The Tarot

                         The only Major Arcana card to survive is The Joker,
                                    an odd amalgamation of  0  The Fool,
                                                                               I  The Magician
                                                                                             --a sort of 'Clown Juggler'.


          Many people are still able to
     tell fortunes with the modern deck,
                yet it holds but sad little
           caricatures of original content.


                   on the Fool

     giving dawn
              tip the diamond
       and walk
         past the square of dog
                white roes in your hand


         Mainly intended for contemplative purposes,
                                     the 22 cards of the Major Arcana
                                                      aid soul in the individual quest of heaven.
                  They may be studied as an interweaving whole, or singly.

          Handed down from antiquity, tarot cards depict the most concise
facets of life in two main ways: Minor & Major.

The 56 sheathes of the Minor Arcana split the common world into four corners;
             the suits of wands (fire), swords (air), pentacles (earth) & cups (water).

Cards 1-10 are situations or events;
                                           the sixteen court cards are varying types of people.

      When Inquisition squashed this magical deck
                              into common playing cards of fifty-two,
                                               fourteen cards per suit became thirteen;
      Pages & Knights (girls & boys) were melded into Jacks:  one or two eyed;

      Wands became Clubs (Fire or Spirit)
                           Swords-Spades (Air or Intellect)
                                                    Pentacles-Diamonds (Earth or Physicality)
                                                                          Cups-Hearts (Water or Emotional)


                            Assuage Savoire & Freckles O'erderve

              1875:  At seventeen years of age, Freckles becomes a Catholic Acolyte..
                          begins to discover the secrets of the Roman Catacombs.

               {Paradoxically, insights and meanings are obvious, yet never ending.}


      Pasteurized Post Script:

          Half the experts believe The Fool is the 0 Card;
                                                                   the others slotting him/her at XXII.

          Milky Potpourri knows She/He is twice as powerful
                                                                   as any of the other Major Arcana cards
                       --that there are in fact, twenty-three cards of the Major Arcana,
                              depending upon whether said Fool shall be Upright or Reversed.

          When Reversed, The Fool is 0, baby soul incarnating upon earth
                                                                      to meld the puzzles of dark and light.

                 Upon the completion of perfection, The Fool Upright is XXII.
                                                        Stepping off earth, diamond soul is white rose.

    Pasteurized P.P.S.:  When a Major card appears in a spread of fortune,
                                             it holds about three times as much import as a Minor card.

   Past P.P.P.S.:  There is also a second missing major arcana deck
                                                                                                  which runs from XXIII to 44.

         The Twenty-Third card is
                      Butterfly Soul flying from the
                                         Thumbprint Whorl of Fire.
                           {Milky is intent upon the rediscovery of all twenty-two.}

                 The Old Maid                         The Queen of Spades, her heart a black tumour.


         The tarot may be used for prophecy, but the decks main purpose
                                                   (especially the major arcana)
                                                                          remains study & insight.

     For now, only the first nine cards will be presented.
             The card that matches your birthday
                                  will be of special interest and importance;
                                                         even if your birthday falls on the 10th-31st.
            Thus, anyone born on the 14th of a month is influenced
                                                                                 by the energy of 14, with a basis of 5.


        The Magician

                    The beginning of life determines the end.
            Purity of intent makes purity received.

                Young man (consciousness) incarnates
                         to master the four elements;
                             turn the four corners of Earth
                        into the Diamond of Heaven.

                     The lemniscate above his head is the
                                                         halo to be earned.
            He must merge into the subconscious
                        (pentacles & cups),
                     to attain the one-pointed focal balance
                           which connects black & white.

            Damocles...Swords & Wands, the male energies
                               focus upon conquering
                 Only when this razor's edge severs ties
              with the lower worlds does one attain Heaven.

           The High Priestess

     The inner pearl,
                         strained from all the
                                                 grains of hourglass sand.


               The Empress

    The upward pointing
          trine symbolizes soul's willingness to
                   accept the flow of spirit from Heaven.
       A new child is born.








                                 'Silk Advice'

     Once upon a time,
                         when mystics were allowed in the Catholic Church,
         and Inquisitions had not yet occurred,
             the seer arts were much more perfected than today:
      Kings & Queens knew the exact star their sons & daughters were born under;
                           the light they would return to when their soul was purified as butterfly/white rose.


             It's best to keep your deck in a favorite coloured silk piece.
                Like lead with kryptonite, silk shields your cards from otherworldly vibration s,
         when they are not in use, provides a nice base for laying a spread.

              Milky believes in shuffling and laying the spread herself;
          some readers let others touch the cards;
      dealer's choice.

                                                 A deck should always be bought new.

                     Sometimes it takes awhile to get used to shuffling the larger size.
          It's also nice to just smear them around, letting your essences seep into the cards,
                       picking a few out for perusal.

                 No cards are to be feared or worshipped, all pieces of the cycle...
                                 of course it's easy to have favorites.
                       The Four of Swords is my most special Minor Arcana card.


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