2016 Visitors To Antiques Of Republic
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Big Bay Snowmen

C & R Crafts of Channing   .....

Tiny Houses/Marquette

Island Lake  .....

Three Generations

Muskego, Wisconsin   ....

Tripping From Ishpeming

Monument, Colorado & Ypsilanti, Michigan

King & Queen Bee

Miner's Grandson

Three Republic Matriarchs

Iron Mountain/Tufts   ...***...***...

Salt Rock, West Virginia

Howard Keskitalo & His Sweetie

Brighton, Michigan

Sisters In The Vault

Three Mager Brothers & One Son

Dead River Basin

Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin


Digging Ditches

Appleton/Green Bay


Mansfield, Wisconsin

Niagara, Wisconsin

Iron Mountain, Michigan

Morton, Illinois

Petoskey, Michigan


Alpha, Michigan

Republic Grandson

Downstate Visitors


Sagola, Michigan

Greenbush, Michigan

South Carolina

Colonial Statuesque

Kansasville & Union Grove, Wisconsin

Traverse City

Retired Republic Miner

Merriman, Michigan

[Vulcan, Michigan & Herring, West Virginia]

Indian River, Michigan & Patina Cabinet

Match Safe

Olden Tintype

Wed In Seven Months  [***]

Olde Garde Republic

Four Friends

Mod Engroove   {***}

Eyeglasses Man

Two Drunken Monkeys   (***)

Exploring Republic
[Free Citizens Of Madison]

Pulaski, Wisconsin

San Jose/Marquette

Hobart, Wisconsin   (%%%)

Mother Daughter Chicago

Long Lost Great Grandmother?

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario   [***]

Dave Of Ishpeming
[Main Street Antiques]

Four Friends

Guess His Birthday Age

Two & MoreSome

Turkey Flight

Holt & Charlotte, Michigan

Fort Carson  [)()(]

Coyote Brothers

Eyes Of Blue   [)()(]

Bernie's Parents

Jethro Frampton

Grand Marais, Michigan   [)()(]

Des Moines, Iowa

Island Dwellers   [()()]

Buckley & Vulcan, Michigan

Ishpeming Diners

Hit & Miss Man

Big Perch Lake

Iron Mountain/Lansing

Mae's Beauty Salon Hair Drys

Seymour, Wisconsin

Maker Of Lamp Art

Elk Herders Of Bark River, Michigan

Michigan Banker  [1000 Banks]

Peek A Boo   [***]

Ortonville, Michigan

Illinois Traveller  [&&&]


Sweeties   [)(]

Breitung/Balsam  [***]

Aurora & Mundelein, Illinois

The Wolfe Family

Corktown, Michigan  (:::::)

Algoma Buds

Naperville, Illinois

Ishpeming Cameraman

Phelps, Wisconsin

Mother Daughter

Roundrock, Texas

Eagle River, Wisconsin  [***]

Park City, Utah  [***]

Neo-Miner   [^^^]  [<>]

The Oskosh Slenderizer  }%%%{

The Koski Girls

Washington, Illinois   :::::

Michigamme Four-Wheelers

Berlin, Wisconsin

Sweet Man From Spread Eagle, Wisconsin  [**]

Fish Lake, Michigan

Rock Hounds From Clinton, Wisconsin

Clarkston, Michigan  {()}

Negaunne, Michigan

Green Bay  [***]

Downstate Cruisers  [***]

Dallas, Georgia

The Rasik Family Of Toledo, Ohio
[Daughter, Friend & Father]

Sunny Visitors

A Fun Visit

Marisa & Rich Hulilson of Chicago

Back Again  [:::]


Ishpeming Township Guy

John & Bridget Kronner of Dewitt, Michigan  [***]

Iron Mountain, Michigan

Grand Ledge, Michigan

Buzz Saw Visitors

Sunfield & Champion Michigan Sisters

Georgia, Toldedo & Detroit

Black Russian Terrier

Stellar Millwright/Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Detroit {***}

Iron River, Michigan/Portland, Oregon

Venezuela/Austin, Texas [***]

Second Visit


Bark River Cruisers

Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

Diorite, Michigan

Phelps, Wisconsin


Troy & Royal Oak, Michigan

Troy/Royal Sisters

Paper & Pop

Birmingham, Michigan

Weston, Wisconsin

Wheaton, Illinois

Lakewood, Ohio

Midland Five  [***]


Shepherd, Michigan

Carol Stream, Illinois

Gus & Karen

Old Comrades

Depere, Wisconsin

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Guatemala Shirt

Visiting From Ishpeming

Perhaps Republic   (***)

'66 Fairlane GT8/ Humbolt

Windmill Woman

Lucky Colours

Marquette Trio

Republic Father Son


Republic Farmhands

Stephenson, Michigan

Swift Lane

Nappanee, Indiana


Marquette, Michigan


Digesting A Herpetologist

A Trio


Buckley, Michigan 2016

Chief Lake

Field Of Railroad Crossing & Oat Cutter

Wisconsin Visitor

Bark River

Cleveland, Ohio