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Gilbert Chemistry Outfit
Copyright 1936 says the fine 200 page book.

'We doubt if the Chemical Magic
book has ever
been taken out of it's slot.

'Some of the chemical barrels
are full.'



Outfit has
___All 32 Wooden Chemical Barrels___

among them:

Cochineal, Copper Sulfate, Gum Arabic
Ferric Ammonium Sulphate
Logwood, Magnesium Sulphate
Magnesium Dioxide
Borax, Boric Accid
Ammonium Chloride (2)
Amonium Sulphate
Manganese Sulphate
Potassium Permanganate
Powdered Iron Sulphide
Charcoal, Sulfur
Powdered Iron
Chrome Alum

Buyers Note:                                   

'Vigorously bid upon,
the Price at Auction was $170,

for the Chemistry Set,
the Microscope


                                     Individual Serialized
                                               --drone accountant; A.O.R.

The Ouiji Board
(copyright 1920
is also being offered today)


14 & 1/2''
19 & 1/3''

8 lbs. Weight

Flat Shipping:  $15.00 in the american zipcode
Prompt Priority



 A few of the wooden labels are partly loose; all are there.
Three of the test tube labels have come off;
Strontium Nitrate & Calcium Chloride
are tucked in the Weights For Balance envelope.

It was probably the Calcium Chloride tube
which leaked down to corrode
the holder & touch the
Glassbower Book.

uniquely, there are two much used toothbrushes:
Dentabest Med. 10/1-10
Dr. West's Waterproofed
which bristles are nubbed to the plastic.


                   Just Businessman
                             --Ethics & Conditioning; A.O.R.


Antiques Of Republic:
'Let the Buyer Beware?'
'Let the Seller Be Fair.'




The Turunen family of Nisula, Michigan
[The Copper Country]
had a large farm which afforded many quality items.
Their three generation auction on September 11th,
12th & 18th of 2004 was an extensive affair
which resulted in our purchase of many items.
Only a few items remain, including:        
  1936 Gilbert Chemistry Set
    Prehistoric Submarine Toy
The Cutter

This postcard shows the family in their cutter
with their horse                         
'Chocolate Snowball'
[purely a guess on our part].

Oh, the Turunens also had a large sleigh for
a team of horses, and a Model T,
but we didn't get those.

It truly was a marvelous three day auction...
and we wish to bring you a small part of it.

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