Our Moose Room is full of books...
many other bookcases throughout the stores:
all prices have not been set; feel free to honestly propose.

$11 each; Dick Whittington Sold

Cowboy Books:  $3

The Harvard Classics:
[31 of "Dr. Eliot's Five Foot Shelf Of Books"]  $


Bound Time & Newsweek (from The Republic Library)
most all from 1953-1999.
$5 per quarterly volume; $12 for a complete year.
George Eliot:  Romola by Hurst & Co.; Publishers (122 Nassau Street)
Tom Brown At Oxford  London:  W. Nicholson & Sons, Limited
The Blue Jackets Manual:  1957 & 19__


First Editions

Myra Breckenridge:  Nearly/Virtually Mint  $20

Punch:  1845


Punch:  1845



First Editions
A Three-Stranded Yarn by John Brisben Walker:  1894-5
Captain Of The School Team by John Prescott Earl:  1911
13/13  Vietnam:  Search & Destroy by Gordon Baxter:  1967
Audrey by Mary Johnston:  1902
Illustrated Africa  North Tropical South by William D. Boyce:  1925  SIGNED
The Short Stop by Zane Grey
Second Printing, July 30, 1909:  Poor Condition/Six Pictures
VFW   Pictoral History Of WWII     1951
Memorial Edition   Volume II:  The War In The Pacific

Brave New World:  $13

Yale Chronicles:  31 Books  (1962?)

Bound Time & Newsweek:  1953 to 1999 (Most Volumes)
(From the Republic H. S. Library)

Other Books

Carleton's New Illustrated Edition
c. 1880 & stamped by
Cardif College:
Oliver Twist
[complete but frail; sweet pictures]
)Sold for $5 visiting dollars 8/2/08.  Come visit our books.(

Book Of Fate:  $44  Not in the greatest shape/the oracle is tho'  (Sold)
They Built A City:  $119  (From the Republic Library)

Some neat books from the early 20th Century...

Walt Disney's                                           

                                                             Authorized Edition  copyright 1960

So good for looks:  $19


Marshal Cavendish  '75-'76
[The complete set is 84 gourmet; this is 1-50 w/ 3 & 5 missing:  $99]
Many other Cook Books...

Madge Morton's Trust

(the Third of The Madge Morton Books)
Madge is a gem from 1911?
I'll have to check, the exact date;
First Edition.


Iroquois Club:  $30
The Iroquois Club of Chicago   Club Rooms:  Columbia Theatre Building
110 Monroe Street.  April 1st, 1892
[Sold:  A Ton More Books]

A Smith-Corona Typewriter:  $49
Alert 1948 Sold to Norway.

Write your own books, by type or hand--our old shoemaker,
Jalmer Alatalo's typewriter.
Heel maker's punch sold to an old man August 1st, 2008 A. D.

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