The Eleven Of Diamonds, Unlimited
[Recent Large Pixel Character Montages]



Star Satyr

Francinsense Buffalo

Potato Truth

Solace So

White Dogma

The Final O'erve

Book Velvet

Menacing Heavy Load

Caps Escallion

Eternal Tea Party

Such You

Sombrero Guy

Corporate Bondage

Gingerbox Jumpseat


Pond Bruise

Smoky Eros Quartz

Milky Potpourri

Los Angeles Oceans

Space.a.tion / Marrowflesh

Megaton Obelisk

Twist Prescriptions

Stoolie Vestibule
[Manager:  Wee Willie Keelers]

Pincushion Hats
[circa 1865]

Nicolet Cottles

Each Midnight
(Ouiji Needs Vampire Teddy Bear)

Morgue Tunes
[as a boy]

Wicked Atometry

Farm Watermark

Animus Flaw

Oriental Spider

Hipflask Silver

Age Adieu

Shadow Beautymark
[The Moslem Mati Hari Flower]