0    ZERO           The Retrograde Fool:  (Black & White)

                   'Incarnating Into the Worlds of Duality,
     Baby Soul Attempts
                              to Master Illusion Within Truth,
                                Conquer the Devil
                                               & Attain the Oneness of Heaven.'


1    ONE            Initiative         Cause       Boy                                      I  The Magician        
2    TWO           Reception        Effect        Girl                                    II  The High Priestess
3    THREE       Expression       Soul         Woman                            III  The Empress     
4    FOUR          Form                Earth         Man                                 IV  The Emperor        
5    FIVE             Freedom         Change     Avatar                               V  The Hierophant   
6    SIX                Responsiblity   Love                                                  VI  The Lovers           
7   SEVEN        Wisdom           Alone                                                  VII  The Charioteer    
8    EIGHT          Materiality      Karma                                                VIII  Strength            
9    NINE            Completion     Seed         Mastery                              IX  The Hermit        


10   TEN                1 + 0 = 1   The Start of the Second Octave              X  The Wheel of Fortune   11    Eleven            1 + 1 = 2   The Double Edged Razor of Self & Others         XI Justice              
                 22     Heaven     Purity   White
                                 XXII  The Fool Upright                                                

      As with Music, Love, Light and All of Life, Octaves Rule by Colour:

      The Deep Red of One softens to Lighter Reds as one steps up
                                                    to Ten, Nineteen, Twenty-Eight and Thirty-Seven.

The Orange of Two is special as Eleven is Pink, Twenty a Light Orange.

         Yellow is the color of soul,
                                       purifying toward the whiteness of rose
                                                              as it enters the fifth dimension of  Heaven.

   Green of Earth Lightens at Thirteen; Twenty-Two is the Pure White of Heaven.

          Five's Buff or Tan Lightens toward Cream.

             Six is True Blues...

    Seven Puples to Violets...

                         Eight's Grey must become Silver.

          Nine is Golden which Goldens.

                 The simplest and most basic application of numerology is in one's wardrobe:
           By wearing a base, or accessory of red on One days, orange on Twos...
                                         intune to universal vibrations.

           The Universal Year of 2005 is a 2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 7
                                This is a good year to favor purple.

        The Personal Year is gained by pretending you are born this year.
                            The United States of America's personal year would be
                                             7 + 4 + 2005 = 2016 = 9                           

                            As a nine personal year, gold ending a cycle;.
                     what has been sown, must be reaped:
we would do well to jettison the dross of the past eight years;
prepare ourselves for a fresh start in the oh so karmic 2006 year to come.

       (The nine year cycle of octave is linchpinned by start and finish;
                         that is why it is especially important to be positive during a one year;
                                                    to close cycles, weed out unnecessary olds to start anew...)

      The simplest and most basic application of numerology is in one's wardrobe:

           By wearing a base, or accessory of red on One days, orange on Twos, yellow-three, etc...
                        one may more easily intune, with universal vibrations.

        In the year 2003, Abraham Lincoln's Personal Year would have been:
                                             2 + 12 + 2003 = 2017 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

                            It's hard to imagine Abe in red, unless it's at Ford's Theatre,
                     but this would be a fitting year for him to begin some great venture,
                                  or relationship, perhaps enjoying red flannel longjohns.


                        If we wished to dress The Best President to the nines and crossed T's
               accessories may be determined by The Personal Month & Day.

                    The Personal Month (Personal Year + Month, e.g. March)           2017 + 3 = 2020

                    The Personal Day  (Persoal Month + Day)                                     2020 + 11 = 2030

                           Mrs. Lincoln was addicted to psychics and mediums;
                 a real astrologer would advise her to send her husband to the Oval Office
                       in a red suit with a green tie and tan handkerchief,
                                     if he was still our President on March 11th, 2003.

                                                                                 Oh well, wishes only come true if they do.


     The most basic discipline,
                numerology  provides the 1-2-3's & A-B-C's of the eternal blueprint.
   One need only learn the keywords of nine numbers and matching colours
                        to pin down the main essences;
                  to establish a basis of understanding to build upon.

         Numbers are the Solar half of Numerology,
                               Letters the Lunar;
                                                            Soul the blending of each.

                     1      2      3     4      5      6     7      8      9
                     A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H     I
                     J      K     L     M    N    O     P     Q    R
                     S     T      U     V     W    X     Y     Z           

Letters bear a corresponding number and octave,
                                                   and possess a uniqueness of their own.
                                                              (Imagine, e.g., the differences between an I and a S.)

The Numerological Chart of The United States of America
                             provides a perfect sample upon which to build your own.

We shall begin the three simplest, and main ribs of Solar Numerology:
                                                         The Life Path, The Attainments & The Challenges.

                            Find a nice piece of paper, some coloured pencils, and begin.

Life Path:   7 + 4 + 1776 = 1787          1787 = 1 + 7 + 8 + 7 = 23

                                           23 = 2 + 3 = 5

     Fittingly, America's life path is freedom, a tan five;
                                     the octaves of which may be completely noted by 1787/23/5.

                 Five is the main avenue of experience we are meant to learn,
                                                                  and grow into;
                                                                             to export to the rest of the world.
                                The stress is, American Ways of Life.
                                               Trimming individual sails, to fit self.


                       The Month, Day and Year of birth signify the three
                                                            Sub Paths which divide and accent a lifespan.

     From 7    4    1776 ,    the single digit Sub Paths are    7     4     3**
                                            our tripartite birth flag is purple, green and yellow,
                                                                             which equals tan.

                     ** 1776 = 1 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 21/3

              Therefore:  The sub paths of Wisdom, Work on Earth, & Creation
                                               are the planks upon which America's Individual Freedoms trod.


