The Eleven of Diamonds, Unlimited

Liberal Alliance(s) Sought:  An Incarnation Trilogy On The Close Of
The Golden, Silver & Iron Ages Has Spun Off Into Many Francises:
The Following Projects Must Be Brought To Full Life.

Paper Dreams...A Child's Tarot        January 30th, 1980
                                One mystical afternoon at an inn named The Hermit's Knoll.
               Upon being interviewed by The Beggar {Oberon} ... a young man earns twenty-three dreams
                                      revealing the final year of Atlantis, The Fall of  The Golden Age.
11,001 to 11,000 B.C.   Paralleling the cards of The Major Arcana; the adventures of
The Magician [Sachem] & The High Priestess (Ariel Trine King)
as they attempt to salvage The Dawn Of A Silver Age
by vanquishing Castrog Delomain, the ruling Solar Mage Of Atlantis.

<>Teresa's Flight   20 B.C. to 60 A.D.   Closing the portals to Avalon;
The Roman Empire sweeps The Druids into Britain to sign The Passage Of The Silver Age.
This Second Link continues the stife & loves of Dark & Light Atlantean Souls.
(One Woman's Life & Legacies; the Transpersonal Children She Bears:
Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

_ ________

The One World Apocalypse Ball     October 22nd to Halloween of 1999;
                                                                                 The Apex Of The Iron Age.
         One Hundred & Sixty-Nine Dance Contestants Vie For The Immense Honour Of Address:
                             the right  to tell Bedtime Tales of Apocalypse to Bobby & Azurite,
'The Orphans of Life'.

With all of America voting, and most of the world watching,

                                                 'The Music of the Ages' highlights costumed revelry.
[Four Movies]

I  October 22 to 8:00 A.M. of the 31st.                 Iron Age Introductions & Threads

II   Halloween   8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.
                                                                           Tightenings:  Incarnation Trilogy's Close
                                          Iron Age invitations usurped; Castrog Delomain's possessive magic
        has ensnared the souls of Sachem and Ariel and inserted them into modern innocence:
                                 the schizophrenic General Principle, the space angel Aria Pomme de Terre.
        Assuming the persona of Pierre del lo' Suave, head of The Most Secret Service;
              Castrog Delomain is accompanied by his youthful Gemini Twin Lovers
Maldor & Rahme.

(As 'Cocoa New Orleans'; The Twins are but two of his Iron Aged Allies:
Corporate Bondage; Buys Disguise; Pound$Money; Overarching Intent; etceteras.
The Top Three Danse Victors Tell 3-2-1 Bedtime Tales Of Apocalypse To Bobby & Azurite;
The Orphans Of Life:  Spellbindingly Ultimate; Castrog Intends To Transfer

                                                                            Crystalline Destruction, & so extend his Golden Reign.
Sachem and Ariel are to be stranded in dying times;

                      salvation must be earned by the midnight stroke of All Saints' Day.
 (Someone Other Than The Evil Solar Mage Of Atlantis Must Apocalypse Triumph.)

III   Halloween   8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
                                        The Ball's first half; early dance contest elimination's and intrigues.

IV   Halloween   10:00 P.M. to Midnight



The Alone Orphanage   January 1st, to May 10th, of 1865
At Civil War's close, the death of her parents leaves the heiress Parasol Ending
with a most
difficult task; at thirteen years of age she must become
The World's Finest Philanthropist.


Carrying on Mr. & Mrs. Ending's Legacy of Mysticism, Parasol founds a

               Performing Arts Orphanage dedicated to discovering
The Lost Library Of Alexandria, Secrets Of Time Travel
& The Natures Of Ephemeral Worlds.
_ ________________ _


Eternal Tea Party     1918 to 1929
                                                      Love and throes, purity...illusion.
                                              New and full moons in a small Montana town.


The Wee Willie Keelers:  Night's Borderline     April 28 to May 1st, 1995
                    Trent Overcoat leads the world's elite anti Evil team into dire battle.
      On April 30th's Walpurgis night, The Fiftieth Anniversary of Hitler's Death, The Wees must liberate
               a mystical mountain top by foiling Evil attempts to resurrect Devil's Spirit.
     Milky Potpourri and Miss Nomers are the deepest protagonists:
                                   victory to earn the custodial release of either
                                                      'The Seven Baby Muse' or 'The Eight Imps'.


