Antiques Of Republic


Little Broken Bike



Made In Austria


The rack is
Made By PLETSCHER of Switzerland.


Lightly rusted.

An aunt of the family bought this bike upon retiring
--did not live long enough to ride it

It has been in barn storage since then,
slowly gathering oxidizing particles of moisture.

According to the
 (always true as god)
it is one of the
earliest versions
of Little Broken Bikes.

Age?:  Only the wise collector would know.

The back tire holds air,
the front does not.


                 Just Businessman


Antiques Of Republic:
'Let the Buyer Beware?'
'Let the Seller Be Fair.'



[A puny foreign cousin of...]

SOURCE:  The same Nisula, Michigan
auction that brought you



'It is a collectible, not for the hard core
mountain biker.

Buy It!'
             So urges,

                    Overall Total

Accountant of A. O. R.


Guest Opinions as to Items Possible Uses:

'Ride the Auto-Mini to work & fold this little baby up;
snuggle it in your cubicle,
tuck 'er under your desk
with plenty of leftover legroom.

'Far classier than a Yugo!'


                                   Humdrum Buzzy


is not
affraid of running into
the residue of a charred bonfire!'

                                                --camaro blond


'Come up & Pick it Up Yourself!

You may wish to get a Life
Reading by one of
the world's finer mystics...
or if Milky is not available,
Dandelion Egos
Downy Afficianado
may be.

Get a Fine reading
The Optical Room,
or during
a Walk
about the town of
North Republic.



                              Pasteurized Wayfarer

Lightning Chalice
(One of the Original 1865 Orphans)
advises the curious
  '--check out our
About Me
our old & new webs!!'


                  The Alone Orphanage
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