TheAttainments; also known as Pinnacles

0-31              7 + 4 = 11/2
31-40            4 + 1776 = 1780 = 16 = 7
40-49           11 + 7 =18 = 9                    (or)        2 + 7 = 9
49...               7 + 1776 = 1783 = 19/10/1

     The First Attainment is found by adding the Month & Day;
     The Second is Day + Year;
     The Third is the addition of The First & Second;
     The Fourth is Month + Year.

  *  If this were a chart for a person, the length of the First Attainment would be found by
      subtracting the single digit life path from the base of 36; i. e.,  36 - 5 = 31
      This means the influence of  7 + 4 = 11 runs from birth until the thirty-first birthday.
      The Second & Third Pinnacles run nine years in length;
                                                                                         the Fourth lasting until death.

    The Attainments are akin to a layered birthday cake growing toward Heaven;
                   or the Tower of Babel; or Maslow's Pyramid of Self Actualization:
                         the broader the base layers, the taller further growth may be.
          {As the influences snap off tightly at the indicated ages,
                              it is imperative the lessons be learned before opportunity is lost.}

America's First Pinnacle states that, through Wisdom & Work,
                                                                       she must learn to Relate to Others
                                       (countries and her own peoples).
                     Eleven would be masterly, Two somewhat more give and tuggish.


A Pasteurized Post Script:

MASTER NUMBERS are 11, 22, 33, 44, etc.;
                                                     and are dualistically noted as 11/2, 22/4...44/8; etc.
             Varying times are spent on each level; the slash being the barrier between states.

11 is the double edged razor of perfection, wherein one relates to self and others,
                                 the conscious and subconscious, evenly;
          2 is a much more mundane relationship;
                                   whereby the halves lean upon each other at one
                  point of balance

22 is Heaven, 4 Earth:  a balance of each is needed.
                            If thoughts and attentions are stuck in the nether realms;
                                                                         earthly responsibilities are neglected.

           If Earth is adored to the exclusion of spirituality, incarnations shall be infinite.

               P.P.S.:  To a lesser extent 10, 20, 30, 100, etc. are also master numbers.


         The Challenges***

   First Minor          7 - 4 = 3
      Second Minor      4 - 3 =1

      Major Challenge     3 - 1 = 2

***  The First Minor is the smaller of Month & Day (single digit) subtracted from larger;
                                                          Second Minor is Day & Year; Major is First & Second.


     Bolstering the understanding of Keywords,
                                                 Patterns show the interweaving numerological flows:

1-5-9:  Inception, One is the green shoot of a plant,
                              Nine the final seed;
                                         Five the flowering central pivot of freedom.

3-6-9:  Three:  The upward pointing triangle, and the colour yellow,
                                                      represent soul and its yearning for Heaven.
                                                                                      III The Empress

            (The downward pointing triangle marks the Heaven to Earthward
                                     flow of  Love, or Grace, or The Holy Spirit;
                                                                    which are one and the same thing.)

            Interlocked in Six; soul attempts to accept the purity of grace,
                                                               to attain the balance of self & others,
                                              the conscious & unconscious.
                                                                                     VI  The Lovers

      Nine reveals complete success in life's only goal:
                          pure love resides in soul; grace has been interiorized.
                                                                                     IX  The Hermit
                                                               holds his captured love aloft in a lantern of light
                                                                                   for those who follow to see.
                               As he is looking to the left,
                                                     he marks the past,
                                                                       Heaven on Earth earned.

4-8     The horizontal boundries of the square are female, the vertical lines the male.
                                                                                       IV The Emperor
          Souls are locked in the box that is earth until they may bear their own cross of experience,
          and are reborne to diamond heaven.

4-13-22     Earth is bridged to Heaven by The Death Spiral of Thirteen.
                           Thirteen is one extra to get off of the Clock.
                                     In a sense it is the heart of karmic 26,
                                                      a synergy of clock and counterclockwise rotations.

              A Truth:  One-Eighth of 360* is 45.  St. Andrew's Cross.  The crux of a Lemniscate.
                                         The Heart of a Magneto.  The synergy of Black and White Karma.
                                                           The Resolution of Life.

      The Octaves:
                             1 and 10 are essentially the same,
                                             yet bear subtle vibrational differences.
                             Ten is 1 + 0, or 1 again; the beginning of the second octave.
                             (10 is a lighter shade of red, 19 & 28 being lighter still.)

                      Eighteen is 1 + 8, another form of 9, the closing seed
                                                                                of the second octave.

           Odd numbers are masculine (positive), even feminine (negative).
                     While one is masculine, a ten is even feminine;
                                                nature has changed,
                             the second octave (of emotions) conceived by the feminine.

      While there are infinite numbers,
               we shall be concerned with the first four octaves,
                        and the quest for the fifth dimension, which is heaven.

       While everyone experiences all four planes,
                    some incarnations are more concerned with the physical,
             than emotional or mental;
                                  some are seeped in past life memories; vice versas.


A Wayfarer P.S.:

Each letter and word and sentence holds its own vibration.
                Studies have shown that dogs named Happy & Lucky are much nicer than
                                                                    ones called Killer or Rip.
                Note the difference between 'Love' & 'The F-Word'.
{Attend a retro-Mass in Latin and feel how the vibrational magic was meant
                                 to boost one toward higher planes;
              feel how much the Catholic Church has lost
                                                   due to the dumbing down of English.}

P.P.S.:  Halos are part of auras.  Soul glow.
                                 Babies can see & sense all the colours of auras,
                         until they grow up and are captured by the rational world;
                                                                           essences unlearned.