General Principle's Timeless Diamond     June 21st, 1997 to May 20th, 1998
           The Alone Orphanage's one hundred and thirty-second school year sees the momentous
arrival of Bobby & Azurite, the future Orphans of Life.
[Their Fifth Ward Of Timedreamers Consists Of Windows Marry, One Eyed Mona Noon,
Chucksteak Drive & Bobby & Azurite.]

(Their magical diamond clock keys completion of  The Thirteenth Legacy;
so enabling the final realization of time travel mastery.)

Visits to The House of Lords in the London of 1899 alter the atrocities of The Boer War;

their performing arts stage shows convince some of The Lords` more liberal
members to soften Colonial
With such humane lessons learned earlier in history, Hiroshima and  Nagasaki need not occur.
 Alternative realities are created:
                                         Earth's Life Span is lengthened;
                                       the advent of The One World Apocalypse Ball assured.
_ ________ _


The Wee Willie Keelers:  All Saints' Day          November 1st, 1999
                                                                      Heroism greater than vast Evil;
                                                    the Wees sequel is fought within the boroughs of New York City.


The Hard Thirteen                                              
The Alone Orphanage's 2008 Senior Trip to Las Vegas :
Coming Of Age : Midievals Vs. Baby Wee Willie Keelers.

[Massive:  Three Or Four Movies Spanning February 20th 1998 To February 20th, 2008]


Domains: .Coms For Sale & Alliance



Ouiji Needs & The Teddy Devil || Ouiji Needs & The Angel Bear
2000 To Currently : 20th Draft Just Completed.
[Three Versions To Be Size Edited : Childrens | Young Adult | Broadway Play]


The Eleven of Diamonds, Unlimited
is to be loosely patterned on
Old Time
Hollywood Studios
with top to bottom production, distribution fueled by
An Exclusive Stable Of Unknown Homegrown Stars.

  Casting Crew Mystically Booked : [Write In Candidates] : All Actresses & Actors Sifted Astrologically,
Numerologically, etc.

         The Alone Orphanage is to be a Working Movie Set,
                                                    Living Museum &
               Spiral School For The Odd, Gifted & Unusual.
                                                                    Teachers and Pupils To Be Gathered.
  A living reality.
As Well As A Theme Park
() The Fine Print ()

: To avoid cloying over-exposure,
                               there shall be no commercial tie-ins;
                                                                    plastic cups or backward baseball caps.

     Advanced Advertising very sparing
                    (except as regarding local time & playing location)
                                                              opening days will just be known.

                  Fanning momentum                               
--viewer experience and opinion should be enough.

      Preview Clips will consist of lines and scenes
   which did not make the final field;
                                                                  critics will be relied upon to be discrete,
                                                  initial viewings to be as pure as possible.

      Every product will be Made (Exclusively) In America--duly taxed.
* Straight In & Out Booking : 37% Corporate Tax To Be Flatly Paid *
*_____ *

  Actors & Actresses/Production Overhead:

     No matter how great the artist, the baggage of accumulated roles,
                                      and promotional and commercial appearances
                                                                often brings People'd beings to sully the screen.

     Newness can be more real; and much less expensive.
                   (One need not be professional to have a role or two inside of them;
                                                                   whether it be starring, serial or cameo.)

     Low base pay, higher residuals & longer pre & shooting schedules
                                                                         will allow for preparation, counselling & practice.

[Anyone Who Commercializes Or Self Important PSA's Cast Out Of
Eleven Of Diamonds, Unlimited Alliance Forever.]

           One of the world's finer mystics, temporal casting is one of Milky Potpourri's fortes.
   Capturing sizzling impulses,
                            the timing of scenes & characters
                                                  to be shot at the most propitious times.

                    Hypnosis, chakra kindling and other advanced techniques
                                                                                  should suffice to weld role & soul.

                         Obviously, immensely talented Directors are paramount.
                                                                              They may be young, or established.

But Mostly We Are Directing Ourselves:  Diamond Steller Alliance(s) Sought.




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Windows Marry

A Jewish SchoolGirl  (The Alone Orphanage | circa 1995)


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