The Holywood Vines Press Corp


On HALLOWEEN of 1999, The Holywood Vines Press Corp

                    provides exclusive coverage of

The One World Apocalypse Ball:

Scuttlebutt Rumour                                The Original Vine
Trent Overcoat                           War Correspondent
Natty Rumple                                           
Once Everywhere                              ...the inside knack of drawing the WildCard.
Arbitrary Lancet                    Aged thirty; in love with Lattice from the first moment of her birth.
Married Miss Trite Overload                                                                     
Beefcake Carved                                She has secrets.
Patina Decease                                                                Undercover Specialist
Lattice Veneer            Scuttlebutt's only child; a seasoned seventeen as the millennium approaches.
                                Smooth as shadowed silk, velvet felt; Lattice's voice easily draws interviews.


Lattice Veneer



Scuttlebutt Rumour


Married Miss Trite Overload


Patina Decease


Trent Overcoat:  War Correspondent

Arbitrary Lancet


Beefcake Carved


Natty Rumple



Once Everywhere




Eros Hiroshima [Love & Disaster Correspondent]


'Will they weld...Arbitrary & Lattice?'
'Have a Child...'