* Astrology

                       Patience...We have just returned from abroad.
                               Diagrams and depths someday.

                Our main goal is to provide the fastest,                   
  leanest skeletons to build your own
          interpretations upon;
                  whether such growth is for your own personal reading, or for others.

                 Once you know the frameworks of understanding, synthesis may begin.
  Rather than becoming overcloyed with written understandings,
             basic keywords freerange into sweeter intuitions.



As brought to Earth, the Four Corners of Astrology are:

                   1)   Planets are the People, or Personality Facets.

                   2)   Houses the Rooms or Realms within your life.

                   3)   Signs the Energies which imbue the Rooms.

                   4)   Aspects the Relationships between  People


ASTROLOGY  P.S.:  When someone guesses at your Sun Sign, it is more likely that
          they are tuning into your Rising Sign (dawn),
                            which has more to do with the determination of personality.


       In astrology, the Sun & Moon are of equal  power,
                  though placement in individual birth charts determines which is stronger.

      (Only a male-dominated society
                                  and ease of determination has established solar prominence.)

                       Merely one of twelve slices,
                                      knowing the Sun Sign is rather useless
       when compared to the twelve times twelve slicings of Sun & Moon;
                 the 144 possible sign pairings.

                 A new moon is totally different that a first or last quarter moon,
                                                          opening or closing trines
                                                                        full or old crescent moons.


      Universally, a new moon is a spark of inception from 0 to 1 degree;
                                            is analagous to the tip of a green shoot first touching the sun.

                         The 359th to 360th degree is the closing seed,
                                       a pearl of the moon's heart (or merely a speck of sand)
                                                                  taken from
                                                                                       twenty-eight days of experience.
                     Initiative & Conception
                                     A New Moon Birthed


      Personally, if you know the angle of Birth Moon,
                                                 you can tell when your New Moon begins.

                             The relationship of a woman's period to universal and personal
                                                                                                       moons is also very telling.



                Daily Newspaper Horoscopes are less prophetic than fortune cookies,
                                                                           and much less tasty.


                         Ignore the fads of Chiron...etc.
                                     those asteroids or comets or whatever the are;
                                                  effects so subtle one would have to be pure as an angel to feel them.

              For real growth and self actualization attempts,
                           the transpersonal Planets of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
                                         are where its at.
                    Most people only feel the deeper effects of these outer planets through fad,
        fashion and historical trends...and not through spiritual growth.


            Birth, or Natal Charts contain the potential growths and unfoldments,
                                                                which may be accomplished if a full incarnation is lived.

              Transits trace the current movements of the skies as they walk upon birth charts.
                               A birthday is marked by the sun returning to it's yearly degree,
                                   or home position.

                               When the sun touchs upon the birth moon, or any planet,
                                         those are also (solar illuminated) birthdays.

      The moon confers thirteen (less potent) such birthdaying transitings
                        during its yearly circlings of Earth.


                                Planets moving over sensitive birth positions
                                          influence current personal events.


      Progressions are much more complex, and need not be delved into until a
                                      thorough understanding of your birth chart is gained.


    The Speed of Planets:  Their (Average) Degrees of Yearly Movement
                   Moon:  13 revolutions
                         Mercury revolves 4.2 times
                              Venus   1.6 revolutions; 585 degrees
                                   Mars   191*
                                       Jupiter   30*
                                            Saturn   12*
                                                 Uranus   4*
                                                      Neptune   2*
                                                                     Pluto   1*

                    ***                                                                    ***

    Real Horoscopes contain all ten planets,
                         and divide the field of experience into quadrants,
                                  as determined by the dawn to dusk Horizon of Awareness,
                                       and the Median of Power,
                                               which flows upward from midnight to noon.

                  Truly, each soul's life experience is hung upon this cross:

  Thinking          I         Sensations
        Rising Sign     ===============I                 I=================        Setting Sign
          Intuitive      I        Feelings        


The First Quadrant of Experience is Intuitive.
The Second Feelings.
Third Sensations.
Fourth Thinking.


                  Each day of the week is ruled by one of the inner planets:

              Of course, Sunday & Moonday
                                           Tuesday by Mars
                                                    Wednesday by Venus
                                                            Jupiter rules Thursday
                                                                      Mercury Friday
                                                                             Saturn for Saturday.


