ShortKnoll a pug     Official Crime     Pink Apostrophes  poodle 1955     Bit Mixture  cur     Gruel     Collide
'CyberNice' poodle nick    Slow Gravy  a basset hound     Unknown Dusk     Flawed Bean     Bisquits Dawn     Do See
Same Happy     Cub Puppies     Wanderkept     Collective Scamp

Cats:  Shadow Whispers  Miss Nomer's Cat     Inkling  Heartbeat Rosin's     Insouicance     StarFlake Snow     WillowMist
Manuscript    CrySound     Modality     Darkness Moonrise     Partial     Six Maximus     Sins Often At     Playing Boys
Nineteen Dreams 'A Living Ten' Egyptian Siamese     SpaceWhite     New Rose     Fall Chrysalises     Hot Cookie 1957 cat
Cannibal Mine     Angel Taken     Bridges Turn     Siamese Gold     Cryptic     Constantly     Disclosure     Mistook
Small Fuzzily

Pets:     Piggybank Wings 'Wink'     Small Patches     OnlyToy     Old Mocha     Bamboo Knew shrew     Porquoi     Cars
Obsession Fleas (Tiny Companion)     Wow Tiddly Wink  frog     Bonelack     Mumps chipmonk     Tweed Omen  young Cut's imaginary pet
Satin Honey  bear    ShoeRound & ShoeFoot  a burro pair     Bistro Ram     KeyPad    Root Roost     Sinews  'cat-ferret'
Mystic Fashion  a broomstick     Surinam Nip  parrot    Cordite Rhododendron  lady goat     Lumine     Good Dog     MilkFat
     Midnight Blackout     Carnival Non  'Carnivalation'     RippleBrook     onomonopeia
SpellWound     Tinder Kindlings  salamander     PineDust     Tactic  mongoose     Risen Ponds  frog
Gumption     Went Special     Sky Medallion  Courser or Eagle     Meteorite  a snail     EverClue  a unicorn     Dot Common
Broken Mornings  a burro     See Proximity  a wise turtle     Tines Intersect  carrier pigeon     FlyMotion 'pet speck of dust'
Frost Upon  snowy owl     LightFawn  young doe     SugarWhite  a snow rabbit     Sad Sans     Teeming  lemming     Appraise
ShadowNew  witch's pet     Silk Suits  organ grinder chimpanzee    North Of Light  an eagle     Fond  a guppy     SuttonSeeds  a butterfly
Vivors   a sabretooth     NestFire   baby drageon; Windows Marry's pet     EmberBlues  '69 Chevvy     Eager Silver  woodchuck
Ring Around The Sea  snake     MovieTine  1949     Want Actions  racing ferret     RainDrop     Tweaker  cricket     PuppyHearts
RigorMortis  a turtle steed     Meteor Four   1959 space-chimp     Toy In A Corner     Dogs-Zz     Herb Grass  pet hooter
*HoneyBee Destiny     PrismLight  a unicorn     Borne Of The Rain  elk     Sands Became  an hourglass genie`     Sinews   anaconda
Red Aorta  cardinal     Oragami  owl     Blond CrossWinds  falcon     HootWise  canary or parrot     PepperNote
Unhidden Twists snake     Sent Equate     Wind Nibbles     SpyDragon     Enemy     OnTo
Block Knockings '56 auto     Thoughts Not  pet rock     Small Axioms pet stuffed toy/Theoretical 'Dog'  'God' Scattered Molecules pincushion
  Reproach     My Curl as my girl or?     FloorPort     Keylock &&#  Lst Generation Robot     Bedouin's Pageboy  mule
nightswept  broom or a horse     Random Ants  paraqueet     Symetry Can  'The Perfect Robot'     Williammab 'Billiam'
Egg Gone '--you came from a different planet.'     EndAny     Homegrown Poem  a bellybutton     Boiling Roil  hobbyhorse
Steel Wind     Six Kisses     Bracket Asides
Shadow Flame...Dandelion Ego's hobby hourse?     Wry Pieman  Sigh Totem's mongoose     Molt Gold  a lobster     Manly True  a lion
Adore` Too  a pugly     Zygote     Chance Negligible stuffed hummingbird     PocketSky  parrot     Fraction   Mona's pet
  Faint Peach  praqqueet     Epily     Sky Watchdog     Almost Glow
Wizzards Impending     SnowFog  a pommeranian     Acoustic Shadows     Gymnasium     Two Sodas & A Whisker
Tired Of Omens     Quixotic Questionmark     Node Emotion     Semblence Eiyes     Chaos Wake     Indigent     Empty Bark
Oie! Pogram     Ablutions     Hoping Gold     Datum     Tangled Silver     Bloomfold     Cobblestone Moon

