The Eleven Of Diamonds, UnLimited


Shadow Beautymark

dDitto Cruciform

Ice Cream Valentines***

Smoky Eros Quartz

Pique Nickels

Earth Annapolis

Buck Nightwing


Longform Holiday

Hurry Furlough

Angel Knives

Pond Bruise

Master Key Space

Dormant Egg

Hodgepodge Fatty

Menacing Heavy Load

Stands Gravity

Stone Pavillion

Sugar Candy Or Coffee?

Under The Bumps

Seven Egypts

Freckles O'erderve

Secret Mixes

Windows Marry

Wonder Bread

Boys Hometown

dDitto Cruciform

Saphire Bunting

Age Adieu

Silhouette Alone

Marionette Me

Morgue Tunes

Nicolet Cottles

Squirt Liturgical

Corporate Bondage
{Inadvertant Caricature:  Former DeFacto President Cheyney}

Tork Malarky

Hipflask Silver

Blood Martyr

Sans Too

Ode As Hue


Eyelet Nimbus

Pillage Burn

Eros Hiroshima

Sunset Tiers

Monsoon Cherish

Deep Sea Noun

Spiderweb Terazzo...