!!!!!!!!!!!!!!More Manly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fresh Up:  $530

Stand up pop machine holds 12 oz. bottles.
In working condition with lock and key lights are all working.
This machine wt. is 368 lbs.; Model; Cavalier R-873 from the early 1960's.
One window cracked; tape holds orig glass in place.
Should handle bottles 9 7/8" long. Pop machine is high 55" x 26" wide & deep 21.5"
Phone: (906)396-3359: Robert between 7:00 A.M. & 10:00 P.M. CST
Location: Iron Mountain, MI 49801

(***Picture Soon***)
Foss-Hughes Company
[Eagle Hood Ornament!?]
Pierce - Arrow's were sold out of Foss -  Hughes Company from 1315 Cathedral Street and appears to have been a truck dealership. Pierce Arrow trucks were produced from about 1911 to the 1930's.
(This from a Baltimore dealership article in Killduffs.Com.)
Boyce Motometer


Easy Washing Machine of Syracuse, NY:  Copper Pat. 1912
(Motor Will Work; Triple Copper Agitator:  Syracuse, New York)
Coyote Skull:  $25
Squirrel Tail:  $3
Ibis:  $8
We have a great McCormick cream separator.  $330.
If you smuggle your own unpasteurized milk, we will separate it.
Also this kitchen tabletop model.

Floorjacks:  $60 each  Sold
Kitchen Cream Separator:  $190
Hoover Constellation Four-Forty-Four:  $87
Matching Imperial End Tables:  $180  Sold

Glass Heater:  $63  (works)
Beaver Chew:  $25


$888   Pat July 4th, 1899
RR Crossing & Cannonball Switch
[believed to come from near Petoskey, Michigan;
20 cal. slugs--a hole & 1/2 characterize.]
Obenkirk  HE McMylen ??  C  EVELAND
(Is an L missing?)
RR Crossing & Sleeve/Cannonball Switch

Birchbark Trapper's Backpack
  Issac Seppala's (Made by himself, or more likely, local Chippewa Indians?)

Issac's Applejack??!! Barrel:  $110
Spy Camera:  $32  
(8 mm souveneir from Japan, common during Korean War)  Sold
Issac's Seamed Softball:  $25  Sold
Chalk Ball Players:  $12  Sold

Issac Seppala's Snoose reappraised to $88.
  To be paired with the birch trappings...
Iroquois Club:  $40 (Sold)
Paper Mache Duck:  $6
Odd Bottle is a measuring bottle for pop extract:  $12
Alert:  $8   Iron Mountain, Mich  Sold

License Plates:  $5-$22

Telephone Line Reel (We believe, Telegraph...?; not Garden Hose.)
International Harvester Plate??:  $19

Animals Doorstop:   $290
(Cast Iron--purchased from a Kentucky Antique Store
in the early 1980's--they told us it was rare.)

Rusted Drill  $65

Bucksaw:  $49  (Many more saws...)

Porch Grinder:  $88
Bank Table (circa 1955):  $440
(Originally in The First National Bank of Negaunne, Republic Branch)

Tractor Skeleton:  $73

All American Speedbag
Professional Model  Macgregor 76  Sold

Canadian Baits, Inc.   300 Nic Ave.   Mpls.
Pat Apld. For
[Sold Cinco De Mayo Eve, 2007:  First Search Engine Nibble]

Ntls Expert Bait Co    Bayfield Spoon
Minneapolis, Minn.
Cove Bay    Wiggler No 7       (2 of them)
K-B    Superior  Wis.  Patented
2 Lures:  4  &  Blank
Al Wilson   5F
L.G. Johnson    5   Pat Pending
The Above All Have Hooks Made In Norway:  $10 each
(Others Pictured $5, 3 for $11, one with hook from England,
two with newer hooks.)

Large Trunk:  $160
Acorns & Oakleaf:  $170

Aerator:  $39

Oatsower:  $25

Occupied Japan Hillbilly Mug:  $29

Potato Shovel  $23

Acorns & Oakleaf Finish:  $160
'Blind Girl's Trunk'

Wooden Knobbed Log Borer:  $260

Manly Glasses (50's):  $33

Bar or Store Display:  Built in the 50's or 60's
by and for Republic Builder's Supply:


Spool of Heavy Cable:  $55

More Manly Stuff