Boats:     Trim Discoveries     Steady Ides     Monsoon Truce     Storm Omnibus     Opening Autumn     Dutchess Chore  a scowboat 0.
Stray Cats Ides     Font Avenues     Lovely Oftens     Bagadore Lent     Cassanova Atmosphere     Baked Attendant     Tenths Saint
Vitiate     Sky Eternal*     Ode Tumbleweed     Web Involve 'Invoice'     White Skies     Danger Entrusted     Plante4d By Puppies
Incarnation On     States In Sight     Entity

     Dolls:     Pudding Momento  (Doll...everyone's favorite fat friend)     10cent. Amy     PlayClouds  Whisper Wishes' papoose corn husk doll
Grafitti Feelings     A Thousand Million     Saleable     Not Boss     Vinyl Nylon 'A Model.Snger'     Sin.Ripples  Rahme's doll
Chance Events   a boy action toy     Anguish Doubt  a self-stickin doll of Jewish therapy     KissGone  a Mati doll
TooSeduce   a stickpin doll     Yearism   Yodalike stuffed used to samples     Saleable     So-Fit     Pet Velvet  Snivel's rayon toy
Fuxxy Lovin's  an interactive doll     Thirty-Six Transmissions  robot     Worn Blessings     Golden Cameo     ManLove
Ghosts Posting Online     Tommy Saint     Little Humongous     Cotton Muffin     Anonymous Holiday     Paid Anomaly
Spoken Person     Pre Memory     Satiated Lies     Sweet Replete     Serious     Orthodox Terrorist     Gazebo Brunch     Mean Anomaly

MATRONS CHARACTERS:  Sweet Ravishings     Naughty As Passion     Satiated Innocence     Skintight Thin     Flesh Mating     Silken Pennance
Pistol Blue is Tawny Auburn's soul mate//Constant Roam practical man'd.     Black Gloss  meaty Negroid hero     Disclose Fantasy
Ending Coals  a Matrons Hero     Penny Anyone   'a Welfare Atom' & deserved Victimesse     Jade Passions     *Devily Stylish
Paste Jewels     Warmer Embers     Hardly Demure     Miss Spoken     Flawed Cause     Boy Plaything     Lipstick Portrays
Wicked Sane     Intended     Deluxe Luxury     Tawny Down     Paid Moonbeam     Randy Phallicies
Intimate Him     Somewhat OtherDiamond     Gilded Scallops     Honey Pastimes     Strict Priveledges     Wanton Ticket
Wanting Kisses (a doll)     Scant Illusions

