The Eleven Of Diamonds, UnLimited


Villian's Candyshop, Sr.

Horrid Little Obligato

dDitto Cruciform

Pidgkin Assign

Sew Buttons


Each Midnight

Flesh Equator

Flame Shotfire

Wolfgang Poem

Stucco Roccoco

Sugar Candy Or Coffee

Spyglass Flowers

Steppingstone Derby

Ouiji Needs

Poised Wanton

Teagarden Leaves

dDitto Cruciform

Windows Marry

Fontish Noh

Tony Cullpepper

Twilight Nevers


Wedge Ivory

Windswept Maypole

Vesuvius Sit

Parisian Sands

Crab Snappy

Moonripples & Killdeer

Sigh Totem

Tail Penny

Spectrum Patio

Radio Barrister

Monk's Talisman

Sable Ice

Silhouette (Alone)

Snap Axel

Sinuous Shame

Puppet Flesh

Noe Immortal

Earth Acropolis

East Wing

Lollipops & Demons


Name Me

Oasis Stance

Oriental Spider

Buck Nightwing

Overarching Intent

Painted Mortals

Infinity Pan

Jet Bubbles

Kidnap Trepanned

Pinpoint City

Lessons Dominoe