More Manly Stuff

Olden Weights:  $230
All the weights; rare.

Triner Air Mail Accuracy Scale:  $55

'Captain Cook's' Hawaiin Trunk:  $77
Wardrobe  { w/ most, will wish to charcoal, or baking soda inner smell.)

John Deere Tractor Seat:  $40
Printing Press:  $245


Climax:  The Enterprise Mfg. Co.   Columbus Ohio
Travelling Salesman Case:  He sold orgasms.
$55   Great for a dorm room; especially with the Hotpoint Door soon to be listed.


American Wire Stitcher  Serial #621???:  $176
Manufactured by American Machine Workers   Racine, Wis. U.S.A.  Patent Applied For
[]Berry Boxes:  Flats  $27[]


Yankee   pat 1896   Chicago   Apex Manuf. Co.:  $125
Air Pump  Pat Appld For
Inland Pump Mfg. Co:  $99
61XL   July 18-16   Chicago U.S.A.  Oil Bearings


Woode Floats & Subtly Tattered Net:  $180
Cornbread Muffin Cast-iron:  $33
Decorative Cant Hook (by Arvid Olander):  $17
Corn Planter:  $28
Cherry Pitter:  $22
Finished 7-Up Sugar Test:  $88