EVIL PETS & AUXILLARIES  Razor Curlicue (An Imp Baby)      Cats Mammon (Miss Nomers GrandMom)     BondMary   RIP's Mom
Ending Tides  RIP & Rues' only child/conceived 5th Level [Miss Nomers brings up]     *Promising  Old Money's Doll
Hate Baby (Baby Pie's only child?or only her doomed Preemie Placenta?!)    Evilish  'Finish Demon'    Mor Dor  'an evil' dog
Years Accrued  'Wees 1st Base Coach'     MarrowFlesh  Miss Nomer's Grand Aunt     Happenstance 'Wees Hitting Coach'
Seven Waters   Doe Eyes are Trois Rivieres Chief     DownTown New York is a Sam Spade character     *Bistro Ram
Three Bees   M & R's Bat Sidekick (an Iron Age Duo Conscience/Two Winged Conscience) as The UnNamed Bat
Diamond Signature is earliest Matron     Slave X is Chad Star Power's Signatory Abscence on Voting Rights    Gallant Sales
RottenGrow   a fleshly baby imp/German     Implication  'The 7th Imp?'     Aunty Dote     Puppet Manque  evil deva of Flesh Puppet guide
Premium Brown is Attic Grandma's Amsterdam Rendezvous seed implication/Last Civilian Night's Choosen Whore...No Jr.
Who Hu as Josef/dDitto ally; a grail/half-female     Notation     Latent Near as Ragdoll Echelon's...?     Blue Rue   Rue's Mother
Secret Mixes   ghost conniseur     Five Redclouds  Francinsense's Dad     Poison Cradles  a spider Baby Pie'd once had
Botswanna Twine  Coffee Vendetta's Mom     BondMary   RIP's Mom     Crypt Bond   Pillow's or Baby's Mom
Rainbow Lace  Miss Nomers' snake     Prurient     Gist Honeydew     Stigmant     Taken Angels     Two Moon a stepmother
Total Boy [Sable Ice's daschund]     Diablo Kiss     Eight Is Nine     Ego Tally     Kept Caught     Paid Clover
Short Porch a pug     Mervoux (Changemaker's Cat)     God Took Her Toll     Baby Catastrophe     Head Mein
Apple Air Sin     Bill Virginia     Simple War     Malign     Spoiled     Pinion Chalice     Grimage     Constituencies
Maximmal Hell     Pet Brat
Servants:  Old Fin  1899     Plenty Gentleman  1899     Dwarf Barcode  1999     Silver Ivory  1999     HomeWinter Night  1955
Belltop Carrygather  1954/1899?     Light Black  1960     Big Queen Windowshine  1938     Angel HeartWings  1919     Split Seconds  2000
Jims  1996     Former Lores  1912     Hallway Always  1999     Old Nub  1922     Who Or Whom  1927

Corner Characters:     Current Rich     Which Tuition     Can Man     'GodWends'     W. Mood 'Washington Mood' a D.C.Bee Column     Eve Tuition
PrayerStairs     Nick Tidbit     Secret Right     Cries Alibia     Fat Chance     Uncle Samus     Bad Cookies     Phantom Fees     Rent Dough
Little Depositor     Achmad Near  a boogeyman     Billboard Scorecards     Beg Harding  Rt. Winger's parody of unwanted poor     Way Ripped
Piglet needs  'The Lobbyists' Feed'     FawnDues     Oceans Moore     Animus Shores     Little Looks Backward     Bliss Oblivion
Shadow Pays     Satisfied White     Kid Hitter     Evening Winds      Depositron     Promise Due  a hallmonitor
Me Mine     Donut Vote Republican     Pick Niggling     Safte Complain     Sucker Dumbfuck     Old Gold     God On Cue     Cache Following
Aimless Maybe     Quip.Blitz     Wisdom Abounds     Chaos Frantic     Head In The Crowds     My Moan     Blank Allowed    Lortd
Budget Nothing     Who Has Gets     K Street Creeps     Budget Nothing     Time Fact War     Promises Stark     Late Tides
Same Implement     Subside Nice     Beaten Excuse     Bloke Sure     Voting Biblical     Nein Moons     Small Impossibles
Bear Pressure     Habitual Liar     Doorstep Equate     Journalism Archetype     Imperfect Momento

Play Characters:   Paris Starlight "Dark' w/ Kittens Starlight  'Vichy & She'     Penny Dreadful  Crab Snappy     Never Ingenue
Seven Waters & Doe Eyes  Trois Riviers Chief(tennesse)     Small Cheese  1912 delivery boy     Angerly (Buster's sidekick?)     Al Bum
StillFeather  1865 Montreal?     Cake Eaten Too  Ball guest contestant     Fetus Agreed     Dance StarQuest     Edison Clues
  Five Red Clouds     Charcoal Last  SunPatch     Strawberry Pearl     ShoeFits     Ageless Sea     Trinity Liasons
Hardly Tippling  Hipflask Silver's mom     Immoges     Quaint Goodbyes  Natty Rumple's Dad
Thesis Of Sans:  they all have owls?Mood Rubicon's?     Beg Choosy     Smoke Packagings  Pincushion Hat's WannaBe Model
Seven Headress  Francinsence's dad?     BlueEyed Poor  poster kid     OnlyPoem  Harpsicord Tricycle's taskmaster     Eden Her
Felt Experience     Blood Blossom     Delirious Sin     Making Underling     Blond Lady Now   Teresa Oracle @ Ball     Dramatico
El Mortal     Teapot Lodge     Death Tax Code     Mind LoveLife     Toad Sabre     Misses Spoon     Cross Bar Divan     Transit Eat

