The Wee Willie Keelers:  Night's Borderline

             (April 30, 1995:  the fiftieth anniversary of Hitler's death)

'Walpurgis Night/Valkyries Ascent'
the core
of the three day story
which lasts from
April 28th to Midnight of April 30th, 1995.


Cut (Love) Jewel








Press Above:  For Ancient Wees & Evils Rosters

The Sequel is

All Saint's Day
(on November 1st, 1999)

Independent Production

A Great Director

are needed
for the
Live Action Movie.

Artists, etc.


The Comic Books

[Most All of the Story was Written Long Ago]






  Villian's Candyshop, Sr.


Hard Copy Signed One Of A Kind Photographs



Valor must be handy when...
Valkyries Ascend Twilight on the 50th Anniversary,
of Adolph's Death;
                                 the day of his intended Rebirth.


the Battle Rosters
the Earth's Power Nodes
held in throes.

It's all on Walpurgis Night,

April 3oth, 2005.

The Wee Willie Keelers                            The Evils          

    P   Trent Overcoat                                                         RIP Womb
    C   Milky Potpourri                                                        Rue a la Mode
   1B  Turgeon Cry                                                             Miss Nomers
   2B  Villian's Candyshop                                                   Shy Pandora
   SS  Cut (Love) Jewel                                                       Corporate Bondage
   3B  White Spice                                                               Pomp Drama
   RF  Attic Grandma                                                           Coffee Vendetta
   CF  Pierce Whisper                                                          White Dogma
   LF  Primitive Sin                                                          Crustacean Curmudgeon
  Sub  Morgue Tunes                                                           Flame Shotfire
                                                                                          The Changemaker
                                                                                            Monk's Talisman
                                                                                             Slash Fasteye
                                    & introducing The EarthwildesBaby Pie & Pillow Foray






Trent Overcoat




do not enter this
if you do not wish to be


Stoolie Vestibule


Inactive & Auxillary Wees                        Midievals     

Stoolie Vestibule Manager                                                 Schoolboy's Sorrow
The Aging Mati Hari Flowers                                                Tork Malarky
Coffin Crops      Undertaker                                                   Truculent Whimsy
Gizmo Dicey     Weapons                                                           Hostess Zero
Rust Grind         Mechanic                                                    Death Breathy
Snap Axel          Driver                                                            Sable Ice
Sift Meld            Chemist                                                     PoundMoney & Delia Tie
Time Orion         Acolyte                                                     Fat Seedy
Tesserae Time's little sister                                   Bump Rotundo & Squirt Liturgical
Stucco Roccoco   1B                                                                                                          
Wee Willie Keeler Ghostly Patron                               The Flesh Puppets:  A Family Band
Cupid Childs Ghostly Patron                                     Puppet Flesh
Heartbeat Rosin    Pitching Coach                                          Widow's Traveil
Twilight Nevers      Extra Base Muse                                      Bones Forelock
Raisin Scores        Second Base ArcAngel                               Wholesale Cranium
Pasteurized Wayfarer                                                             Clone Alone
_   as Milky's Trusty Scribe                                            Puppet Manque:  Band's Spirit
                          Stage Waystation                                                                                                                                         
                 Secret Mixes          Cook's Muse                                                                                                                         
                       Bunt Dumpling        Third Base Coach                                                                                                      
                                         Spit Commision      An Official                                                      
                                                        Bee Diamonds                                                                        
                                                                  Teapot Boiling        Information Insider                                          


See a few of the auxillaries...

_____There are Baby Wees

Many of them come from The Alone Orphanage.


Sew Buttons
[Horrid Little Obligato's protégé]



Fontish Noh

Pets, Dolls & Offspring:

Windshoes    Morgue's Falcon                               Dormant Egg     Puppet's Baby Girl
Passing Shards   Pierce's only Doll                       Two Star Horror Movie     Sable's Doll
Ending Tides    RIP & Rue's only Child                 Poison Cradles     A Spider Baby Pie'd
Notation      Miss Nomer's Child out of Schoolboy's Sorrow                       Once Had
Sophistry        Milky's Monkey







Two Star Horror Movie


A Secret Side of Milky


                                  Vous Sommes

                                                     Fresh as amber
                                                                  night allude,
                                                                                     her lips sip cute

                                                                                       Two legs
                                                                                                           knitting needle
                                                                                           beestained walk
                                                                                                                       moon eaten by a star.

                                                                                                Cipher's Kiss
                                                                                                                                           closes polka dot


                                                                                             a poem by
                                                                                   Parisian Sands
                                                              aged 17 (1936)


Parisian Sands
The Ivory Aging Mati Hari Flower

[circa heyday  April 30th, 1995]



Shadow Beautymark
The Red Moslem Mati Hari Flower



                     The Aging Mati Hari Flowers           

         Colour      Nationality       Religion      Accessory     Cookie     Hair      Tea     Attributes      BirthName

1  Ivory         French         Eckist           Fan            Chocolate Cream       Strawberry Blond         Comfrey         Pure        Parisian Sands
2  Pink           Russian       Orthodox   Muff             Strawberry Thumbprint      White        Rose hips     Dimples     Tadpole Polliwogs           
3  Yellow       Chinese       Buddhist      Teddy Bear              Lemon Tea      Raven          Lemon        Wisdom    Comet Jupiter
                     4  Emerald         Irish             Druid         Rhinestone         Mint Leaf            Red            Peppermint           Fey                                
5  Red           Moroccan         Moslem      Bells              Coconut           Blue Sable        Fo-ti           Bedrock Vim        Shadow Beautymark
6  Blue           India           Hindu           Umbrella           Ivory Almond               Sable Steel   Jasmine      Allure        Saphire Buntingire
7  Violet        Indian         Spirits          Lyre              Mocha Hazelnut            Sky Sable      Burdock     Insight      Age Adieu
8   Sable        German      Catholic       Rosewood Rosary       Oatmeal Chocolate Chip         Iron Maiden       Coffee        Jesus' Bones         Secret Woo/'Greta'


The Sable Mati Hari Flower





Shadow BeautyMark
[circa 1939]


(circa 1939)


The Irish Mati Hari Flower


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