Antiques Of Republic

Offers ...
Birch Bark Trapper's Back Pack, which belonged to Issac Seppala,
who was known as
'The Judge' during his latter years in the Northern Town of
Republic, Michigan.


20 & 1/2" Tall
19 Across @ Top
8 & 1/2 Wide @ Base
Weight:  5 lbs.

The backpack may have been made by Issac; much more likely, it is
of Chippewa/Oneida make.

Issac was a WWI veteran (in the famed Yankee Division),
a Chicago policeman, sportsman and bon vivant,
before passing away in the early 1970's.
Three smaller traps and this trap with a bear claw in it
were inside the pack.
[This pack, uniforms, etc, were stored in the upstairs of a
garage for about thirty-five years.]

[We don't know exactly how one would go about conditioning/moisturizing the pack.]

This trap is being offered in an eBay auction which ends ten minutes before
the backpack.

[eBay policy will not let us include the bear claw.]
Issac's applejack? barrel & snoose? container are also being offered on current eBay listings;
  --his Yankee Division WWI Uniform(s) & Chicago Police Officer Uniforms soon.

S. Newhouse   Oneida Community, N.Y.  No 4
Pat Sept. 26 '11








Prompt UPS or Priority Mail///                                    
  The  backpack weighs 5 lbs. without the box & packing.


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