Baby Muse:     Coy Poignant     Avoir Dupoir     Mortality Shortcake     Pedigree Lucile     Potato Truth
Silhouette (Alone)     Bobby     Quantum Dwarf

Muse:     Archetype Pistacio     Fiction Naturalized     Gladys Surreal     Heart Artichoke     Sigh Totem   Seed Notions...
Twice Alabaster

Imps:    Evilish     Gro' Mundanies     God Anon     Pop Fiction & his little daughter Ire     Megaton Obelisk     Pulse Fuss
Eros Hiroshima     Blzak     Twas Wasn't  a sprite     Kiss O' The Gallows

Halloween 1999:  Miss Nomers runs The Imps:  Gro'Mundanies (89-90*)     Pig Gibble (180&1.2*)
Hammer Twine (359* to 0*)     Wraith Of Shade (0* to 1*)     (66 & 2/3* ti 67* is???)
Hammer is a Spiral Killer; reseed lifepath w/ circles & gerbils/Last Moment of Ever Guardian--Keeper of The Spiralled Circle.
Charlatan Of Shade   Glamourizes Flesh Temples & Time   Empty Shadowish:  (120* to 240* 'ShadowWish')
[Miss Nomers:  aka 'Cosmic ToadStool']
     Lax Relax  'One of the Soul Moving Ones'
Cosmic Toll  An entity, taxes & blood bank tithes karma; life's transfuse.
Treadsmiths are Crystal Accuiuncturists, entitys responsible for limbo tutouring; readying souls for footsteps on Earth, etc.
Cross-Eyed & Twisting Free A spiral, Blue Pebble Moons swam Her eyes; morning's dawn.  Glady's Surreal's eyes.
Alchemy Motes:  are Homer Mystical Truths
Alabaster Sable wears 'Dewdrop Booties' 'The Cusps Of Time'
Hearts Of Goodbyes is Muse to StarLight Earned...or any soul to Star Own.
Akimbo is A Starlight Refugee, Muffin's Crystal Spirit Researcher (Sets Obelisk)
Moon Birth Nights     Dante Former (Maldor Personage)

The Milk Bottle Dwarves:  Hurry Furlough     Boom Tusk     Vegetable PainKiller     Two Penny Deuce     East Penny Blue     Cantos Porqupine

The Flesh Puppets:  Puppet Flesh     Widow's Traveil     Bones Forelock     Wholesale Cranium     Clone Alone     InSeam Pearl?

  BANDS:     The MBD's are Teresa Oracle's main band; she's the lead singer w/ Two Penny & East Penny as backup vocals;
Hurry on lead guitar; Boom on horns; Vegetable & his 'Contrite Half Piano'
Cantos Porqupine on 'The Cadent Tones Of Whisper'

