A 47 x 23 & 1/2 Inch oil Painting
M. Mahlberg
[M. Narz-Muhlberg]






The Painting Has Two Flakes Of Paint Missing.

  In the photo below, the blue/white in the NW Corner
is the edge of the shore.

Beneath is the white of the bare canvas.
It has an area of perhaps, two-thirds of a dime.

The white dot in the SE Corner is the smaller spot.

The West edge of the frame is obviously...stressed.


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M. Narz-Muhlberg

Born 1895 in Vienna, Austria, his talent was soon recognized by
the teachers who persuaded his family to send the young man
to the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts,
where he studied under Prof. Rudolph.

Later on he became member of the Viennese Artiste Society
and took part in the artists exhibition where he could achive
very good critique.

The artist broadened his artistic education by numerous studying
trips, which not only brought him to art-centers
such as Munich, Paris and Florence,
 but also more often to the Ryro???-and?????
are still his most favorite subjects.




Obviously this painting will require professional packing.
Purchaser will be responsible for shipping & insurance.
[We do have a fine packing company in nearby Marquette,
on Lake Superior, if it is desirable to ship
from the 49855 Zip Code to yours.]


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