Auxillary Wee Willies



Inactive & Auxillary Wees                             

Stoolie Vestibule Manager                                                
The Aging Mati Hari Flowers                                                
Coffin Crops      Undertaker                                                  
Gizmo Dicey     Weapons                                                      
Rust Grind         Mechanic                                                    
Snap Axel          Driver                                                            
Sift Meld            Chemist                                                     
Time Orion         Acolyte                                                     
Tesserae Time's little sister                                   
Stucco Roccoco   1B                                                                                                          
Wee Willie Keeler Ghostly Patron                              
Cupid Childs Ghostly Patron                                     
Heartbeat Rosin    Pitching Coach                                       
Twilight Nevers      Extra Base Muse                                     
Raisin Scores        Second Base ArcAngel                              Pasteurized Wayfarer                                                             
_   as Milky's Trusty Scribe                                            
                          Stage Waystation                                                                                                                                         
                 Secret Mixes          Cook's Muse                                                                                                                         
                       Bunt Dumpling        Third Base Coach                                                                                                      
                                         Spit Commision      An Official                                                      
                                                        Bee Diamonds                                                                        
                                                                  Teapot Boiling        Information Insider                                          



Gizmo Dicey


Snap Axel

Stucco Roccoco

Sunset Tiers  [Second Baseman; circa 2020]

Heartbeat Rosin:  Pitching Coach




Twilight Nevers__

Coffin Crops
[She is in charge of Crystalline Ashes]



Sift Meld____


Cupid Childs_______



Bee Diamonds_____


Teapot Boiling________



Secret Mixes (Grit Stir's Mom)

Such You

Vulcan Michigan

Mix Romace

capturing The pillows