Antiques Of Republic


The Jester
Royal Doulton Collectors Plate





Condition:  No flaws detected.  Very fine.  A Jester for the new year.                                                                       

                 Just Businessman
                      --ethics & condition, A.O.R.


Antiques Of Republic:
'Let the Buyer Beware?'
'Let the Seller Be Fair.'



  August 13th Auction in Michigamme, Michigan.                
The lady who passed away fifteen years ago,
Vi Jarvi, sold out of her home/storefront.
Her nephews told us many of her prices were tagged
from close to twenty-five years ago;
when her business mostly closed.

Choice of Five Collector's
Business Cards            
                        --each winning eBay Bidder.


                                   Overall Total

                                                Chief Accountant of A.O.R.

Note:  Homemade 'puter, bus. cards; signed by Character


copyright 1988 & 2007
The Eleven of Diamonds, Unlimited