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Friday, June 15th, 2018
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Jenny & Charlie have good food across the street; The Summer Place:
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The Pine Grove Kitty Korner.

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This 1880's Livery Stable was The Pop Shop from 1938-1960...
  is now half of Antiques Of Republic...
both shops Stuffed with Stuff...other things as well.                    
*Antiques Of Republic Founders*
[The First National Bank of Negaunee--Republic Branch,
                                                         was built in 1955 and lasted until January of 1997.]


Our Vault came from The First National Bank Of Negaunnee
[the central building with the columns:  February 1938 snowstorm]
Feel free to visit, for purchase or perusal.  The Pop Show is cool; the vault very picturesque.
You will want the upstairs & downstairs of both fiscal abodes.


Webben Categories:

[Pricing & Inventory updated soon:  eMail fair Proposals; item queries.]


Bicycles & Wheels


Bottles & Wooden Boxes

Brass Checks & Skeleton Keys



Glass & Porcelain

Greeting Cards



Lawn Ornaments

Lithographs, Prints & Fruit Labels

Manly Stuff


Pictures & Frames

Planters & Figurines


Porcelain (Souvenir)

Tobacciana & Barware


Vinyl, Radios & Record Players




The Wee Willie Keelers

The One World Apocalypse Ball
The Wee Willie Keelers vs. The Evils:  1944-2012 A.C.
                              ...in comic books, novels & movies.

The Wee Willie Keelers
[Screenprint Roster & Future Movie Poster]




Michigamme River
Purchase Online:  Or visit the Upper Peninsula
                                    --Fun & Venture Possibilities If You & Yours Appear.
              Buy in Person!
                                            Opportunities to dicker.

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Restoration:  We are selling the
Rolled Copper Steel.
{{Press below to see further.}}


Ouiji Needs & The Teddy Devil
                          Ouiji Needs & The Angel Bear


June Second 2015:  Ten Years After 'Soon' a new smidgeon Draft Start of Ouiji Needs & The Teddy Devil/Ouiji Needs & The Angel Bear.

While we brook no ads on this site;       
                                           an occasional Public Service notice is included:

Public Service Ad :                             

'Please Remember:  Dog Remains are a part of your pet.

Feel free to Scoop.  Do Your Duty.'



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Pick the best line/two together/three line haiku
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