'Our finest pieces reside within the safety deposit boxes.'
'Ask us to bust out the keys, upon visiting us...'

Blue Rhinestone set...1920's?
$75 for the Necklace on the bust.

The Blue & White necklace is $82

Orange Bakelite Teardrop Neclace:  $290
Bust:  $110
Marbelized Bakelite Egg:  $75


Art Deco Wrist Purse:  $79
Pluto Pin: 

Orange Bakelite Teardrops:  $290
Carved Ivory Elephants:  $82

Bakelite Christmas Bell Necklace:  Marbelized Bakelite Chain


Ivory Elephant w/ Ball Necklace:  $82

Rough Amber Necklace:  $80

1960's or 70's Marlin:  So cool...$37

Lucite Bangles:  $11 each; most from West Germany, 1950's