Antiques Of Republic


Gone With The Wind Lamp


Made in the U. S. of America
states the writing on
the oil adjustment wheel.




'A July 10th Auction in Mohawk, Michigan:

three generations of The Pellagrini Family.



The Auctioneer claims it is a lamp from the 1800's.

The metal is ??.
Very beautiful.
Very graceful.



Height:  2 & 1/2" to the Little White Ball
Base:  A bit over 7" X 7".



[The Flash Smudged the Lighting.]




'Originally an oil lamp, this lamp has been
converted to electricity.
The auctioneer claimed that it
could easily be switched back,

if so desired.'

'The cord has been snipped off.'

  'No fault or flaw has been otherwise noted.'


             Just Businessman    
                   --Ethics & Conditioning; A.O.R.



The Lamp weighs 6 & 1/2 Pounds.
Ground Fed Ex
calculated from the
49855 Zip Code.


The Holywood Vines Press Corp
mentions that
'--the curious
might want to
  check out
our About Me!'


On HALLOWEEN of 1999, The Holywood Vines Press Corp

                    provides exclusive coverage of

The One World Apocalypse Ball:

Scuttlebutt Rumour                                The Original Vine
Trent Overcoat                           War Correspondent
Natty Rumple                                           
Once Everywhere                              ...the inside knack of drawing the WildCard.
Arbitrary Lancet                    Aged thirty; in love with Lattice from the first moment of her birth.
Married Miss Trite Overload                                                                     
Beefcake Carved                                She has secrets.
Patina Decease                                                                Undercover Specialist
Lattice Veneer            Scuttlebutt's only child; a seasoned seventeen as the millennium approaches.
                                Smooth as shadowed silk, velvet felt; Lattice's voice easily draws interviews.


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