The City Matrons Do ManHat:  Editors of Fundamentalist Underground Comic Book Glossy Myth:
The Adventure of Clit Moregasm & her sidekick Tawny Auburn; Love Steamy as half-sis.  SugarBun HoneyMoon as their Mom.
Arty Famous     Plush Was     Angel Smoke (the waif so near)
Married Miss Trite Overload (w/ her husband Milt & two perfect girls)  also a Holywood Vine     Janes  butler
Bitsie Life (Married's best friend)     Tukus Urbane (second wife to Stockroll, Sr.; Mother of Old $ & StepMom of Stockroll, Jr.)
Official Pure     Gist Manicure as spin artists     Skewed Platitude as lady SpeechWriter
Bubble Overnode     Streamlined Tootsie (Model)
Cutsie Spewing     Fuzzy Nothing     Stolen Mona (Possesed Born Again)     Cameo Eyes (Secretary/Artist)
Fittingly Appropriate (Stylist & Flesh Editor)
Stern Fervor (Choir Mastresse & Spiritual Disciplinarian)     Clean Cubicle (Butler)
Gridirons Quite Ergo Suma (c)     Quality Cold     Prefabricated Stitches as Insp. General
Fat Anum     Naughty As Passion     Nibble Equilibrium  a handpuppet
Cusp Buttress     Exclusive Clue     Boudoir Trophy     Stature Mansions     God Kittens w/ Miniatures Of Broadway
Tweet Blurb     Open Pace     Enamel Portraiture     Archival Civil
The D.C. Bees:  Riffy Token Art     Cue Ball Halo     Mole Hoax     Warrant Peace (Banana Republican)     Put Words     Paper Documents
Poster Boy Pink (A 'Flat Idol') 'Cherub Cheeks & Love Buns'     Template Furrow (Pro White Collar Thief)     Blush Factor     Clue Itegrity
Quote (Rote) Notation     Snip Snap Synopsis     Grips de Archives     Spillway Deuce (& her half-camera)     Temporary Expedience
Psycho Babel proliferates 'Towers of Truth/Halves of Angel Wings     Fallow Shallow his demonstrative assistant
Nibble Equilibrium  a handpuppet     Bills Amount     Funds Available     Studies Show     Blank Insight     Smoke Bespoken
Underground Money     Skirts Tomorrow  usher     Pat Answers     Bill Genuflect     Fuzzy Bastion     Practiced Stairway
Sly Neutral     Butter Compilation     Framed Advice     Sceptre New     Exit Gallant     Holy Evsil     Nude'trality     Fever Niche
Wee Pets:    Sophistry     Petite 'Kinky Pluto'     Windshoes     Egress (Aegies)  Eyrie     Figment`
Roost Coup & Jodspur Rooster     Assuage     Nuance     Imbroglio    
Insouciance     Stranger
Rosary  Sable's pet    Habite`     KeyPad     Asar     Un-Cow-Owl-Ed
Shoes Apollo     NightLace
     CrossDues     Trimension     Memory     Thinkes
Love NeverEnd     Rumpus     Comfortably Momentum     Soda Fudge     Vole Tracks     Sublimity
Credo     White & Black     Flame Shore(s)     Who Hoops     Possible Whether     Common As Pause
Spellwound     Six'Os'Tify!     Moment     Snug Parenthesis     Spy Paper     Round Boy     Rubbin' Nubbins
Dust Over     Proof Hazel     Busy As Crime     Allude     Tides Iscosoles     Last'i'Tude     Sunset RavenCat     Priority

WildCards:     Astro Boy     Nereid     Manhattan Harbors     Boston Marble     Apt     Days Requite     See Through Figurines 
  Von Soul     Skys Visible     Lair     Secretus     Sentien(t) Few     Basil Name     East Constellation
  Evening Ivory     Ten Sins     Reasons Tea     Sinnance & Pennance     Guesses In The Dark
  WakeUp     Matter Happens     World Serious     Sunset Ones     Ash Passions     Add O'Clock
  Can't NoMore    
Time Dawns     Evening Ivory     Stars SunLight     Angel Mermaid     Kiss Kills     Inn Times
Die Impression     Game Twilight     EverSins     Fuzz Bunting     Midnight Bothe     Psalm Forevers
Hard Card     Atoe     House Borealis     God Alove     Hermes A. Ink     Butter On     Iron Salvage
Cloak Cafe     Hotel Why     Dewdrop Commons     Cinnamon Locks     AppleStock     NiceStorm
Sunday Moon     Cases Sate     Sleeping Links     Three Bees     Hush A Bye
  Jukebox Sturdy  Flyboy's friend     bestmeant     Dice Alone     SpiderFly     Noted
  Hotpoint Calrode    1962 Nickle     etc. ditto     BabyChild Time     Dreams Memories/Memory Remembers
Cosmic Gets     Spokes & Spirals     Nonstop On     Ten Six XClues     God Captions Souls
TreasureGold     Some Purpose     Endless Anon



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