      The United States of America's Numerological/Astrological Degrees:

                (Dane Rudhyar's decision of the signing:  July 4, 1776; 5:13 PM)

3*   Venus at 3* Cancer      Mars at 21* Gemini
4*   Sun at 13* Cancer        Neptune at 22* Virgo
5*   Jupiter at 5* Cancer         Saturn at 14* Libra
6*   Mercury at 24* Cancer
8*   Uranus at 8* Gemini
9*   Pluto at 27* Capricorn       Moon at 27* Aquarius
              The Rising & Setting Signs:  13* Sagitarius & Gemini
                 Midheaven & Naidir    2* Libra & Aries


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      I rather doubt I'd buy anything else myself,
                                but their astrological calendar for about $13 is a pretty decent primer,
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              If you already have an old calendar,
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                    One of the most complex and useful books ever written is

An Astrological Mandala:
                  The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases

          (Commonly called, The Sabian Symbols)
                                          It is by Dane Rudyhar,
                                                             the greatest modern astrological author .

                 It is possible to use the heart of this book
                                                    without knowing anything about astrology.



A Wayfarer Post Script:

                      In her neophyte years,
                 now far, far past,
         Milky was a master hypnotist.
                     By kindling the subjects seven chakras,
                                              she was able to temporarily sever the silver chord
               and boost their souls into past life experiences.

      Dates, events and signatures have been matched to olden days;
                                                                      previous incarnations.

              Every moment of lives are stored in the Causal Plane:
                                                   if one has dream or soul travelled to a higher plane,
                         they can see all their incarnation slices unfolding like decks of cards.

       During ''this life'' age regression; suggested times invariably exact match
                                                                                       subject signatures (cursive & print).

             Meditation is self guided hypnosis.
                        Astral projection is a lower form of soul travel.
                                   Waking into a dream, and dreaming while awake are the two engines
                                                               which drive such endeavours.
            Flying is a higher form of dream;
                                   when we jolt awake it is a baby bird landing awkwardly.
            Dreams can be programmed if one concentrates on certain topics
                                                         while rapid eye movement slipping into a dream.

P.P.S.:  'Limbo', or 'The Cosmic WayStation' is analogous to the respite in
                                                  The Wizard of Oz where the Scarecrow was restuffed,
                           the Tin Man polished; Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion & Toto buffed.
              Between lives respites//breaks allow for the counselling of strengths
                                and weaknesses of the past life//said life.
       In order to redress the imbalances, next life experiences are agreed upon
                                                                         --generally, there is a male & female rotation.

       In order to protect soul from grosser vibrations, the descent to earth is
                             slowed by encasement in mental, causal, emotional & physical bodies.

       Soul inhabits the body at first breath, and that is why the exact moment
                                 of birth blueprints the alignment and interaction of planets and stars.

       Preconditions have been set; yet paradoxically, there is free will.

       Such is the conundrum of soul:
                      the balance of black & white, male & female, sun and moon
                                                                                 --AM & PM, halves of the clock.

       Upon death (which is never random) the silver cord
which ties soul to the four bodies is
                     severed//snapped, and one by one the lower sheathings are left behind
                                 and it's on to the Cosmic WayStation again
                                             ...if the diamond white purity of soul has not been attained.


       Past P.S.:  Ghosts are disenfranchised astral bodies which are trapped
                                                                                      by unresolved emotional residues.

       One rumour has Jesus trapped on the astral plane due to his love for,
                                            and Earth's love for him;
                                                                    but who can vouchsafe?

                Saviours amass tremendous amounts of karma.


     I am quite familiar with the theory of Soul Travel,
                                                          have not managed much in the practical mode.
                     Milky is experienced in every realm; is not saying.


             most UFO sightings are tricksters manifesting on the physical plane;
   yet there are real aliens.

    Pasteurized Post Script:

The Golden Rule may be more properly coined,
                                                                         'As you are, so you receive.'

It is the law of karma which does not strictly follow time,
                                                                             the final balancing of black & white.

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,'
                                                does not care a whit for the walk of another man's shoes.

It is very egocentric, a forcing of one's desires upon another.
      Once one becomes the all seeing midpoint that ties a lemniscate,
                      balance has been attained and soul may step into the Heavens,
                                                        nevermore to incarnate.