Pictures, Frames & Metal Signs



Oil On Velvet 1920's-30's!!:  $240

Marion   1960's?  $107 set

Beauty For The Home (Sungott Art Studio)  New York
[Has an ornate hook for hanging;  Original Price tag of $35]
Virtually Mint:  $59

Fresh Up:  $320

50's String Art:  $49

Barcelone:  $550

Victorians:  $37

Picasso Print:  $29



Clare Trevor//NFS

Nesbitt's Orange:  $247

$45 pair of Diane Dengle
(now somewhat water damaged)

Maxfield Parrish?:  $95

Mongolia  $110

Camp Custer:  $88

Gold Oval Frame:  $39

Gold Frame:  Taken at a lighter angle...

We'll have to search for this pic;
do not remember if it has already sold;
or is in the archives?
Oh, Harry & Lois framed it--it hangs in their living room.

Oil On Canvas (1960's):  $190 (Note:  a puncture/dent; no biggie in 'El Inferno')
El Bosco: 1450-1516   'La Creation'  Center is ??  'El Inferno'

Gary's Art Studio (1952)  $36


Italy:  $29  Condition:  A Few Scratches; dandy from a semi-distance.


  Decal:  $11


Drip Eye:  $NFS

Stray Pictures

Trivia:  Rue A La Mode & Boo Radley
Who made his acting debut as Jem & Scout's savior.?